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Sharing e-scooters is now a new trend in sharing the mobility industry after sharing cars and sharing bicycles. Companies like Lime and Bird have brought new modes of transportation throughout North America.

This trend became popular with large funds and leading industry players such as Google, Uber, and Lyft joined the club. In just one year, Bird has become one of the unicorn companies, making them the fastest startup to reach $ 1 billion. To participate, it took Lyft and Mobike around two years to join this rank.

Without a doubt, the E-Scooter Sharing platform has a huge market opportunity to solve the last mileage problem. Although companies such as Birds and Cretaceous have the prime movers advantage, there is still no dominant company in the E-scooter sharing field. However, we see many companies launching this market, from small startups to giant sharing companies like Uber and Lyft who have launched their own e-scooter platforms.

Hasil gambar untuk hawk token

Hawk, the e-scooter Sharing platform is the latest product from the UB Group Sharing family. You might want to know, how much did Hawk offer at the time, and what was competitive?

Even with a battery, the Hawk e-scooter only weighs 13.5kg; can be used at a maximum speed of 25 km / hour. Users can open the scooter by translating the QR code for $ 1, so the price is $ 0.15 / min. More importantly, if you become an Elang partner and have your own Elang fleet scooter, you will immediately get everything from your EAGLE. This is unlike other e-scooter providers such as Bird and Lime.

According to UBGroup, one Hawk scooter costs $ 1200 ETH (equal to USD $ 1200). If purchased with ETH, UBGroup will convert USD $ 1200 to ETH according to the real-time exchange rate at coinmarketcap.com

Hasil gambar untuk hawk token

The reason why UBGroup considers the new digital money model is HAWK which is connected with current blockchain technology; this is the first sub-chain of UChain. Access to a network sharing system Share a very large data source in the world, while Hawk owners can receive Benefits after users use their scooters.

In addition, HAWK is also a scooter along with cryptocurrency mining functions. This can mine virtual HKC currencies as a daily profit. “This HKC can be used for travel payments, secondary market transactions, UChain center transfers, currency transfers and car purchases in the future,” Ian Yu added.

He also gave us calculations. “Each EAGLE can generate income of $ 20 ~ 25 USD if used for 8-10 times a day. In addition, 2000 HKC can be mined every day. Therefore, we can estimate the purchase cost that can be recovered within 40 days.

So, the Eagle Network uses blokchain to activate Original Web Hal investigations and arrive at another era of web Insights that are delivered. While the HAWK Token is the primary key for the Hawk Network, it is the official period and the past that arrives.

Eagle Network Business is hatched by Canada. ROUP Canada and Klaytn, are blockchain owned by Korean Cocoa. UB.GROUP is a very large-scale Internet of Things astronomy, and a very environmentally friendly organization with 30 million clients, and works in many urban communities throughout the world. UB.GROUP has a strong R&D capacity in brilliant equipment, the Internet of Things, and the blockchain. Cocoa is a gregarious Korean with 50 million clients. Kalyan is Coc Coc Blockchain, which offers the best blockchain and business groups on the planet. UB.GROUP and Cocoa are ideal for future improvements to the Internet of Things, categorized as innovations from edge registers, 5G innovations, and blockchain innovations.

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 For more information, please visit the link below :

Website :  https://hawk.cool/

Situs web DAPP :  https://bhk.hawk.cool/

Whitepaper :  https://hawk.cool/HAWK%20WP-EN0622.pdf

ANN Thread :  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5175545.msg52160373#msg52160373/

Telegram Utama :  https://t.me/HawkGlobalGroup

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/hawk.hkc/

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/hawk_HKC/

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