A healthy lifestyle is an important tool for seeing, satisfying aspirations in all areas of activity. Health is wealth, according to research conducted in most recognized educational institutions in many countries around the world, so in order to enjoy natural parks, workplaces and other places for recreation, everyone must remain healthy.

How to keep fit and look healthy, despite the steady increase in the age of the human race daily, is the task that everyone is looking for to solve it directly or indirectly, and this problem that everyone faces also raises the question: to develop a habit health, so that we all can use the natural resources of the earth for a long time and become more relevant in our daily lives.

After many health studies have been carried out, MHEALTHCOIN has become a leader in creating solutions using blockchain technology to create a healthy ecosystem around the world.


A cryptocurrency platform that is built on modern technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry by collecting medical data from users of the platform, so that users can get a complete picture of their health, keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, and also provide incentives as a reward package. with MHEALTHCOIN “you think you are healthy”, this means that before any disease or disease becomes too serious in the body or even ingested with Mhealthcoin, you can actively prevent this disease by acting on you using a wearable device, was developed by the team to alert you all the time.

MHEALTHCOIN wearable device

MHEALTCOIN smart wearable devices are safe and well-structured devices that collect health data that provide a transparent analysis of body condition, regardless of your geopolitical location, which is aimed at improving your service.

A wearable device is used to count the number of calories you spend during the exercise, which allows the body to keep fit, which is a sign of the mhealthcoin ecosystem’s native token reward. Users have the right to win a token for 24 hours a day, including users who rest in their sleep, which is another form of keeping fit to have the right to win the token based on the number of calories they spent during sleep.

Consequently, mhealthcoin plans to build a reliable and reliable ecosystem that will have the maximum benefit for users to have a healthy body.

The mhealthcoin designer mobile app is fully connected with intelligent wearable devices that collect health data so that anyone can make successful shopping in a token shop. With the ERC-20 mHealthCoin token, users can sleep well with the mobile app, even with such simple things as exercise. And you can make purchases from the app. This means that as the project progresses, different parties in different countries of the world will be recognized, which will have global influence.

Moreover, data on the health of users of the platform will be securely stored in the blockchain for the analysis of artificial intelligence. Based on this note, the AI ​​analyst will be able to give a recipe for how the user who sent health data should fit, and there will be a chat window on the mhealthcoin platform where users can communicate and give health tips, as well as solve health problems. globally

The good news is that the artificial intelligence agency, which will be integrated into the platform, is developing health tools to create tips and advice for everyone.

The advantages of wearable devices

Smart wristband and smart watches are aimed at producing wearable devices of this type that can be fully integrated into the life of the user platform.

Parents will be able to closely monitor their children by integrating the device’s GPS tracking features.

For an aging population, their medical care will be guaranteed and securely thanks to the SOS functions, which can be used for emergency calls, since the majority of these aging people left home during business hours of the day. They will also be used to monitor their body functions.

The device is a digital editing system designed to allow users to stay in life for a long period of time at will, which will motivate them and create chains of exercise programs based on the goals and objectives of users.

In general, mhealthcoin is a design for creating a smart lifestyle on the Internet of things.


Mhealthcoin is built on the ethereum smart contract, which is used to launch the platform, as well as to reward everyone. the token will be traded in a respected exchange at any time

Starting date February 15, 2019 March 1, 2019

End date February 28, 2019 June 30, 2019

Ticker MHEC

ERC20 Token Type

Mining Yes

Supply of tokens (for sale / total) 3 120 000 000/6 000 000 000

Soft cover ETH 3000 or BTC 732 or equivalent

Hard cap USD 25,000,000

Estimated capitalization (Total valuation = Hard cap / tokens for sale * Total supply of tokens) ~ 48 million. US dollars

Token price Please read the pricing model below.

Discounts / Bonuses Yes

Bans yes

Minimum purchase 0.1 ETH or 0.003175 BTC

Accepted currency ETH, BTC

Limited list China, USA

KYC procedures Yes, performed by the command

Country law hong kong


ICO Team

Andy Yuen
CEO at mHealthCoin

Vyacheslav Ruk
Technical Director at mHealthCoin

Michael ng

Alvis Jean
Specialist engineer

Eustace Packer
Marketing Manager

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