HeartBout is a one of a kind, imaginative and unusual task with the vision behind to change over the time spent via web-based networking media accounts into income age. Online networking has changed the significance of correspondence assets and enabled its clients to be in contact with anybody anyplace they need to. You can post your inclination, can share your photos, recordings and make stories of your own life. Clients have the opportunity to make online companions, having visits with them, get data from online assets and what not the web-based social networking is giving to its clients. As per a current gauge, a normal individual burns through two hours every day on his online networking accounts which implies that out of 60 years (normal age of an ordinary person), we are squandering 5 years and 4 months on our web-based social networking life. These states and figures are sufficiently surprising to bid us in planning such stage that can not just give new significance of online networking engaging yet can likewise help its clients in procuring income by those exercises they are having on their records. The offer in income is given to clients as HBC tokens, local tokens of HeartBout framework (https://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf).

The following essential inquiry rings a bell is the how HeartBout functions? The appropriate response is exceptionally straightforward and can be depicted by a rundown of few focuses given beneath.

Enrollment: Opening up the primary page, client is appeared with four areas to be filled to get enlisted. Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password are the areas required to be filled alongside the alternative of secret key re-set. It is useful in the event that if the client overlooks his secret word. After the verification procedure, clients access primary News Feed screen with five distinct tabs including: Subscription Feed, User Feed, Add Content, My Activity and My Profile”.

Bolster: This screen demonstrates the distributions (otherwise called client challenges). Each posted data or post has a content header, photograph or video, data information, cool or hot hearts and remark area.

Remarks: Comments are of much significance to get enough reward. Each post can be evaluated by different clients by suing Cold or Hot heart alternatives appeared in remark area of particular post.

Channel: The following usefulness is channel that gives the choice of separating each new post. The channels incorporate four distinct choices including: Hot, Best, New and Not Sure. Clients response towards some substance chooses its fate, for example, number of hot and cool hearts posted for the particular substance.

Profile Setting: Every client can alter his profile setting as per his will and wish. Lion’s share of the accessible classes are private and are not appeared to different clients to guarantee most extreme security of clients’ information and individual data.

  • Convenient interface
    The design of HeartBout app was carefully thought out. Through analysiszed of a large number of products with similar functionality, we chose the best way of presenting the application interface.
  • The reward for activity
    In HeartBout social network authors and voters can earn income with HBC tokens.The more often the user uses the social network, the higher the probability he/she has in earning HBC tokens.
  • Competition
    A unique feature is the “bout” function which allows you to create a competition between users and their content in whichwhere other users will be able to vote for their favorite publication. The winner of the challenge receives the originally placed bet and the amount of tokens bet by the opponent minus the fee of HeartBout. The bet can be placed with unlimited value.



The economics of HeartBout is built on the basis of the advertising standard 100 HBC = DAU *U, guaranteeing the exchange of the issued HBC tokens at the request of the holder on the relevant number of ad impressions at the social network. Where DAU is the number of unique users who have visited the app during 24 hours U – advertising.The Reward system of HeartBout social network is built on a decentralized platform using blockchain technology. The authors, voters and miners get a reward in HBC tokens.

  • Emission
    The issuance of HBC tokens is done on a daily basis. All emitted tokens during the day are distributed between authors, voters and miners. The issuance of HBC tokens, is limited to 200 per day. Voting with hot hearts affects the amount of emitted HBC tokens. Voting with cold hearts does not affect the emission, but can recover the power of “hot hearts” of the voter.
  • Award author
    The author of a post or comment gets 65% of the HBC tokens from the total emission. The award from a publication depends on the number of positive ratings – “hot hearts” and their power. The calculation takes into account “hot hearts”, received in the 24 hours after publication.
  • Voters reward
    The reward for voting with a “hot heart” is 15% of the HBC tokens from the emission for voter. The reward is distributed between users, who voted for the publication, subject to sequence number, “hot heart” and its power. To prevent attempts to drive up hot and cold hearts, a special mechanism is used to limit the amount of hearts available and the power of hearts, by establishinges a dependence between the number of used hearts and their power.
    Reward for participants during bout.

Bets are placed by a challenger and must be confirmed by another participant. Thus, the prize fund is formed and consists of the challenger’s and the recipient’s amount of tokens. The winner gets a prize fund minus a commission for HeartBout social network.

  • Miner reward
    The miner’s reward is 20% of the HBC tokens from the emission when blocks in blockchain are made in accordance with the schedule. Blockchain Heartbout is able to make a schedule for the production of blocks every 3 seconds among the 21 delegates according to the rounds.

Social network HeartBout implements smartcontract: Token HBC and smartcontract ICO, the interaction between which occurs through a secure Protocol to call methods of other smartcontract provided by the creators of blockchain Ethereum. To comply with ERC20 standards, smartcontract token HBC has advantages in comparison with the usual tokens, ensuring safe operation with transaction token and providing information about the token. Administration access methods of smartcontract ensure the correct execution of the script and protect against attacks. All mathematical operations are done with security check through the connected library SafeMath, proven among developers of smartcontracts..

HeartBout Coins (HBC)

  • Advertising
    With HBC tokens, ad views can be purchased of native advertising that will be placed in the feed of HeartBout social network. The advertiser can increase the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) in HBC tokens to increase the priority, if one-time demand for advertising will exceed the capabilities of the system. However the advertiser retains the right to select the base cost, not exceeding $2 for every 1000 views at the current rate for HBC in the system, but in such case, the advertisement is shown in a priority sequence.
  • Exchange
    On completion of sale of tokens (ICO) 30 of June 2018, in July, the token HBC blockchain HeartBout will be available on the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Distribution of HBC tokens will increase steadily. For maximum convenience, it is planned to develop its own internal exchange for the exchange of HBC tokens to other currencies.

Token Specifications

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Road Map

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For more information please visit:

Website: https://heartbout.com/

Whitepaper: https://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf

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