Social network HeartBout was designed to convert the time spent in social networking to user earnings, where users get their profit in the form of HBC tokens for their activity as authors and voters. The design and functionality of the social network HeartBout has been developed through deep analysis of different services. In HeartBout users can post photos, videos and video links from popular sources like Youtube. Within HeartBout we have developed a unique functionality – the creation of categories accumulating tags and challenges/bouts between user publications.

  • Convenient interface
    The design of HeartBout app was carefully thought out. Through analysiszed of a large number of products with similar functionality, we chose the best way of presenting the application interface.
  • The reward for activity
    In HeartBout social network authors and voters can earn income with HBC tokens.The more often the user uses the social network, the higher the probability he/she has in earning HBC tokens.
  • Competition
    A unique feature is the “bout” function which allows you to create a competition between users and their content in whichwhere other users will be able to vote for their favorite publication. The winner of the challenge receives the originally placed bet and the amount of tokens bet by the opponent minus the fee of HeartBout. The bet can be placed with unlimited value.



The economics of HeartBout is built on the basis of the advertising standard 100 HBC = DAU *U, guaranteeing the exchange of the issued HBC tokens at the request of the holder on the relevant number of ad impressions at the social network. Where DAU is the number of unique users who have visited the app during 24 hours U – advertising.The Reward system of HeartBout social network is built on a decentralized platform using blockchain technology. The authors, voters and miners get a reward in HBC tokens.

  • Emission
    The issuance of HBC tokens is done on a daily basis. All emitted tokens during the day are distributed between authors, voters and miners. The issuance of HBC tokens, is limited to 200 per day. Voting with hot hearts affects the amount of emitted HBC tokens. Voting with cold hearts does not affect the emission, but can recover the power of “hot hearts” of the voter.
  • Award author
    The author of a post or comment gets 65% of the HBC tokens from the total emission. The award from a publication depends on the number of positive ratings – “hot hearts” and their power. The calculation takes into account “hot hearts”, received in the 24 hours after publication.
  • Voters reward
    The reward for voting with a “hot heart” is 15% of the HBC tokens from the emission for voter. The reward is distributed between users, who voted for the publication, subject to sequence number, “hot heart” and its power. To prevent attempts to drive up hot and cold hearts, a special mechanism is used to limit the amount of hearts available and the power of hearts, by establishinges a dependence between the number of used hearts and their power.
    Reward for participants during bout.

The distribution of the funds are 6% for the team, 5% for the first investor, 2% for the advisers, 81.5% for the token buyers, 1.5% for marketing and 4% for the bounty. The funds are used as40% for the advancement, 5% for the operating expenses, 47% for the marketing, 1.3% for the equipment and 6.7% for other expenses.In April 2018, a chief executive officer will receive 5 thousand dollar per month. 2 iOS developers will receive 8.5 thousand dollar.2 backend developers will receive 8 thousanddollar. A technical director will receive 5 thousand dollar. A tester will receive 3 thousanddollar. A designer will receive 4 thousanddollar. A marketer will receive 3 thousanddollar. Overall the blockchain advancement includes 20 thousanddollar.The growth of new applicants will be 30% from synthetic.The average applicantcost is 1.3dollar.
Website: https://heartbout.com/
Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2559327.0
Whitepaper: http://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf

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