HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized reward system based on a blockchain technology. Users taking part in creation and promotion of content receive rewards in the form of HBC cryptocurrency.

You can post your inclination, can share your photos, recordings and make stories of your own life. Clients have the opportunity to make online companions, having visits with them, get data from online assets and what not the web-based social networking is giving to its clients.

HeartBout Token

HeartBout Token The HeartBout coin token (abbreviated as HBC) is the only and the basic token of the HeartBout social networking service. The HBC is used as a reward for actions of the HeartBout social network users and is directly connected with the advertising capabilities of the social network.

The HBC tokens can be spent on promotion of a publication (advertisement). Besides, the coins can be taken out to an accredited stock and converted to other currencies in future. Users assess content using “hot” (like) and “cold” (dislike) hearts. It means that the more often a user uses the social network, the more HBC they can get.
Upon completion of the sale of the tokens (ICO) on June 30, 2018, in June cryptocurrency of the Heart Bout blockchain will be available at various cryptocurrency exchanges, where we will systematically increase the distribution of our cryptocurrency at the maximum number of the most reliable exchanges; also we will work to create our own domestic exchange to provide
maximum convenience.

Miner reward.
The miner’s reward is 20% of the HBC tokens from the emission when blocks in blockchain are made in accordance with the schedule. Blockchain Heartbout is able to make a schedule for the production of blocks every 3 seconds among the 21 delegates according to the rounds.

Reward for participants during bout.
Bets are placed by a challenger and must be confirmed by another participant. Thus, the prize fund is formed and consists of the challenger’s and the recipient’s amount of tokens. The winner gets a prize fund minus a commission for HeartBout social network.


The name of token: Heart Bout Coin
The maximum number of tokens issued for sale : 44,197,720
The sum of the maximum collection amount of ETH : 6 440
The kind of token: ERC20
The price of token: 0.051 $, 1 ETH (at the dollar rate 1 ETH — $ 350) = 6 863 HBC
The minimum purchase sum: 0.1 ETH
Crypto currency for payment: ETH

December 15–31 — a discount of 35% of the price (for limited number of tokens)
January 30 — February 28–20% discount
April 1–30–15%
May 10–30 June — 10%

For more information;

Website: https://heartbout.com/
Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2559327.0
Whitepaper: http://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf

My profile Bitcointalk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1036386



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