HeartBout – social networking Service developed with the idea to convert the time spent on the netwo

HeartBout is a social networking Service developed with the idea to convert the time spent on the network into profit for all participants (users and advertisers). After registration, users get easy access to kriptocurrency and their own wallets.
HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized system of rewards based on blockchain technology. Users who took part in the creation and promotion of content received an award in the form of crypto Disorders HBC. Social network HeartBout memonetisasi user activity to the publication, the granting of the vote or comment that gives the publication of HBC via the ability periklanannya.
HBC token can be used for the promotion of publications (ads). In addition, the coins can be taken to an accredited stock and converted to other currencies in the future. Users rate content using “hot” (such as) and “cold” (don’t like). This means that the more often users use social networking, the more the HBC they can get.
HeartBout social network will become the communications revolution in social networking. HeartBout users will be rewarded over their activities, neither the author nor the voters, and that kind of appreciation will stimulate their involvement and pushing to spend more time there than in the same social network.


We just have to fill the four fields to register: their name and last name, user name, E-Mail address, and Password. If a user forgets a password, password reset instructions can be sent to your e-mail. After the user diautentikasi, he gets access to the subscribed feeds screen with 5 tabs: subscribed feeds, Feed users, Add content (publications/Challenge), my activity, my profile.
Feedback screen has a list of publications/user challenges. Each post has a header text, content graphics (photos/video) author information, data graphics, icon of the hot/cold heart assessment, go to bar comments.
Users can add comments and reply to comments of other users. Any comments can be rated by a heart that hot or cold such as a post.
Content (publication, comments) in HeartBout can be filtered in four ways: Hot, New, Best, Not Sure. The published category put in depending on the user’s reaction to it, i.e. the amount of hot and cold heart.
The Creation Of The Publication
Users can make their publications by pressing the “+” in the Center bar at the bottom of the screen. Photos/videos or links to youtube videos can be used as a graphical content for publication. Users can add descriptions and tags (tag popular and users) that will help you find the publication time of search by tag/category.
You can also issue a Challenge to anyone else who has to determine the level of the HBC. In such a case, your publications will compete with postal users that you have submitted to the challenge.
The activity tab has a list query to subscribe, Your activity history, and your chat list. Chat is a chat group by default. They allow for the sharing of content, issue a challenge, and communicate in space HeartBout.
The user profile contains the user’s photo, name, names, web sites, the number of users of the HBC.


The Main Principle
Mark coins HeartBout (HBC) is the only and the Foundation of the social networking service HeartBout. HBC rewards top is used as a social network user HeartBout actions and directly connected to the ability of social network advertising, that allows to pay for ad exposure in social networks is priced as follows:
100 HBC = DAU * U
where DAU — is the number of unique users who have visited those applications for 24 hours. U — exposure to advertising.
The token is issued every day, 24 hours, once between the hours of 10.00 pm and 02.00 pm. To maintain the stability of the token and the token value given that the directly connected with advertising on social networks HeartBout, HBС tots issued strictly in accordance with the following formula:
E HBC = × 4 × $2 × 0.5 × here E — is the number of the issued token, DAU — is the number of unique users each day who have visited application for 24 hours, p. HBC token intrinsic value in u.s. dollars.

Writers Reward
Social network HeartBout gave the prize to the author. Gifts for publication depends on the strength of the publication are calculated
Evidence issued is distributed as a tribute to the author, miners, and voters. The author received 65% of the issued token.

Gift Selector
Gifts to react to publication with a hot heart is 15% of the issued token. Rewards are distributed among users who react to the publication. To prevent user activity aimed at improving the rewards they (users may tend to add a warm heart to a publication with a large amount of warm heart), reward careful sequence number brings distributed heat in publications to your account.

Voting with a cold hearted
If the number of hearts that are cold choose for publication for 24 hours since posted more or equal to 30% of the total number of all the hearts of heat added during 24 hours, then the cold hearted choose considered unreliable, and all users who have chosen with cold hearted they are for publication has the power of a hot heart is restored.
To avoid restoration of the strength of the heart that can not be justified, the user can choose with a cold heart those who already have a great cold hearts, heart resources recovery and value that the heat will depend on the amount of the order. the heart:
Cold Hearted Sequence Number
The first 20% of users
Users of the second 20% 0.15 × PD
The third 20% user 0.1 × PD
Fourth 20% users 0.05 × PD
The last 20% 0.025 users × PD
As a result, the maximum value recovery heart heat with the help of a cold heart that reliably is 0.2.

The Power Of The Heart
The strength of hot hearts (PL) is the power that makes the hearts of users affect the amount of heat the token issued by the publication.
Such as to prevent an attempt to increase the heat’s heart (love) and other fraudulent action, instruments that limit the amount of heat the heart with such force that is available to the user are used.
Reward to participants during a battle
The function of the Challenge makes it possible to create a publication in which two participants competing to each other through the content. It is also possible to use the token HBC to make bets on the publication. The winner of the post is determined by the amount of the warm hearts given to publications that are taking part in the challenge.
The Miners Gifts
Generation blocks on Blockchain HeartBout made in the round. For every act of creation and the signing block with 21 transactions selected candidates. The goal of this process is to ensure better reliability and gives the opportunity to participate in generation for everyone. Blockchain HeartBout can schedule generation block every 3 seconds because the delegation was active previously. Delegates synchronize NTP Protocol through the block generation.

The following essential inquiry rings a bell is the how HeartBout functions? The appropriate response is exceptionally straightforward and can be depicted by a rundown of few focuses given beneath.

Enrollment: Opening up the primary page, client is appeared with four areas to be filled to get enlisted. Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password are the areas required to be filled alongside the alternative of secret key re-set. It is useful in the event that if the client overlooks his secret word. After the verification procedure, clients access primary News Feed screen with five distinct tabs including: Subscription Feed, User Feed, Add Content, My Activity and My Profile”.

Bolster: This screen demonstrates the distributions (otherwise called client challenges). Each posted data or post has a content header, photograph or video, data information, cool or hot hearts and remark area.

Remarks: Comments are of much significance to get enough reward. Each post can be evaluated by different clients by suing Cold or Hot heart alternatives appeared in remark area of particular post.

Channel: The following usefulness is channel that gives the choice of separating each new post. The channels incorporate four distinct choices including: Hot, Best, New and Not Sure. Clients response towards some substance chooses its fate, for example, number of hot and cool hearts posted for the particular substance.

Profile Setting: Every client can alter his profile setting as per his will and wish. Lion’s share of the accessible classes are private and are not appeared to different clients to guarantee most extreme security of clients’ information and individual data.

Note: Crwodsale occasion for HBC tokens will begin from 31st January 2018. It is a magnificent chance to purchase HBC tokens by getting some reward. For more points of interest and support, please visit us as https://heartbout.com/.

For more information:

Website: https://heartbout.com/
Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2559327.0
Whitepaper: http://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf

My profile Bitcointalk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1061461



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