HeartBout: The Architecture and HBC Tokens

Power of social media is on an exponential growth these days. It is now considered as the integral and the fastest way of communication and conveying your message to the whole world. People now want to share each bit of their detail and current scenario going-on in their lives to be shared on their social media accounts. Sharing thoughts, posting pictures, creating stories and commenting on others’ content is one of the favorite hobbies of maximum individuals these days. HeartBout is the evolved form of existing platforms in social media networking sector as we want not only to provide the chances of communication but also interested in converting this spare time to be converted into some profit such as revenue generation. Each activity on HeartBout account by any user is recorded by the HeartBout system and is rewarded back in the form of HBC tokens.
When the idea of HeartBout was planned to be executed, the most difficult things was to create an architecture that is different and is reliable enough for everyone involved in the system. The architecture of HeartBout is distributed and is operated based on streaming. The infrastructure of HeartBout is dynamic enough that it has the ability of working in a single thread to deal with hundreds of servers at the same time. This structure gives assurance of complete working even if the sockets are unavailable. Users and account holders will not face any kind of interruption in services during and replacement of any of the main servers (https://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf).
HeartBout system is empowered by the latest blockchain technology that allows you to work with the maximum level of safety and security either to keep information hidden or transaction any amount. It keeps your work to go through without any outages, continuously it speeding up.
Safety is one of the biggest concerns in social media life and the safety measurements taken by the HeartBout system owners are established on the basis of existing safety products available in this sector. Our security department and developers are working very hard to introduce new standards of safety by bringing reliable safety products.
HeartBout ensures you with the maximum efficiency and efficacy of system and the data transfer speed of HeartBout platform as the special protocol used for designing is system allows our users to work with the maximum speed.
HBC tokens are the next attribute of our system which is going to serve as the fuel to operate the engine of economy of our HeartBout system. HBC is the abbreviation of HeartBout Coin and are the native tokens of our platform. They will not only serve in rewarding the users will also play their part in early, easy and fast adaptation of crypto currency among its users. Main ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event will be live from 31st January 2018 and will be continued till 39th June 2018. After the end of sale event, these tokens will be enlisted on international exchanges for trading purposes (https://heartbout.com/).

• With HeartBout, you are free to create your own post containing photo or video without any time limitations. You can post content links from different online resources and can create your own hashtags. These created hashtags can play key role in promotion of your content and this special functionality will definitely benefit the advertisers the most.
• HeartBout brings an easy to use and user friendly interface which allows easy understanding of our main screen and other tools. This design was developed after analysis of hundreds of similar products and we have tried to bring out the best possible user friendly application interface.
• Reward for each activity is going to bring the revolution in the world of social networking life by providing them users a chance of converting their free time into some kind of profit. The reward is given in the form of HBC tokens. The more time spent of HeartBout account, will increase the chances of earning more revenue.
• Bout function is the innovative concept of creating competition between different publishers and their posted content. Users and viewers are enabled to vote for their favorite content can get reward for participating in voting. On the other end, the winner will get his own placed bet and the bet placed by his opponent.
Note: ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event for HBC token sale is going to start from 31st January 2018 (https://heartbout.com/).


To get more information:
Website: https://heartbout.com/

Whitepaper: http://heartbout.com/HB-Whitepapper_eng.pdf

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