What is Helex??
Helex.world is a solution focused and aimed at providing the right solutions for customers. Helex Corporation is registered in the Republic of Seychelles with a competent team that has experience in managing investment funds, as well as asset management and compliance. Corporations registered in the jurisdiction? Coast to protect the identity of Helex customers and avoid high taxes. Helex can make investors raise 51% of the pros for each client they bring, because Helex pays zero tax.
The Helex Corporation is a platform registered in an offshore jurisdiction to protect the identity of our clients and to avoid high taxes. This platform offer services that are exclusive to the team because this corporation is highly connected to local agencies all over the world which in turn gives us access to a large range of goods and services, irrespective of their location

Helex is an exclusive service because Helex is closely associated with local agencies around the world, which in turn provide excellent access to a wide range of products and services regardless of location. Helex connects the world of cryptostability with the real world personally and professionally. The Helex sign, built on the Ethereum network, can be used to pay for services such as buying real estate and luxury cars anywhere in the world. With the head of Helex, located in Dubai and Europe, it will open a new country in different countries, as shown on the Helex road map.


We are solution oriented and aim to provide efficient solution to our clients.

Currently, investors who have their assets in cryptocurrencies do not see the possibility of being able to take that purchasing power to traditional currencies. Thereby experiencing diffculties in their bid to purchase properties luxury cars, or other valuable items. However, Helex Corporation make this possible in a very simplified manner.

Through our excellent services, Helex Corporation also simplifies the possibility of clients purchasing and owning valuable items/properties in the real world.

Are you a technological investor? If your answer is YES, then Helex Corporation welcomes you home; where the world of cryptocurrencies and the real world meet on a bridge of blockchain a technology we use to control our token in a reliable and safe system and without any government interference or control, we o er free service to all our clients.

We offer personalized services to our clients; while adapting to individual needs.

Helex Corporation creates a personal solution study, tailored to client’s need, providing other possibilities which are available in different countries around the world.

With confidentiality as a core value, Helex Corporation offers anonymity for our clients who require it for their properties or other services received from us.

All customers can have properties in their personal names or create an offshore company to protect their names.

Helex Corporation will dependably regard the nearby laws of every nation or state, and constantly exhorted by legal officials and neighborhood legal advisors notwithstanding global attorneys.

Helex Corporation is enlisted in the Republic of Seychelles with an able group which has huge encounters in overseeing venture supports and in addition resource administration and legitimate consistence.

The Corporation is enlisted in a seaward purview to ensure the personality of our customers and to dodge high expenses. We can offer our financial specialists up to 51% of our benefit for every customer that they bring, on the grounds that we pay zero charges.



Purchase your land properties in reality and pay in cryptographic forms of money.

We are related with land organizations in numerous nations, you can purchase your land and pay with Helex Token.

Client’s solace is our need, thus Helex Corporation gives satisfactory administration through an expert and customized execution of administrations.

We will begin offering land properties in Q2 2018 in the nations appeared in our guide and we will grow the accessible nations.

Extravagance CARS

Purchase your extravagance auto in reality and pay in cryptographic forms of money.

We are related with auto offices in Dubai and Europe, you can purchase your auto and pay with Helex Token.

We can offer you fresh out of the box new autos or second-submit amazing condition and at a decent cost.

We have every one of the brands and models of extravagance autos accessible for transportation anyplace on the planet.

Client’s solace is our need, consequently Helex Corporation gives satisfactory administration through an expert and customized execution of administrations.

Precious stones

Purchase Diamonds and pay with Helex Token.

We can offer you Diamonds from DMCC Dubai with 0% Vat.

We can send your precious stones anyplace on the planet or take them face to face for you.

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) is a one of a kind stage that gives you access to a trusted system for all parts of jewel exchanging. As the district’s just exchanging trade for precious stones and hued stones, it is home to a portion of the world’s most famous gems makers, retailers and brokers.

The DDE vault is a cutting edge storeroom giving you access to short and long haul stockpiling of precious stones, gold, fashioner gems and different valuable things. Sticking to the most noteworthy worldwide security gauges, you can store or pull back merchandise utilizing a completely robotized mechanical framework in solace and protection, whenever the timing is ideal.

World class SERVICE

Travel anyplace on the planet, spare time with private fly flights, once on load up your private stream, you are in your own private space.

Most medium planes and bigger have an all around prepared kitchen equipped for serving hot and icy menus.

The security, genuine feelings of serenity and protection of our customers is completely foremost.

You have room schedule-wise to unwind, work, eat or rest. Customers set the pace and the calendar to amplify their opportunity ready regarding the most extreme protection and solace.

Fly with your private stream and appreciate the parlor class understanding.

Take a seat, extend and appreciate complimentary beverages, refreshments and pre-flight nibbles.

Utilize your chance gainfully with charging focuses and free wi-fi in many parlors. A few parlors likewise offer gathering spaces for conferences.

On ask for, we convey important things at the solace of your private fly.

These important things incorporate gems like watches, rings or other extravagance things.

Which are acquired at official stores in Dubai and Europe.


Helex token is a cryptocurrency that we have built to be used as a payment method for all the services we offer. It is built inside the ethereum blockchain, a secure and decentralized platform that allows payments between users around the world.

Helex token will be added in exchanges in Q2 2018, where all users can buy and exchange, we will also add additional benefits for founder, diamond and gold investors who hold their tokens, below we detail all the information of our token.

Token Name: Helex Token

Symbol: HLX

Decimals: 1

Total Supply: 5 million units

Supply Style: deflationary

Contract address: 0x9A00D6564945681018619Fc8957C798c2Bc7C9Fc



~Helex token is listed in exchanges.

~Service New ethereum token start.

~We launch mobile membership card for founder, diamond and gold investor.

~Service New offshore company start.

~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Europe, Dubai and all UAE , Caymand islands, Canada, India and Brazil.

~Clients can buy luxury cars in Dubai ( all UAE ) and Europe with cryptocurrencies.

~Elite Service start.

~Service Diamonds start.

~We launch corporate app for iphone and android.

~We open head corporate office in Dubai and Europe. We redesign and add other corporate website.

~We do full market analysis to add new services.

~We add more staff to the executive and operational team.

~Service Private islands start.

~We accept new business partners. Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Qatar and Bahrain.

~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Seychelles and Russia.

~Helex token is listed in more exchanges.

~We open corporate office in Cayman islands.

~We open more corporate offices in Europe.

~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central america, South america, South paciffic and Unites states.

~Service Rent your property start.


~We redesigned corporate websites.

~We redesigned mobile app.

~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Australia and New Zealand.

~We apply for a financial license in offshore jurisdiction.

~Service New Citizenship start.

~Helex token is listed in more exchanges.

~We open corporate o ce in Panama.

~We open corporate o ce in Seychelles.

~We open corporate o ce in Africa.

~We open corporate office in Japan.

~We add more staff to the executive and operational team.

~We made a study for the future expansion.


In Helex Corporation, the team believes that everyone, regardless of their nationality, has equal rights to participate in the sale of the Helex token, and because the company is registered in offshore jurisdictions, you can participate in people from all over the world and without age restrictions. Thanks to our excellent Helex Corporation also makes it easier for customers to buy and own valuable goods / real estate in the real world. The platform offers personalized services to its customers; adapting to individual needs.

Helex Corporation develops customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers and offer other opportunities available in different countries around the world. The main reason for confidentiality is Helex Corporation, which provides our customers with anonymity for their property or other team offering the services they receive.

All clients can own property under their own name or create an offshore company to protect their name.

Helex Corporation respects local law in every state or state and is always recommended by notaries and local lawyers along with international lawyers.

The vision of the company is to give investors complete freedom and anonymity at the stage of financing this platform and for all services offered by the platform. Upon completion of the ico, a Helex token will be distributed, which will be announced on the websites and social networking channels.


Website: https://helex.world/

Luxpaper: https://helex.world/Luxpaper.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2971434

Facebook: https://facebook.com/helexcorp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/helexcorp

Telegram: https://t.me/helextoken

Instagram: https://instagram.com/helexcorp

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