The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is HeliosCoin, the world’s first Autonomous Mining arrangement that spotlights on elective vitality sources.

Helios Coin

Helios Mining Ltd. Organization began HeliosCoin ICO – the world’s first Autonomous Mining arrangement that spotlights on elective vitality sources. The proposition will be available to the world network. Limits apply to German occupants, and also to speculators from the United States.


At the phase of arrangement, crypto-mining was a very much disseminated system of a few thousand private excavators, whose work was managed by straightforward tenets. Their exercises were not impeding to the atmosphere, as their capacity prerequisites were low. Presently everything has changed — the exponential development of digital forms of money has prompted a sharp increment in vitality utilization and mining fixation in nations with low social and ecological principles, where power is created mostly utilizing petroleum derivatives. However, surprisingly more terrible is the way that the centralization of mining assets in a few noteworthy organizations twists the previous majority rule basic leadership process in these networks — changes in conventions and hazard to be affected by the financial interests of a couple of players.

Vision and Mission

We trust that the development of the framework is fundamental for cryptographic forms of money to get mass acknowledgment. We trust that future mining tasks ought to be decentralized to lessen their reliance on the laws of one government, intense players, petroleum derivatives or atomic vitality.

For future crypto-mining activities, it is important to decrease the foundational dangers related with official to specific coins or mining pools. Along these lines, the organization Helios Mining Ltd intends to bring back a urgent power crypto — community. People ought to have the capacity to take an interest in crypto-mining without immense interests in gear and innovation. Notwithstanding giving expansive responsibility for activities, Helios Mining Ltd is focused on guaranteeing that the network is engaged with key mining choices. We endeavor to expel snags to pull in a more extensive gathering of people to the crypto network.

Helios Mining Ltd offers everybody the chance to take an interest later on of blockchain innovation and establishes the Framework for the eventual fate of crypto-Mining by growing profoundly portable mining modules with low upkeep prerequisites and offering our locale a voice in the choice of areas and coins for mining.

Points of interest

Sunlight based vitality

Condition cordial, condition free vitality for mining. It’s optimal for nations with hot atmospheres. No damage to the earth. An everlasting wellspring of vitality without wear and loss of intensity.


Around evening time, the drop in the effectiveness of sun oriented boards is remunerated by the gathered vitality holds in collectors amid daytime. The most up to date batteries have high proficiency and long administration life.

Drenching cooling

The last arrangement of issues with uneven cooling sheets, contamination of costly electronic segments, fan clamor and perpetual framework repairs. Keep in mind the always heatted up autos in the start of the most recent century? Inundation cooling is the eventual fate of mining.

Inteligent cash

Uncommonly created programming investigates the market circumstance progressively and switches mining modes between various monetary standards, accomplishing most extreme productivity of cryptomining.


Loosening the mining units from control supplies enables you to put independent frameworks in the most advantageous spots – no metter how a long way from the development territories , in numerous spots in the meantime. In the meantime, such a decentralized framework will fill in as one.

Legitimate conditions

Because of different methods for interfacing with the Internet and the absence of reliance on power, the proprietor of the framework does not endure the danger of “inordinate control” by the state.The framework can not be legitimately separated from power or the Internet.

Financial specialists ADVANTAGES

Abundance PROGRAM

Our uncommon abundance programm will permit even little inverstors to earn.We chose that any movement ought to be remunerated and made an additional reward for dynamic individuals from our locale. So don’t hesitate to take an interest.

Extraordinary TERMS

It is anything but a mystery that each group attempts to achieve huge speculators. That is the reason we can offer uncommon speculation terms for venture establishes and private bussines blessed messengers with insignificant measure of 1 million euro.


It’s a perfect shut circuit infrastracture for mining.Free control implies that we dont rely upon any govermental control supply.We can mine cryptos.With no expences.Any unused power may be sold to the state.That’s a reward.

Practical MVP

Prepared, tried and working sun oriented mining group that creates us day by day income.Its not a speculations into some thought or virtual programming item. Its a complex of equipment, that works each day.


The more sunlight based stations we have-the more influence we have.More influence implies more miners.More diggers implies more digital money and more cash for us and our speculators.


We are making an extraordinary calculation that automaticly changes mining procedure to more productive coin to mine in certain time of economic situations. That is to say, that gainfulness of mining will increment.

The aggregate number of tokens : 5 million (Tokens that are not distributed won’t be made)

The cost of Tokens on the discharge: 0,001 ETH

Token distribution

The Program’s Bounty – 3% of the tokens distributed

Team founder -10% to the team founder

Reserves – 5% of the fund repurchase reserves

Contributors – 82% of tokens issued

Official web site: www.helioss.io


PRE-ICO starting Date: May 1, 2018

PRE-ICO Date of expiry: 1 June 2018

ICO start Date: July 1, 2018

ICO Date of expiry: 1 December 2018


Private sale: 18 April 2018 up to 30 April 2018 20% bonus


May 1, 2018 to June 1, the bonus will be 20%


July 1, 2018 to July 8, 2018 20% bonus

9 July 2018 16 July 2018 15% bonus

17 July 2018 until 1 July 2018, 10% bonus

The date of the final distribution of tokens is 1 October 2018., 12:00 GMT


Private sale: April 18th 2018 to April 30th 2018 the bonus 20%

PRE-ICO: May 1st 2018 to June 1st the bonus will be 20%

ICO: July 1st 2018 to July 8th 2018 the bonus 20%July 9th 2018 to July 16th 2018 the bonus 15%July 17th 2018 to October 1st 2018, the bonus 10%

The end date of token distribution is October 1st 2018., 12:00 GMT


91% — investments in Autonomous clusters of Solar Mining Clusters

9% — for research, development and administration.



April : Token pre-sale, Smart contract deployment.GitHub listing. Start of pre-sale.

May: First cluster installment.Pre-ICO, 50 kWt sollar panels and immersion cooling boxes, ASICs installation.Beginning of mining.PRE-ICO.

June: Launching HeliosCoin ICO

– beginning of ICO

– mining clusters increasement

– blockchain intercalation

September: End of HeliosCoin ICO. Token listing, Token listing.Order of 10 mWt solar off-grid solar systems.

November: Power increasement – mining and solar 10 mWt electric solar system installment. Immersion cooling boxes installment. Mining equipment installment. Begining of mining.

December: Clusters distribution

• seeding solar clusters worldwide

• mining software for distributed clusters

• worldwide clusters distribution


January: iOs and Android app, iOs and Android app implementation for clusters buyers.



STANISLAV KHARIANOV: CFO, CO-founder, mining enthusiast

LARRY CAMERON: Security & Mining Advisor


SAM BZEZZ: Tech guy, miner enthusiast

ALEX DORMAN: Software Dev, Smart-contract Dev

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://helioss.io/index.html

Whitepaper: https://helioss.io/legal/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/helioscoin_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helioscoin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@CoinHelios

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=335107

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3351066

Medium: https://medium.com/@HeliosCoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HeliosCoin/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=yyX1C2xW7LM

Github: https://github.com/ICO-Helios/crowdsale/tree/master/HeliosTruffle/contracts

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