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Two billion people, about 40% of the global population,[1] are still unbanked or underbanked and cannot get access to affordable credit, even if they have well-paying jobs and are connected to the Internet.

Despite Despite making our global economy hum, the financial services industry today is fraught with problems that make it more exclusive than it is inclusive. For one, it is arguably one of the most centralized industries in the world, and also the last industry to feel the transformative effects of the technological revolution. Bastions of the old financial order such as banks go to great lengths to defend monopolies andoften hinder innovations that might be disruptive to their businesses. The financial system also runs on outmoded technology and isgoverned by regulations dating back to the nineteenth century. It is rife with contradictions and uneven developments, making it slow,oftentimes insecu oftentimes insecure, and largely opaque to many stakeholders.

Financial institutions do not provide services to the unbanked as they are simply unprofitable or too risky to service. More importantly, because of their monopoly positions especially in developing economies, many incumbents have no incentive to improve products, increase efficiency, improve the consumer experience, or appeal to the next generation of customers.

Mission and Vision

Hero’s mission is to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked starting in Southeast Asia.

Since 2015, we’ve helped thousands of Filipinos access short-term credit and that number is growing fast. As a pioneer in online lending in Southeast Asia, we have become one of the most distinguished Fintech startups to disrupt the highly entrenched, multi-billion dollar lending industry. Through our platform, we are already providing a revolutionary solution to a significant problem among the unbanked and underbanked across emerging markets.

Headquartered in Singapore, we fully operate online with no branch infrastructure, allowing us to keep operating costs low and to stay focused on our customers. We are transforming lending into a frictionless, transparent, and highly efficient digital experience for Southeast Asia.

Our vision is to disrupt the current financial system that excludes 2 billion people from the banking system by leveraging technology to create a more inclusive system that allows people access to credit.

How it works ?

HERO is developed using intellectual contracts based on Ethereum , which allows you to create code that serves as an arbiter of gaming campaigns or games. The supplier is the user responsible for creating the necessary information for the development of campaigns, from the percentage of bonuses to their functionality.

If the player wants to join the campaign, he will activate the buy-in to any of the games opened by the providers. Coins are transferred from the player’s purse to the campaign to be part of the bank (coin store of all participants). After a successful transaction, the player will be able to make his predictions or bets in order to get more coins and raise the level. In the end, a smart contract knows how many and which players (buyin’s purse ID) are participating in the campaign. In addition, how many coins are in the bank and how they should be distributed according to the percentage intended for each of them.

After participating in ICO from HERO, there are several ways to generate dividends through its token, starting with the development of the game, which provides sufficient motivation for the community to create a large number of games. On the other hand, the benefits can be obtained by testing games that are developed in the ecosystem, which is a vivid example of how the same community develops and tests new ways of playing. Obviously, keeping a token also implies a monetization of investments in platform improvement functions and a lack of coins in the future. The Herosphere gaming platform will be the first to implement this token, which is an important incentive for this platform, as well as for the community. Registration is as simple as entering www.herosphere.gg/ sports and fill in the information below. Once there, the user can participate in betting on the results of games, such as League of Legends, Counter Strike Go and Dota 2.

What is this for ?

This new platform will allow users to profit from the creation of games or gaming campaigns and by predicting the results. Prizes are received through virtual money, distributed in their totality, as it corresponds to each of them. Ethereum- based programming allows Blockchain to guarantee the security and confidentiality of each person involved, eliminating corruption that persists in traditional betting systems.


Uber has nothing to do with cars, but it created an entirely new transportation experience. The value of having a physical network is diminishing — especially a traditional branch network.[9] Branch overhead and associated staff costs make up 60–65% of a total cost base for a brick-and-mortar lending company with an extensive branch network. Moreover, roughly 60–70% of employees are doing manual process-driven jobs and these inefficient processes add to the cost of running a physical network. It is more error prone and there is a long process of human decisions involved. We believe banks tomorrow will look fundamentally different from banks today. But by the time they get there new entrants have a window of opportunity to innovate better value at lower cost, and create a better customer experience and Hero wants to be the one that leads that change.

Introducing Hero, the future of banking that provides collateralized loans to the unbanked and underbanked consumer across Southeast Asia. With the success of this token sale, Hero intends to expand into blockchain-based uncollateralized loans. Backed by venture capitalists such as Softbank and Alibaba, the organization started operating in the Philippines in 2015 and has since helped thousands of Filipinos to obtain access to affordable credit.

Our first product was launched in 2015 and is the first fully licensed online pawnshop in Southeast Asia. PawnHero essentially turns mobile phones into pawnshops. Because we don’t maintain a physical pawnshop and leverage technology, we are able to reduce interest rates by more than one half, providing access to cheaper credit that improves livelihoods. We do not limit ourselves to jewelrybut also accept among other collateral electronics, watches and handbags. Filipinos no longer need to leave the comfort of their homes in order to get a loan. In the past two years, we’ve provided loans to individuals that would have been turned away by the traditional pawnshops due to the type of collateral they pawned as well as by banks because they have no credit history. We’ve improved access to credit by using the internet and we want to scale our impact using Blockchain.


On TBD at 8PM Singapore Time we will offer 80% of all Hero tokens to be created for purchase by the public in the Hero Token Sale under the ticker symbol Hero. The remaining 20% of all Hero tokens will be distributed to bounties, early believers, advisors and founders to ensure long-term alignment of interest and commitment to the tokens and their future value.

Each Hero token will be sold for 1/200 ETH, meaning 1 ETH will give you 200 Hero tokens. For each token and cryptocurrency, you will receive Hero tokens in exchange, just as if you bought them with Ether or Bitcoin instead. The exchange rate that will be used to calculate this will be based on the rate of the currency or token you would like to use vis-a-vis Ethereum.

Only use the wallet address that we make available on our website at www.herotoken.io prior to the token sale.

Hero Token (Symbol HERO) — The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia

The amount of tokens that are created for the Hero chain are all dependent on how many coins are sold during the token sale. A maximum of 250,000 Ethereum (ETH) tokens will be accepted for the purchase of Hero tokens in this token sale. The maximum amount contributed will in turn represent 80% of all Hero tokens. Since we don’t know the total that will be sold, the token sale operates based off of percentages to ensure fairness for all. Should the maximum amount be reached prior to the end of the sale on TBD, which is 4 weeks after the start of the token sale, we will cut off the token sale. In the event that such maximum amount is not fully funded by the end of the token sale, the percentage of 80% of all tokens will be adjusted accordingly, with the difference between such lower amount and the maximum amount being reserved for future token sales.

Bonus Schedule

One (1) ETH is equal to 200 Hero tokens. That means that one Hero token is worth 1/200 ETH. Extra tokens are offered to those who commit early. Please see the table below for the bonus token schedule.

• Day 1 (first 3h) +30% token bonus;

• Day 1 (3:01h-24h) +20% token bonus;

• Day 2 and day 3 +10% token bonus;

• Day 4 to day 7 +5% token bonus;

• Day 8 to 14 2.5% token bonus;

• After day 14 0% token bonus;

Bonus tokens are allocated on top of the tokens you are purchasing. For example, if you are planning to buy tokens for 50 ETH within the first 3 hours, you will receive 10,000 tokens plus another 3,000 tokens as a bonus (which represents 30% of your 10,000 token purchase), so 13,000 tokens in total.

More information visit the link below:

Website: https://herotoken.io

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/PawnHeroPH

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PawnHero.ph

Slack: https://herotoken.herokuapp.com

Telegram: https://t.me/herotoken

Ann Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2088817

AUthor :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=896353


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