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 Is that Hetachain?

development, high-performance blockchain 3.0 built with industry-scale computing capabilities that continuously enables users to deploy decentralized applications without censorship, fraud, downtime, or third party costs. It’s loaded with the ability to operate commercially fully focused on delivering the world into the next 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

 Platform Multichain

To communicate between the personal chain and the main chain of the Heta blockchain system, we provide a Bridge Protocol that is geared to help personal chains collect their data into the main chain for validation. Actually, each personal chain must pay a usage fee (via HETA coin) when using. The private chain will pay a number of HETA coins to issue the transaction. This cost can be configured depending on usage volume.

Adoption Challenge
However, the speed of adoption of blockchain-driven solutions to solve real-world problems and replace existing systems has been slow. The main reason can be related to scalability problems that disrupt bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain. Both the bitcoin and ethereum blockchain experienced network congestion problems towards the end of last year. Slow transactions and very high high costs threaten to defeat the purpose from which technology was created. Even decentralized applications (DAPPS) built on existing blockchain tend to get stuck with performance problems, not giving users the ease and ease of use they normally use. There is a need for blockchain that is designed to provide technological benefits, and is also measurable enough to handle massive traffic from existing systems.

Hetachain:  The   Hetachain   solution
intends to solve the above-mentioned problems and make blockchain high-performance, facilitating contracts that are easy and smart and easy to use by end users. This was achieved by coming up with a hybrid consensus mechanism based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Byzantine Error Tolerance (BFT). The goal is to create a blockchain that can be scaled, has shorter block times and high throughput. With the Hetachain algorithm, a block is generated every 1 second and validated by one masternode in the network.

HetaCoin: Cryptocurrency driven by Hetachain.
The original cryptocurrency drives and drives Hetachain and allows blockchain as a service, HetaCoin has many use cases.

  • Usage fees are paid by users or companies that intend to use Hetachain as a service
  • Transaction fees must be paid at HetaCoins
  • Prizes will be distributed in HetaCoins

Hetachain aspires to solve problems that are currently disrupting the current blockade and the solution whether it is scalability, privacy, security or throughput. With the latest architecture and design, it has the potential to emerge as a leader who can bridge the gap between technology and people, and change the landscape that emerges.

About Hetacoin – HETA
Hetacoin is an internal Hetachain crypto currency used on the Mainchain network. Hetacoin is used as a tool to pay usage fees using the Heta Blockchain service.

When a user makes a transaction to exchange coins or tokens that have been made by Heta, then he must pay to install the specified Hetacoib. Also called transaction fees. This mandatory fee makes Hetacoin have real value for the system. This can also prevent traders from flooding the network with unlimited microtransactions.

When a user participates in a consensus process or validation of the Main Chain and Personal Chain, then he must be rewarded with certain Hetacoin. This is also referred to as Giving appreciation to users. For the level of appreciation of consensus, it must depend on how much effort is spent by the participants in carrying out the process.

there are 4 functions of the    Multichain Platform


Q1 & Q2 2018
Merancang HetaChain Writting

Q2 & Q3 2018
UI development showing blockchain Personal data
Hetachain ICO demo
program ICO demo    program

Q4 2018
HetaChain block explorer demo
Hetachain test net (test version)
HetaChain ICO public sale starts
List of HETA tokens about the exchange of
development of Privatechain

Q1 2019    Opening of
the web portal
Development Dapp Development
of intelligent contract
Wallet update (multi-Token)
Launch of the HetaChain net test

Q2 2019
Prebuilt Dapp
Auto makes
portal cost calculations
Dapp Heta blocks HetaChain explorer (update)
Hetachain mainnet (test version)

Launch of
mainnet    Q3 2019    Hetacoin Hetachain


Advisory Board

For more information, please visit:

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