Across the world of human evolution, the essence of human existence is to observe the deep desire to evolve and ultimately dominate the world. When humans try to evolve, so do their ideas and innovations that are born with a real progressive cycle of evolution.

The core driver of evolution for humans is technology that is born through knowledge and application of science. Within the sphere of technology has increased the industrial giants that change traditional ways of doing business and managing society, sharply becoming the center of the evolution of society, business and other developments. We see this in Silicon by Valley giants like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Amazon etc. to name the fewest.

But the gulf between human evolution and true democratization that gives people true strength is attempted to give birth to the idea of ​​a decentralized system and economy from things that are grown by technology giants enshrined in the centralized ideals of the core.

The lack of this centralized system resulted in the first digital distributed digital book technology where the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin was built on – the Bitcoin network . This network ushered in a dream that was once imaginary to be able to transact things that were value uncensored, facilitating peer to peer transactions across borders in a fairly anonymous way. This, of course, is an extraordinary idea and a new, confusing way to understand how our finances and business must be understood and implemented because they ensure unlimited transfer of economic benefits. That’s Blockchain 1.0

But because every predecessor in the technological revolution has shown, the Bitcoin Network does not eliminate the blind spots and inherent problems that include congestion networks that result in increased transaction costs, slow block confirmation times and consensus protocols that governfragility-prone resulting blockchain and fragmented communities, not also cited the energy-hungry Proof-of-Work consensus protocol that made it unsuitable for mainstream adoption where delays in payment of fees and transactions resulted in billions of dollars in losses that most corporate entities found unrealistic and indiscriminate. risk to take their business even with innovative second-layer solutions such as Lightning Network and Segwits built into it.

These inherent issues including restrictions only to be able to handle financial use cases require the emergence of a better system built on the core principles of decentralization. This new network is what is now called Blockchain 2.0

The Blockchain 2.0 is Ethereum Network which is another public blockchain built on the principles that underlie mass adoption. This was developed after several types of research on the introduced Bitcoin blockchain were tested. Developers after thorough research and testing launched the complete Turing Ethereum blockchain that was able to deploy decentralized applications to function through the principle of smart contracts.

This makes it possible to issue special tokens on the blockchain that cannot be used on the Bitcoin blockchain as well as scripting functions beyond the basic Bitcoin Network capabilities of financial use cases. With the adoption of the masses in view, there seems to be a latent weakness in this technology. It is only capable of processing and filling blocks at peak transaction speeds of15 transactions per second (tps).

This, of course, is a far-reaching and ridiculous achievement when compared to the VISA throughput which reached 45,000 tps which was accepted as an industry standard. Being the first driver in the field of Decentralized Applications (dApps) and touting has become a perfect substitute for centralized solutions such as VISA, sheer Cryptokitties (a dApp built on the Ethereum network) is able to lower the Network to its knees with its users interacting with its interface. Could this be the solution to the problem of decentralized democracy? Even with newer solutions proposed such as sharding and off-chain solutions offered as solutions to its latent weaknesses, it seems that the road to mass adoption has not yet been achieved.

This brings us to HETACHAIN . With in-depth research and a brilliant team we propose new horizons and phases into the blockchain era, Blockchain 3.0. HETACHAIN ​​was founded, positioned as easy to use, flexible for users, developers (easy to make smart contracts), and high performance blockchain platforms. A blockchain built with enterprise-level application in mind, HETACHAIN ​​is a hybrid of a more effective dPOS (this claim focuses on the throughput of the blockchain when compared to POW and POS) and Byzantine Error Tolerance (BFT) is prepared to maximize system performance.

Since the beginning of Blockchain, the developer community has grappled with Scalability trilemma. HETACHAIN ​​comes with a variety of features that are technically focused on easy usage while also giving a decentralized developer community the ability to not only be able to implement smart contracts to run decentralized applications (dApps), it handles weaknesses inherent in its predecessor blockchain network in the field governance, system of throughput and mass adoption.

With the DPoS + BFT consensus hybrid algorithm, the agelong scalability trilemma being handled with HETACHAIN ​​encourages blockchain networks that are truly democratically managed because they also balance the system throughput.

A better version of the EOS network where only 21 supernodes were chosen to act as block producers which theoretically proved vulnerable to collusion among supernodes, HETACHAIN ​​was governed by a more decentralized system of 33 Masternodes programmed stochastically to have equal opportunities to fill and produce the next block in the chain. This ensures very high throughput while ensuring democratic decentralization in networks that has become the main condemnation of other networks trying to break the scalability trilemma.

Achieving mass adoption is only one step with HETACHAIN ​​because it builds ease of use with better network capabilities so as to enable industrial class calculations to run on its network.

We at HETACHAIN ​​are committed that our Blockchain system can serve all industries. After releasing the beta version, HETACHAIN ​​plans to conduct a trial in Dubai Smart City.

Feature Summary of HETACHAIN ​​NETWORK 
1. Dapp Store with the Pre-built application, users can choose and run their DApp on the HETA Blockchain.

2. Digital Asset Storage. HETACHAIN ​​can save large digital assets to ensure they cannot be stolen or hacked.

3. Consensus. HETACHAIN ​​uses hybrids from DPoS + BFT consensus to maximize the performance of its Blockchain Network.

4. Automatically Generate Contracts. With this, less code is involved, thus helping developers easily generate their own contracts at HETA.

5. Use of user friendly fees. The possibility of a small application running for free on the network.


Q1 & Q2 2018

Designing HetaChain
Writting Whitepaper

Q2 & Q3 2018

Mainchain Development
UI displays blockchain data
Wallet demo
Hetachain ICO program
Private sales of ICo HetaChain

Q4 2018

HetaChain block explorer demo
Hetachain test net (trial version)
ICO HetaChain public sales began
Include HETA tokens instead
Development of privatechain

Q1 2019

Release web portal
Dapp Development
Smart contract development
Wallet update (multi-Token)
The launch of the HetaChain clean test

Q2 2019

Prebuilt Dapp
Create automatic Dapp
HETA cost calculation portal
HetaChain block explorer (update)
Mainnet hetachain (trial version)

Q3 2019

Launch from mainnet Hetachain


Advisory Board

For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE: https://www.heta.org

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@hetachain_blog

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/hetachain

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BOUNTY: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032045.0

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hetachain

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LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hetachain-network/


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