HexCash: A T​RULY​ Decentralised Fund Management System

HexCash ?

A Truly Decentralized Crypto Fund Management System Where your fund grows under your own control. HexCash is built on & hosted with Ethereum Blockchain System, an industry standard in all Cryptocurrency based Financial Programs. ERC20 is the token standard for smart contracts in consideration which ensures unprecedented security of your fund invested with HexCash. HexCash Fund Management System is programmed to give you gains while you’re holding HexCash Tokens on a public Blockchain System.

Why HexCash ?



Competitive Advantage against Exit Scams & Frauds
The vast majority of Crypto Fund Management Programs make tall claims on returns however are fused in types of exemplary Ponzi plans. Where your store develops in numbers however amid either withdrawals occur in type of promoter’s Coin Offering Program or the promoters close down the reserve totally (leave tricks) and your previously mentioned venture closes upto zero. The focal thought of decentralized money has been vanquished by the very pioneers of the business through brought together Ponzi plans. Really Decentralized and Unmatched Transparency Amid the improvement of HexCash we ensured no brought together capacities were sent for finance administration. ERC20 fueled by Ethereum causes us make this conceivable. Assets saved in HexCash framework remains under your control according to your essential contract started amid the buy.

How We are Differen                                        In the clout of Cryptocurrency economy, Bitcoin and HEXCASH are not very different. The difference is in opportunity and as well as in price. To have a Bitcoin you might require thousands of dollars. This may not be possible to spend for everyone. With us, you have a better opportunity than you have seen for Bitcoin. Our tokens can be acquired by any common man as the price is still very cheap. There is a chance to acquire our tokens in ICO price and gain much more than you have ever thought with a Bitcoin purchase.
Security of HEXCASH Security of HEXCASH
The appropriated record innovation hidden HEXCASH token, may end up being much more profitable than the cash it underpins. Be that as it may, it’s just as important as it is secure. As we set appropriated record innovation in motion, it’s vital to ensure that the underlying conditions we’re setting up aren’t setting us up for security issues later on. To comprehend the natural security chances in blockchain innovation, it’s vital to comprehend the distinction amongst open and private square chains.
This decentralization and relative flexibility of access has prompted some unforeseen results: Because anybody can read and compose exchanges, HEXCASH token exchanges have fuelled bootleg market exchanging. Since the accord convention is vitality devouring, the greater part of clients work in nations with shoddy power, prompting system centralization and the likelihood of agreement, and rolling out the system defenseless against improvements in arrangement on power endowments. Both of these patterns have prompted an expanded enthusiasm for private square chains, which could eventually give organizations a more noteworthy level of control.

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