Hi:Health is a worldwide biological community examiner in view of man-made brainpower. The individual biological system for diagnosing a human body continuously.

Applying therapeutic reports of awesome measure of patients, and furthermore pointers of wellbeing control devices, we show man-made brainpower to guarantee early conclusion of various ailments and decide already unidentified circumstances and end results connection between working of body organs and frameworks of the body and episode of illnesses. AI will have the capacity to examine smallest deviations, which human can’t notice, and furthermore to get more exact study results (for instance, electrocardiogram) coming about because of clearing gadgets of clamor. Likewise with the assistance of Al it is conceivable to screen adequacy of treating continuously and redress specialist’s medicines.

The issue in the field of medication

Just in USA and EU an enormous number of patients fail miserably consistently as a result of masters’ misdiagnoses. The money related expense related with disarrays that accomplished in wrong cure of prescriptions is more than $100 billion consistently.

The major reasons of misdiagnoses are according to the accompanying:

• The masters are spoken to impressive expert in particular organs or life shape’s structure and every now and again can’t see the general picture;

• Absence of experience and authorities’ issues in data much of the time incite situation, when remarkable infections can be not recognized;

• Absence of time that pro has for analyzing helpful history, the reason is pro’s high outstanding burden (gatherings with patients) and moreover documentation takes immense proportions of time;

• The diserse quality in the importance of the disorder as shown by X-bar, CT, MRI contemplates, histological examination in the midst of nonstandard kind of disease, and besides high dependence on abstract understanding by an authority.

• In perspective of neural frameworks modernized thinking will allow to have a huge proportion of impact in the field of restorative assurance

How it functions?

Openings Options of the stage for a man:

1. Downloading individual restorative information

2. Secure and mysterious capacity of therapeutic information

3. Rewarding through getting (tokens permit expanding the application usefulness, acquiring wellbeing and extra security)

4. Anonymous offers of your information for stage tokens

5. Analysing information utilizing man-made brainpower for diagnosing illnesses at beginning periods

6. Purchasing and interfacing tried gadgets (contraptions) for express diagnosing of the creature

7. Making arrangements for experiencing therapeutic examination

8. Searching and obtaining demonstrated medications

Ecosystem for a specialist

1. Online conferences of the patients

2. Sharing of involvement with partners

3. Collaborative patients’ treatment

4. Monitoring the accuracy of taking drug by patients

5. Online controlling the procedure of patients’ treatment

6. Identifying the more exact wellspring of the sickness with the assistance of AI

7. Access to neural systems on an expense premise.

Ecosystem for Business

Insurance agencies

Insurance agencies get more exact calculation of the probability of occasion of an ensured event. Augmentation their advantages by constraining the risks of paying insurance premiums. Offering medicinal inclusion through applications

Pharmaceutical associations

Pharmaceutical associations get quantifiable reports on the offers of meds, regular common (urban) sicknesses and the effects of arrangements on a man. With a particular ultimate objective to modify the treatment, the information can be obtained from the DNA database about the tendency of a man to particular ailments according to his/her geographical living game plan


Focuses improve the techniques for treatment and balancing activity of human sicknesses

Research Centers

Research centers and fashioners can use the upsides of information mining (the acknowledgment of titles in databases) remembering the ultimate objective to obtain outlines. In the current overall contention, the learning of the discovered models can give additional good position.

The capacity of computerized reasoning when utilizing calculations to examine IR radiation

1. AI calculations dissect the information acquired, in view of the experience of thousands of specialists around the globe and a great many investigations, deciding the scarcest relationship between’s the adjustments in devices and the aftereffects of human tests.Identifies the examples and wellsprings of an infection

2. Artificial Intelligence makes proposals for way of life administration in view of the likelihood of infection event

3. Creates an individual treatment and sustenance plan

4. Controls the utilization of medicines

5. Tracking the treatment procedure


• July – September 2017

Studying problems in medicine and finding solutions to develop a strategic map

• October-December 2017

Writing Whitepaper, developing a smart contract, creating an architecture and developing a prototype platform, preparing marketing strategy.

• January-April 2018

Run Pre-ICO, pre-order gadget RocketBody, create legal base

• May-August 2018

Launching the ICO, publishing and HiHealth v1.0 with the functionality to collect (purchase) user data, partner programs with clinics and CIS laboratories

• August-January 2019

Buying medical data, processing medical data, teaching artificial intelligence, Buying medical data, processing medical data, teaching neural networks Prediction of possible heart attack by analyzing variety of viewpoints (height, age, EKG/Echo readings, analyses, chronic morbidity) Diagnostics of common complaints or diseases based on blood chemistry and patient symptoms.

• February-July 2019

Release and publish HiHealth v2.0 with a personal artificially intelligent helper, launch broker’s date.

• August 2019

Health and life insurance

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://hihealth.io/

Whitepaper: https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252889.msg33879027#msg33879027

Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hihealthapp

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