Hi:Health: Blockchain AI For Personal Medical Data

“A conscientious doctor before prescribing any treatment for a patient must not only diagnose his/her illness, but also learn his/her habits in a healthy state, and the properties of the body”!

HiHealth is a blockchain-based global ecosystem that acts as a data broker platform based on the alliance of artificial intelligence and blockchain. By combining the revolutionary technologies, HI Health hopes to establish a personal ecosystem from where users can have private medical data diagnosis system from where they can analyze for potential illnesses.

HI: Health is a worldwide biological system examiner in light of computerized reasoning. Think of it as an individual biological community where the human body can be analyzed in real time. The platform educates counterfeit consciousness how to early diagnosis of various sicknesses through the utilizations of a large number of therapeutic reports and data gathered from health control devices. This will likewise make it feasible for the AI to recognize circumstances and end results relationship between the functioning of body organs, frameworks of the body and the episode of maladies.

The purpose behind using AI is genuinely self-evident; it’ll have the capacity to distinguish and dissect the smallest deviation that may be troublesome for humans to take note. Moreover, you’ll get a more precise review result (e.g. electrocardiogram) and measure how powerful a treatment is. This will make it conceivable to modify the specialist’s remedy accordingly.

HI: Health does not intend to cover all maladies. Or maybe, it intends to center around the early identification of sicknesses that are of increasing worry to the World Health Organization. These maladies include;

Cardiovascular infection (coronary illness and hypertension

Gadgets that will take real time overviews, similar to the ECG, will be utilized to give a superior insight into the demonstrative procedure. Additionally, data from DNA testing will be gathered to help with early diagnosis of planned guardians. A more nitty gritty testing will make it conceivable to;

• Determine couple’s similarity
• Plan well towards pregnancy
• Recognize the odds of genetic sicknesses

The interesting thing about this platform is that clients don’t need to sit tight for intrauterine diagnosis to determine all these. Because of AI and Health Mining, it can be recognized during the preliminary phase of origination. Using Blockchain innovation, checked clients will have the capacity to store data and exchange information amongst specialist and patient without breaching medicinal secrecy. Clients will likewise have the capacity to check the legitimacy of an indicative contraption.

The platform is relied upon to offer a tracker which gathers real time health data, for example, ECG, heart beat, Level of blood hemoglobin, mood of breath, body temperature, blood liquor level and physical movement level. The tracker accompanies two terminals which makes it conceivable to get an exact recording of the ECG.

Outlined underneath are a portion of the opportunities offered by this platform to the field of health mind.
• Users create income from selling individual health data
• Users can recognize the danger of an infection without visiting the specialist
• Ability to screen a patient’s health in real time
• Knowing the inclination to ailments through DNA testing

Beside the rundown above, there is additionally an increased benefit for health mind suppliers including pharmaceutical and insurance organizations.

Advance improvement is important to make it feasible for this platform to achieve its greatest potential. This include; neural system, machine learning and being independent. All things considered the organization should raise an extra reserve through an Initial Coin Offering. HI: Health intends to issue 1,000,000,000 HI tokens and the bigger level of this figure will be sold during the pre-ICO and ICO occasions.

Tokens HIH, which will be made on the Ethereum Blockchain will be required to appreciate the administrations gave on the platform. That implies, HIH tokens will be the acknowledged methods for installment on the platform. What’s more, these tokens will be traded among clients who are purchasing and selling therapeutic hardware’s (contraptions) on the platform. Other significant digital forms of money will be acknowledged too.

The future development of the HIH token is subject to one fundamental component, supply constraint. This implies, subsequent to creating 1,000,000,000 HIH tokens, that is all. No token will be additionally made later on. As the utility of the token increases, the request is relied upon to develop with it.
The HIH tokens will be accessible on all real cryptographic money trades within three months after the Initial Coin Offering occasion. Clients will likewise have the capacity to buy the tokens on the HIH platform.

The greater part of the tokens (60 percent) will be sold during the Initial Coin Offering occasions. 10% of the tokens will be sold during the assume while the group behind the platform is required to get 15 percent of the tokens. The consultants should get 7 percent of the tokens, while the remaining 8 percent will be held for abundance administrations.

The appropriation of assets is separated into two. The returns from the presale is relied upon to be dispersed uniquely in contrast to that of the Initial Coin Offering. That said; here is the way the assets are relied upon to be disseminated.

The biggest level of the reserve from the presale, around 52 percent is relied upon to be utilized for marketing. This is relied upon to attract more consideration regarding the main deal occasion. Eight percent of the returns from this occasion will be utilized to cover lawful costs, while another 3 percent will be utilized as operating costs.

In other to expand on the work that began during the pre-deal, 33 percent of the returns from the ICO will be utilized as a part of the improvement of HI: Health v2.0 Artificial Intelligence. Another 26 percent will be committed to data. This includes, data collecting gadgets, health records accumulation and examination.

Since the platform is relied upon to develop as the quantity of client’s increase, 24 percent of the returns from the ICO will be utilized for marketing. Seven percent of the store will be utilized to deal with lawful issues and the remaining asset will be held.

For more information visit :
Website: https://hihealth.io/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13cYRMmS5XucoEaNt6eGZ5hgqzTbveif1/
Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12093592
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hihealthapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/

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