Hi: Health Blockchain Platform; Findings of the Human Body Continuously.

Hi: Health is an overall natural framework agent in perspective of automated thinking. Think of it as an individual natural framework where the human body can be examined logically.

According to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social flourishing and not just the non appearance of infirmity or infection. The designer of this stage hopes to include one all the additionally thing to this summary; material success. The whitepaper portrayed it as that which licenses people benefit off checking their prosperity.

The route toward achieving this is called, Health mining, which incorporates the exchanging of data for tokens. That way, the Manmade brainpower can make sense of how to recognize illustrations and know the Health of the contaminations.

Affirm, we are moving too speedy. We should back off a little and start from the most punctual beginning stage, may we?

WHAT IS Hi: Health?

As demonstrated by the whitepaper, Hi: Health is an overall natural framework agent in light of artificial mental ability. Think of it as an individual natural group where the human body can be examined dynamically.

The stage instructs artificial mental ability how to early finish of different maladies through the usages of an expansive number of restorative reports and data accumulated from prosperity control gadgets. This will similarly make it doable for the AI to perceive conditions and final products association between the working of body organs, systems of the body and the erupt of diseases.

The clarification behind using AI is really undeniable; it’ll have the ability to distinguish and separate the scarcest deviation that might be troublesome for individuals to observe. Furthermore, you’ll get a more correct audit result (e.g. electrocardiogram) and measure how intense a treatment is. This will roll out it possible to improvement the authority’s answer as requirements be.

Hi: Health does not plan to cover all diseases. Or on the other hand perhaps, it hopes to revolve around the early recognizable proof of disorders that are of extending stress to the World Health Organization. These contaminations consolidate;

-Cardiovascular infirmity (coronary disease and hypertension)


Contraptions that will take steady outlines, like the ECG, will be used to give an unrivaled learning into the demonstrative strategy. In like manner, data from DNA testing will be assembled to help with early finish of up and coming watchmen. A more point by point testing will make it possible to;

• Decide couple’s compatibility

• Plan well towards pregnancy

• Perceive the chances of acquired illnesses

The interesting thing about this stage is that customers don’t have to sit tight for intrauterine assurance to choose all these. By virtue of AI and Wellbeing Mining, it can be recognized in the midst of the preparatory period of start.

Utilizing Blockchain advancement, checked customers will have the ability to store data and trade information among pro and patient without breaking remedial protection. Customers will similarly have the ability to check the validness of a symptomatic contraption.

TRACKER FOR Continuous Gathering

The stage is depended upon to offer a tracker which accumulates constant prosperity data, for instance, ECG, heart beat, Level of blood hemoglobin, state of mind of breath, body temperature, blood alcohol level and physical development level.

The tracker goes with two cathodes which makes it possible to get an exact record of the ECG.

Openings OFFERED BY THE HI: Health

Plot underneath are a segment of the open entryways offered by this phase to the field of restorative administrations.

• Clients create pay from offering singular prosperity data

• Clients can recognize the peril of a contamination without passing by the master

• Capacity to screen a patient’s prosperity dynamically

• Knowing the slant to diseases through DNA testing

Adjacent to the summary above, there is also an extended benefit for human administrations providers including pharmaceutical and protection organizations.


Elevate headway is vital to make it workable for this phase to accomplish its most extraordinary potential. This fuse; neural framework, machine learning and acting normally sufficient. In that limit the association should raise an additional hold through an Initial Coin Offering.

According to the whitepaper, Hi: Health hopes to issue 1,000,000,000 Greetings tokens and the greater level of this figure will be sold in the midst of the pre-ICO and ICO events.

Tokens HIH, which will be made on the Ethereum Blockchain will be required to welcome the organizations have on the stage. That suggests, HIH tokens will be the recognized techniques for portion on the stage.

Also, these tokens will be exchanged among customers who are securing and offering therapeutic equipments (contraptions) on the stage. Other critical cryptographic types of cash will be recognized as well.


The future advancement of the HIH token is liable to one essential segment, supply basic. This suggests, in the wake of making 1,000,000,000 HIH tokens, that is all. No token will be also made later on. As the utility of the token extends, the demand is depended upon to create with it.

In light of the law of intrigue and supply, the estimation of the token is depended upon to climb with the extension looked for after.

The HIH tokens will be available on all noteworthy advanced cash exchanges inside three months after the Initial Coin Offering event. Customers will similarly have the ability to purchase the tokens on the HIH organize.

TOKEN Dispersion

As shown by the whitepaper, most of the tokens (60 percent) will be sold in the midst of the Initial Coin Offering. 10% of the tokens will be sold in the midst of the expect while the gathering behind the stage is depended upon to get 15 percent of the tokens.

The guidance ought to get 7 percent of the tokens, while whatever is left of the 8 percent will be held for wealth organizations.

Spread OF Assets

The spread of advantages is isolated into two. The profits from the presale is required to be appropriated particularly as opposed to that of the Initial Coin Offering. That said; here is the way by which the benefits are required to be scattered.

Spread OF PRE-Deal Assets

The greatest level of the hold from the presale, around 52 percent is depended upon to be used for advancing. This is depended upon to pull in more thought with respect to the essential arrangement event. Eight percent of the profits from this event will be used to take care of honest to goodness costs, while another 3 percent will be used as working expenses.

In perspective of information from the whitepaper, whatever remains of the 37 percent will be used for the change of Hi: Health v1.0

Dissemination OF ICO Assets

In other to develop the work that started in the midst of the pre-bargain, 33 percent of the profits from the ICO will be used as a piece of the progression of HI: Health v2.0 Computerized reasoning. Another 26 percent will be focused on data. This joins, data gathering devices, prosperity records collection and examination.

Since the stage is depended upon to create as the amount of customer’s development, 24 percent of the profits from the ICO will be used for displaying. Seven percent of the store will be used to manage genuine issues and whatever is left of the store will be held.



Website: https://hihealth.io/

Whitepaper: https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252889.msg33879027#msg33879027

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hihealthapp

Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/


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