Hi: Health: Diagnosing the Human body in real time

Health is one of the main factors affecting the quality of human life and the participation of its workforce. However, in recent years, the world’s situation on many diseases has worsened, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more.
This is illustrated by World Health Organization reports. Experts claim that there are many factors that affect the health of the world’s inhabitants: among them are environmental damage, increased stress levels, worsening of nutritional situation due to too much sugar, hormones and chemical components used in the product. Prophylaxis and prevention of illness in the future is a much cheaper and effective way to maintain health and prolong life, rather than cure disease. However, it is not always a predictable disease even if a person is continuously undergoing a medical examination, and most people know about an ex post facto disease attack. The lack of accurate predictions makes treatment more complicated and more expensive, and often even makes full recovery impossible. As a result, people lose large sums of money for treatment with the sole purpose of staying alive, not to mention recovery.
The situation in this area can be substantially improved by a combination of drugs and artificial intelligence in a syncretic mixture. The modern selflearning system makes it possible to conduct a real-time comprehensive diagnosis of organisms with high accuracy, to identify previously unknown patterns between indicators of human organism activity and morbidity risk, to warn about the possible state of acute chronic illness. Implementing artificial intelligence will allow people to manage their health strategically. Because with credible knowledge about the risks a person will be able to take the necessary steps to prophylaxis the disease. That is precisely the mission to be met Hi Health.
What is Hi: Health?
Hi: Health is a global ecosystem analyst based on artificial intelligence. Personal ecosystem to diagnose the human body in real time.
Applying medical reports to a large number of patients, as well as indicators of health control tools, we teach artificial intelligence to ensure the early diagnosis of different diseases and to determine the unidentified causal relationship between organ function and body system and disease outbreaks. AI will be able to analyze a few aberrations, which humans can not take note of, and also to get more accurate survey results (eg, electrocardiogram) generated from cleaning the device from noise. Also with Al’s help it will be possible to monitor the effectiveness of a real-time treat and to improve a doctor’s prescription.
How does it work?
Aperture Choice of stage for a man
Download individual restorative data
Secure and mysterious restorative data capacity
Compensation through get (permission token extending application usefulness, obtaining extra security and security)
Offered unknown data for token stage
Checking data utilizes computerized reasoning to diagnose disease in the early period
Getting and interfacing trying gadgets (devices) for the express diagnosis of life forms
Make arrangements for therapeutic examination
Search and buy the indicated drugs
Ecosystems for Business
Insurance agent
The insurance agent gets a more precise calculation of the possibility of a guaranteed event. Increase their benefits by limiting the danger of paying protection premiums. Offer medical coverage through application
Pharmaceutical organization
Pharmaceutical organizations get measurable reports on drug supply, run from provincial (urban) diseases and the impact of solutions on a man. With the specific final goal of adjusting treatment, data can be obtained from DNA databases of a man’s tendency to certain diseases according to their geological life settings.
Centers improve strategies for treatment and action against human diseases
Research Center
Research focus and designers can take advantage of the advantages of data mining (title recognition in the database) keeping in mind the ultimate goal of obtaining the design. In today’s world competition, learning from the examples found can provide a favorable position.
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