Hi: Health: Diagnosing the Human body in the real time

Therapeutic research in the past has endeavored to make abnormal amounts of trust through companion survey led by respectable restorative diaries, for example, the New England Journal of Medicine. The two strategies for creating trust depend on a confided in focal expert, either the legislature or a medicinal diary. In that capacity, the two techniques are exceptionally powerless to misrepresentation by means of defilement or blameless mistakes of the unified expert. This has prompted boundless doubt in therapeutic research. Bitcoin works in an unexpected way, since it sets up a strategy for depending on a conveyed organize in light of a numerical calculation, as opposed to unified specialist vulnerable to human blunder.

What is hi health

Hi:Health is a worldwide biological community expert in view of man-made brainpower. The individual biological system for diagnosing a human body continuously.

Applying medicinal reports of incredible measure of patients, and furthermore pointers of wellbeing control devices, we show man-made brainpower to guarantee early finding of various ailments and decide beforehand unidentified circumstances and end results connection between working of body organs and frameworks of the body and episode of maladies. AI will have the capacity to break down scarcest deviations, which human can’t notice, and furthermore to get more exact overview results (for instance, electrocardiogram) coming about because of clearing gadgets of commotion. Additionally with the assistance of Al it is conceivable to screen viability of treating continuously and redress specialist’s remedies.

Wellbeing is one of the primary variables influencing the nature of human life and the cooperation of its workforce. Notwithstanding, as of late, the world’s circumstance on numerous illnesses has compounded, including diabetes, cardiovascular malady, and more.Health is one of the fundamental elements influencing the nature of human life and the support of its workforce. Notwithstanding, lately, the world’s circumstance on numerous infections has compounded, including diabetes, cardiovascular ailment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What are the issue in the field of medication

Just in USA and EU countless patients kick the bucket yearly because of specialists’ misdiagnoses. The financial cost associated with inconveniences that experienced in wrong solution of medications is more than $100 billion every year.

The specialists are represented considerable authority in specific organs or life form’s framework and regularly can’t see the general picture;

Absence of experience and specialists’ issues in learning frequently prompt circumstance, when uncommon illnesses can be not distinguished;

Absence of time that specialist has for dissecting restorative history, the reason is specialist’s high outstanding task at hand (meetings with patients) and furthermore documentation takes huge measures of time;

The intricacy in the meaning of the illness as indicated by X-beam, CT, MRI thinks about, histological examination amid nonstandard sort of ailment, and furthermore high reliance on abstract involvement by a specialist.

In view of neural systems man-made consciousness will permit to have a tremendous measure of effect in the field of therapeutic finding.

How can it functions?

Opportunities Options of the platform for a person:

1. Downloading individual restorative information

2. Secure and mysterious capacity of therapeutic information

3. Rewarding through getting (tokens permit expanding the application usefulness, obtaining wellbeing and life coverage)

4. Anonymous offers of your information for stage tokens

5. Analysing information utilizing man-made brainpower for diagnosing maladies at beginning times

6. Purchasing and interfacing tried gadgets (devices) for express diagnosing of the life form

7. Making arrangements for experiencing restorative examination

8. Searching and buying demonstrated medications

The capacity of man-made brainpower when utilizing calculations to dissect IR radiation

AI calculations investigate the information got, in view of the experience of thousands of specialists around the globe and a large number of studies, deciding the smallest connection between’s the adjustments in devices and the aftereffects of human tests.

Recognizes the examples and wellsprings of an ailment

Man-made consciousness makes proposals for way of life administration in view of the likelihood of infection event

Makes an individual treatment and nourishment plan

Controls the utilization of solutions

Following the treatment procedure

Tracker for continuous information gathering Rocketbody

Body temperature

Rhythm of breath

Physical activity level

Blood alcohol level

The level of hemoglobin in the blood

Blood pressure


Heart rhythm

Biological community for a specialist

1. Online discussions of the patients

2. Sharing of involvement with associates

3. Collaborative patients’ treatment

4. Monitoring the accuracy of taking drug by patients

5. Online controlling the procedure of patients’ treatment

6. Identifying the more exact wellspring of the sickness with the assistance of AI

7. Access to neural systems on an expense premise.

Biological system for Business

1. Insurance organizations get a more precise count of the likelihood of event of a safeguarded occasion. Increment their benefits by limiting the dangers of paying protection premiums. Offering medical coverage through applications

2. Pharmaceutical organizations get measurable reports on the offers of prescriptions, run of the mill territorial (urban) ailments and the impacts of drugs on a man. To customize the treatment, the information can be acquired from the DNA database about the inclination of a man to specific maladies as per his/her geological habitation

3. Clinics enhance the strategies for treatment and counteractive action of human maladies

4. Research focuses and designers can utilize the advantages of information mining (the location of titles in databases) with a specific end goal to acquire designs. In the current worldwide rivalry, the learning of the found examples can give extra preferred standpoint



Aleksandr Potkin: CEO, CFO

Salman Qadir: International Business Manager

Egor Stepanichtchev: CIO

Konstantin Rerzhukou: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

Eugene Makeychik: DESIGN




Vladislav Vasilchyk: SYSTEM ANALYST


Volha Hedranovich: MSC DATA SCIENTIST


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