Experts assert that there is a multitude of factors that effect the health of the world’s occupants: among them is deterioration of the environment, expanded levels of pressure, intensifying nutrition situation as a result of an excessive amount of sugar, hormones and concoction parts utilized as a part of items. Health is one of fundamental factors that impact the nature of human’s life and his work compel interest. Be that as it may, as of late, the world situation concerning numerous sicknesses is exacerbating, including diabetes, cardiovascular ailment and parts more. Prophylaxis and forestalling future sicknesses is substantially more less expensive and compelling method for keeping great health and drawing out life, than treatment of ailment. In any case, not generally sicknesses can be anticipated regardless of whether one continually experiences a medicinal examination, and the vast majority of individuals become acquainted with about the attack of illnesses ex post facto. Absence of exact forecasts makes treatment more confounded and more costly, and even regularly makes full recuperation inconceivable. Subsequently, individuals lose a tremendous measure of cash taking drugs with a point just to continue living, also recuperation.

Situation in this field can be on a very basic level enhanced by blend pharmaceutical and man-made reasoning in a syncretic blend. Current selflearning frameworks permit to lead an ongoing exhaustive finding of living being with high precision, to recognize already obscure examples between pointers of movement of human living being and dangers of grimness, to caution about conceivable intense condition of unending ailments. Applying man-made brainpower would enable individuals to deal with their health deliberately. Since with dependable learning about dangers one will have the capacity to take the vital measures to prophylaxis of ailments. That is accurately the mission which Hi Health is required to achieve.

What is Hi:Health?

Hi:Health is a global biological system expert in light of man-made brainpower. The individual environment for diagnosing a human body progressively.

Applying therapeutic reports of incredible measure of patients, and furthermore markers of health-control devices, we instruct man-made reasoning to guarantee early conclusion of various sicknesses and decide already unidentified circumstances and end results relationship between working of body organs and frameworks of the body and episode of infections. AI will have the capacity to break down smallest deviations, which human can’t notice, and furthermore to get more exact overview comes about (for instance, electrocardiogram) coming about because of clearing gadgets of clamor. Additionally with the assistance of Al it is conceivable to screen viability of treating progressively and remedy specialist’s medicines.

The issue in the field of pharmaceutical

Just in USA and EU a huge number of patients pass on yearly because of specialists’ misdiagnoses. The financial cost associated with inconveniences that experienced in wrong remedy of medications is more than $100 billion every year.

The principle reasons of misdiagnoses are as per the following:

The specialists are had practical experience in specific organs or life form’s framework and regularly can’t see the general picture;

Absence of experience and specialists’ issues in learning regularly prompt situation, when uncommon infections can be not distinguished;

Absence of time that specialist has for breaking down therapeutic history, the reason is specialist’s high workload (meetings with patients) and furthermore documentation takes huge measures of time;

The multifaceted nature in the meaning of the malady as per X-beam, CT, MRI ponders, histological examination amid nonstandard sort of infection, and furthermore high reliance on subjective experience by a specialist.

In light of neural systems man-made brainpower will permit to have an enormous measure of effect in the field of restorative determination.

How it functions?

Openings Options of the platform for a man:

Downloading individual therapeutic information

Secure and unknown stockpiling of restorative information

Compensating through getting (tokens permit expanding the application usefulness, acquiring health and extra security)

Unknown offers of your information for platform tokens

Investigating information utilizing computerized reasoning for diagnosing infections at beginning times

Acquiring and associating tried gadgets (devices) for express diagnosing of the life form

Making arrangements for experiencing restorative examination

Searching and obtaining demonstrated medications

The capacity of man-made consciousness when utilizing calculations to break down IR radiation

AI calculations examine the information got, in view of the experience of thousands of specialists around the globe and a large number of studies, deciding the smallest connection between’s the adjustments in contraptions and the consequences of human tests.

Recognizes the examples and wellsprings of an infection

Man-made consciousness makes proposals for way of life administration in light of the likelihood of ailment event

Makes an individual treatment and nutrition design

Controls the utilization of prescriptions

Following the treatment procedure

Tracker for constant information accumulation Rocketbody

Body temperature

Mood of breath

Physical movement level

Blood liquor level

The level of hemoglobin in the blood

Circulatory strain


Heart mood

Biological community for a specialist

Online discussions of the patients

Sharing of involvement with associates

Community oriented patients’ treatment

Checking the accuracy of taking solution by patients

Internet controlling the procedure of patients’ treatment

Distinguishing the more precise wellspring of the ailment with the assistance of AI

Access to neural systems on an expense premise.

The Ecosystem for Business

Insurance agencies get a more precise estimation of the likelihood of event of a guaranteed occasion. Increment their benefits by limiting the dangers of paying protection premiums. Offering health protection through applications

Pharmaceutical organizations get factual reports on the offers of solutions, common local (urban) infections and the impacts of drugs on a man. So as to customize the treatment, the information can be gotten from the DNA database about the inclination of a man to specific illnesses as indicated by his/her geographical home

Facilities enhance the strategies for treatment and counteractive action of human infections

Research focuses and designers can utilize the advantages of information mining (the recognition of titles in databases) keeping in mind the end goal to acquire designs. In the current global rivalry, the information of the found examples can give extra preferred standpoint

What Date Mining is?

Information Mining is an aggregate name for mix of innovations that recognize among the information already obscure, non-insignificant, operationally helpful and accessible translations of the learning required for settling on choices in different circles of human movement

Information Mining innovations are an intense device of current business examination and an information inquire about for finding hidden examples and building conjecture models. Information Mining is construct not with respect to theory, but rather on genuine information.

Information mining assignments

The order

The simplest and most basic Data mining errand. In the consequence of finishing the undertaking of arrangement, one can find markers that describe gatherings of objects of explored dataset (classes). As per these markers the new protest can be characterized.

The strategies for managing the undertaking

With a specific end goal to finish the undertaking of order one can utilize a few strategies including Nearest Neighbor, k-Nearest Neighbor, Bayesian Networks, enlistment of choice tree, neural systems.


Bunching is the sensible follow-up to the possibility of characterization. This undertaking is more muddled; the trademark highlight of bunching is that classes of items are not foreordained at first. The consequence of bunching is separating objects into gatherings. A case of strategy for managing the errand of bunching: “unsupervised taking in”, an extraordinary sort of neural systems – self-arranging map Kohonena.

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July – September 2017 Studying issues in prescription and discovering answers for build up a key guide

October-December 2017 Writing Whitepaper, building up a keen contract, making an architecture and building up a model platform, getting ready advertising procedure.

January-April 2018 Run Pre-ICO, pre-arrange contraption RocketBody, make legitimate base

May-August 2018 Launching the ICO, publishing &HiHealth v1.0 with the usefulness to gather (buy) client information, accomplice programs with centers and CIS research centers,

August-January 2019 Buying restorative information, preparing medicinal information, teaching computerized reasoning, Buying therapeutic information, handling restorative information, teaching neural systems Prediction of conceivable heart assault by breaking down assortment of perspectives (tallness, age, EKG/Echo readings, investigations, incessant grimness) Diagnostics of basic grumblings or illnesses in light of blood science and patient manifestations.

February-July 2019 Release and distribute HiHealth v2.0 with an individual falsely keen aide, dispatch intermediary’s date.

August 2019 Health and extra security,

Visit the links below for more information:

Website: https://hihealth.io/

Whitepaper: https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252889.msg33879027#msg33879027

Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hihealthapp/

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