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When we look at the point of the world as a result of technological developments, we see that different types of money are used to make payments. Especially in recent years, instead of using physical money, credit cards and new crypto coins are used. Crypto coins are digital exchange tools developed by the digital environment, produced by high performance computers and software professionals, which can be transferred and used without the need for central bank or other intermediary institutions. Crypto coins today are crypto exchanges where we can convert to other crypto coins or fiat currencies.
However, as we can see nearly every day a new stock market established in the crypto money market. It is known that there are over 100 crypto currency exchanges around the world and new ones are added to them every day. So how are we going to choose what end-users and crypto-money lovers will be trading on? moreover, the criteria of each stock exchange and its usage are similar to each other and what criteria will we base on? Which safe harbor will our valuable crypto money be entrusted to? Of course, we share the profit share as the largest shareholder in the foreground of the stock market.
So far I’ve worked with a lot of stock markets. I am also a member of many stock exchanges. Each stock market has its own characteristics and advantages. Some speed, some security, some user interface, some investment tools etc. etc. they try to stand out with different features. The recent trend is to increase the volume and increase the value of the stock token by distributing dividends. Because if a stock market is so valuable, it would not be wrong to say that the stock market is such a strong stock market.
The stock market I will examine today has some features, unlike the ones I mentioned above. It also collects the positive features of many in a single body and saves us from looking for different ways.
I’m talking about Catex. Most recently, crypto-interested people began to hear their name. Because they provide a profitable return to investors. We can say that investors are encouraged to exchange trades with lower commission fees while encouraging investors to distribute dividends.
The Catex platform is a user-friendly trading platform that was established in August 2018 with the aim of eliminating all the problems and problems experienced by users. The Catex platform is one of the best examples of the crypto exchange exchanges in the block chain field.
90% of the crypto money exchanges are simple platforms with almost identical infrastructures, almost identical copies, which allow you to buy mostly bitcoins and some subcoins. The Catex platform is very different from its competitors in terms of both usage and operation. If we look at the characteristics of the Catex platform from the other exchanges in the market;
There is a transparent trade between the goals of the Catex stock exchange. Whether there are volumes on most stock exchanges, or on-board tokens for pump-dump purposes, lists are executed in line with the decisions of the stock market management. The Catex stock market is mainly aimed at listening to its investors. Catex is ready to give all kinds of support if investors want to move.
The Catex stock exchange has initiated a conversion that returns the commissions that were cut when users traded, with a certain percentage of bonuses, as a Catt coin. In this way, 80% of the commissions are distributed to the users who have Catt coins by their rate of transaction or by the rate of Catt coins they hold. 7 – 15 – 30 and 60 – day period Catt coin holding or lock to the Catex borsasının income from the revenue earned from the share and Catt coin bonus is given.
All important decisions on the Catex stock exchange are presented to the current user community and received based on the comments from them. Catex management will only be responsible for major operations related to the platform, marketing operations and some important managerial issues. As can be seen, the Catex platform differs from many crypto money exchanges, both in management, in earnings and in use.
One of the most important gain methods on the Catex stock exchange is the opportunity to earn money with mining activities. How is mining done and in what proportions? Mining earnings have certain criteria. The most important is the Mining rate. The mining ratio is a value defined by the platform to physically control the mining provision. It is the level of difficulty that is re-adjusted every day in order to maintain the gain stability of the mining companies, which are similar to the blocks we know from other mining coins. After logging in to your personal account on the Catex Stock Exchange, you can see your personal mine rate.
Finally, the Catex stock exchange lists 2 tokens per week, free of charge by users’ vote. Catex, which incorporates features that distinguish its competitors in many ways, makes a difference in token listing.
When we look at the developer team of the Catex platform, we can say that the team consists of experienced people who can express themselves well. The people in this team have shown that their vision is broad and far-sighted. That is why they deserve praise.
From the wallet interface, you can easily keep track of your current balances, tilt or withdraw the token / coin. They are all very simple, easy and functional.
The Catex stock market has its own markers like the other big stock exchanges. This ERC20 based marker gives you numerous advantages. Let us briefly discuss what these are. But I want to share a few details about the marker before. The symbol of the token is CATT, which stands for Cat Token. 10 billion CATT was launched. 5 billion before it 3 times in a row consecutively a total of 8 billion were burned. The amount in circulation is currently 2 billion CATT. In addition, the stock market often decreases the amount of oscillating. In this way, the price of the indicator will rise over time.
What are the advantages of having a CATT token?
It offers a number of advantages to those holding the stock market marker. The most important advantage of this is the distribution of 80% of the daily commission profit to the markers. In this way, they have already attracted great attention and attracted many investors. In addition, they are arranging special airdrops for token owners. If you are also a token owner, you pay much lower commission fees. You can also receive mining prizes, holding certain token numbers.
Details of Coin:
Coin Icon: CATT
Platform: ETH – ERC-20
BTC / CATT as traded
Coin Price: Currently, traded at 14 SAT.
The amount circulating is 2 billion CATT coins.
Also the Catex platform team continues to raise the current coin value, often burning the Catt coin and reducing the number of Catt coins available in the market.
Official Information Resources:
Stock Market official website: https://www.catex.io
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