HighBank is creating the next-generation Blockchain-based ecosystem required to allow the crypto community to maximize and diversify their portfolios in the volatile crypto marketplace. We are transforming the foundation of crypto markets to create a viable trading ecosystem that boosts the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Our platform – built on the Ethereum Blockchain – will become a complete crypto trading platform that accommodates Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO Recording, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline community centers, and Blockchain Consultations.

HighBank democratizes crypto trading in the following sense:

  • Creating more opportunities for traders to buy, sell and exchange their favorite virtual currencies
  • Providing start-ups, that intend to use ICOs as a means for raising funds, an international platform that allows them to gain global recognition.
  • Providing Blockchain start-ups all the necessary tools the need to execute and market their ICOs securely.
  • Partnering with established marketing communities on popular platforms such as Telegram and YouTube to help start-ups fast-track the reachability of their ICO to as many communities as possible.

Regularizing and organizing annual seminars and conferences that promote knowledge creation and sharing among the Blockchain communities and acting as a hub of technology innovation that encourages and supports start-ups to design, create, and commercialize innovative technologies.


  1. Abuse of power
  2. Point of failure
  3. No consensus
  4. Unexpected


  • Anonymity
  • There is no network downtime
  • Authority spread throughout the network
  • Error resistance

The venture is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2019 and this section will shed light on
the following most important components of the ecosystem:



Ever since the launch of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, crowdfunding has boomed significantly and
it has turned out to be a lucrative business model. Its dynamic nature allows it to work with
pretty much all niches. What’s more exciting is its adaptability with the crypto industry.


For the last few months, decentralized crypto exchanges have been enjoying quite a limelight. HighBank is no different in terms of the concept, but it takes the landscape to the next level. Our exchange allows you to add all kinds of crypto tokens, whether or not they belong to the ERC20 protocol. The powerful trade engine will execute the orders within a few seconds with the help of an off chain matching engine. The external liquidity providers of the exchange will make sure that the network never runs off liquidity. The exchange will support all the major tokens and will run on DPOS consensus.


Blockchain has taken the World by storm. Previously, the use cases were just limited to cryptocurrencies, but now, the issuance of a token is just another use case of a larger ecosystem. Although HighBank happens to be a for-profit venture, our goal is much more generic and extended towards helping our clients, whether online or offline.


One of the key elements of successful marketing is community building. It must support novice
traders who would like their questions answered regarding the product.
At HighBank, we are confident that the marketing strategy we are offering, is an incredibly
fast-paced, complex and technology-driven. It covers:

● A one-tier and coordinated marketing program
● Revenue sharing with token holders via a fair share program
● Digital Media such as news websites and blogs
● Social Media such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,Youtube.



For the time to dedicate the High Crying eco crypto system to this ordinary world

2018 Q3

Concept Generation

The initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & assembly of the minimum business team

2018 Q4

The strategic plan

Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with HighBank token creation

2019 Q1

Initial Coins (ICO) Offer

HighBank Partner Systems in operation, Wallets are decentralized with the upcoming ICO list on the HighBank platform with partnerships that are increasingly developing with other Blockchain startups

2019 Q2

Launch of the HighBank Crowdfunding Platform

Ability to come up with the upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding through the Eco HighBank system, Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Advanced Partnership, Advanced Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.

2019 Q3

Procedure for Marketing Promotion Through the Launch of the HighBank Eco System

Decision on decentralization driven by the community, HighBank’s powerful marketing strategy for the upcoming ICO

2019 Q4

Launch of the HighBank Decentralized Beta Exchange

Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with advanced Partnership & product Marketing

2020 Q1

Decentralized HighBank Exchange in Production

Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with sustainable partnerships & product marketing

2020 Q2

Launch of the HighBank Consortium System

HighBank’s powerful consortium system to provide a successful strategy through aggregating various ICO platforms.

2020 Q3

Opening of the HighBank R & D Center

HighBank’s offline and online community center with R & D centers around the world.

2020 Q4

Launch of Beta Mainnet Version

Launch of Mainnet Beta Version of the HighBank Blockchain Platform

2021 Q1

HighBank Blockchain Mainnet Platform in Production

Migration Token HighBank ERC20 to Platform Blockchain HighBank


  • 40% Token Sale Program
  • 31% Staffing
  • 10% Marketing
  • 9% Operation expenses
  • 6% Consultancy
  • 4% Legal









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