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Hello friends! Welcome to my blog, Thank you so much for reading some of the articles that i have posted here. Today, I will discuss about HDXchange. What is HDXchange? Why is HDXchange is a great project? Let’s find out now!

What is HDXchange?

HDX is a cryptocurrency currency exchange market that comes with new innovations. HDX uses the concept of peer to peer exchange. HDX gives full control to its users to format the cryptocurrency exchange they want. HDX is the standard token ERC-20 that gives it investors the opportunity to make transactions on HDX Platform without paying transaction fees. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, HDX offers its users all the security advantages linked to the Ethereum smart contract, while also offering them an unmatched one flexibility that allows them to switch seamlessly between payment methods and format. With HDX, users even have the ability to manage their own purchases and sales
parameters including price.

HDX is going to be one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Our aim is to provide maximum benefits to our customers by making our exchange flexible in terms of Cryptocurrency trading and also distributing the share of profits among holders. We offer buying and selling of Bitcoin on Peer to Peer basis through any payment mode. We are also offering 40% of exchange profit shares to our ICO investors. The most unique offering that we provide is referral commission as Bitcoin with instant withdrawal facility.

Problem Statement

There are four major issues within the cryptocurrency exchange space that HDX resolves. These are:

  1. Inadequate or unsuitable background framework or infrastructure
  2. Poor security
  3. Arbitrary exchange parameters
  4. Illiquid market conditions
  5. Subpar customer service
  6. Lack of internationalization
  7. Excessive transaction fees


Inadequate or unsuitable background framework or infrastructure

  • Using their years of accumulated experience in cryptocurrency and design, the HDX team has built a platform that maintains a uniform standard for user experience, with the capacity to withstand heavy transaction loads and immense fluctuations. As a result, the initial development development process has been slower and more painstaking that is normally obtainable, but this is what gives HDx the crucial operational edge in practice.

Poor security

  • With HDX, all building and design is carefully
    audited to make sure that design flaws and structural weaknesses do not creep in.

Arbitrary exchange parameters

  • With HDX, the platform itself stays out of the user’s way as much as possible, instead giving users a platform to connect with each other on a peer-to-peer basis, where they can agree on all transaction details including buying and selling price, transaction duration and payment mediums. Using Ethereum smart contracts, the platform wraps up this user freedom in a layer of trustless security that ensures that users will not have bad experiences.

Illiquid market conditions

  • HDX does not pose a slippage risk to users because their desired currencies are sourced exclusively from other users, so in effect if there is a willing seller, then the willing buyer only has to contact that seller and negotiate privately before a smart contract is agreed to seal the transaction. This also means that the platform does not pose an exposure risk to
    itself by holding large amounts of cryptocurrency in an attempt to avoid slippage, as some other la some other large exchanges resort to.

Subpar customer service

  • HDX is built with the end user in mind at all times, so in addition to creating a secure, trust-based framework for users to connect and trade coins with each other, there is a robust conflict and complaint resolution framework and a dedicated customer service team in place to make sure that users get full value for their trading experience every time.

Lack of internationalization

  • The HDX platform supports English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, with future expansion planned in line with user growth in North America, Europe and Africa. The goal is to provide a platform that seamlessly supports users from across the world.

Excessive transaction fees

  • On HDX, ICO investors are exempted from paying transaction fees when using the platform, and there is a healthy range of alternative revenue streams that enable the platform to charge reasonable transaction fees for other users.

The onsite HDX matching engine has a phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000 orders a second, which makes it substantially faster than most cryptocurrency exchanges in existence. HDX users are thus spared the trouble of waiting for their orders to get out of a queue which in some instances can take days or even weeks to process. Like a conventional exchange, HDX offers market trading services like spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchange, and decentralized exchange.

Essentially, instead of giving users a rigid operational framework with which to trade like a conventional cryptocurrency exchange, HDX allows User A who wants to buy BTC,ETH,LTC,RIPPLE and BCH to connect with User B who has to sell at
a certain price.


  • Discounted Trading

We are going to provide rebates on trading fee which will ultimately help in enhancing profits. In order to raise the trading volume and to encourage traction, we will also decrease the amount of trading fee. Our motto is to increase the volume growth and benefiting the traders more by these reductions in fee.

  • Two-step verification process

We have implemented Two-step verification on all the transactions and log ins to ensure the security of our users, which is the top priority of HDX. Before any withdrawal or transaction could take place, the user will also receive an email
apprising the user of the particular activity.

  • Multisignature Wallet

We are also introducing an Offline Multisig or Multisignature wallet giving you a benefit of keeping most of your assets offline which makes it more secure. It also allows the user accessibility to the funds from anywhere. Only 5% of your total assets can remain online leaving all the other crypto and fiat assets offline. This feature bring safety as well as easy accessibility to all our users.

  • Support for Fiat Currencies

We have taken care of customer’s preferences on currency usage and incorporated a wide range of Fiat currencies from various countries. We are sure that our customers will find their preferred currency among this list for deposits and withdrawals. If it is required, we will expand this list and include more currencies for your convenience.

  • 24/7 Support

We have a dedicated support team holding expertise in different domains of the business and they are ready to
serve our customer round the clock. Our aim is to deliver excellent customer service related to any line of business and resolving the issues within 24 hours. Customer support will be available 24/7 via different support channels such as phone, email and chat.

  • Peer-to-Peer Process

We ensure a seamless conversion of your cryptocurrency into any fiat currency of your choice or vice-versa. We have adopted Peer-to-Peer structure which makes the transactions go with an astounding speed and to make this process easier we have our representatives in each country who provide you reliable service with an insurance guarantee.

  • All-round access

We have left no stone unturned to make sure our customers get easy access to the platform in order to proceed with buying, selling or payment. HDX is available to you through its user-friendly website and mobile application which are compatible with both IOS and Android platform.


Token Distribution



Token Distribution System

At HDXchange platform, we believe in a transparent model of business. For the token allocation, we aim to allocate a large share of tokens to the community through initial coin offering and pre ICO Sale. Therefore, 5% of the token will go
towards Pre-ICO, while 50% of the token allocation will be done for ICO Sale. Furthermore, as shown in the pie chart given below, we aim to allocate 10 % of the Team Reserve and 30% for the development and maintenance. 5% are allocated to rewards and bounty campaigns for community building.


ICO Fund Distribution

40% : go towards this initiative.
10% : facilitate various marketing activities, including bounty campaigns and signature campaigns for community building.
15% : allocated to legal markets like exchanges
30% : equally divided for legal compliance and operational expenses such as salaries etc.

ICO will be held from 20 April to 30 May 2018

The maximum quantity of ICO 10 500 000 HDX

Total Token quantity 60 Million HDX

Number of ICO maximum 33 Million HDX


Hardcap 23 Million USD

All unsold tokens will be burned

ICO schedule and benefit allocation

Bonus Token Level Day Continues

Pre-Sales 3 Million 40% 0.30 USD 7

Round 1 5 Million 30% 0.50 USD 7

Round 2 7 Million 20% 0.70 USD 7

Round 3 8 Million 10% 0.90 USD 7

Round 4 Million 0% 1.0 USD 7

Register Exchange

The purchase of ICO HDX will close on May 30, 2018 after which the token holder will be able to transfer their token. HDX Exchange will be registered on June 26, 2018, because it may look like a longer period and we do not want investors to withhold their hard-earned money, we also register Cryptopia exchange from June 10, 2018, after this date you will be able to transfer your token. And if you’re in no hurry to transfer tokens, you can wait until June 26, 2018 for an HDX exchange to start.




The Team:







Website: https://www.hdxchange.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.hdxchange.io/webroot/whitepaper.pdf

Media: https://medium.com/@hdxchanges

Linkedin: https: // www .linkedin.com / in / hdx-xchange-678302161 /

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdxchange

Telegram: https://t.me/hdxchange

Created by : Chinedum

pfofile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2010004

ETH address: 0x1f23fAF845C17F6Ac67054E1B2FA7e15E9c7A9B4


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