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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new ventures. We have the greatest device on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these undertakings is HDX, a digital money trade which has thought of historic arrangements and offers at no other time seen or heard. They have organized benefit conveyance to a level which no other trade has ever done.


HDX will be one of the world’s driving Cryptocurrency trades. We will probably give most extreme advantage to our clients by making our trade adaptable as far as Cryptocurrency exchanging and furthermore circulating an offer of the benefits among holders. We offer Peer to Peer Bitcoin buys and deals through any installment mode. We additionally offer 40% of the trading of income offers to our ICO speculators. The most interesting offer we give is a referral commission as Bitcoin with a moment withdrawal office.

Our extra plans and offers will give an existence time advantages to our financial specialists. All our ICO financial specialists will get 40% without bounds trade income and we are giving Peer-to-Peer exchange engineering which brings the exchanging commission expense to 0%. Notwithstanding that, we have five distinctive cryptographic forms of money for you to browse which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. We solidly trust that we can extend ourselves just when individuals related with us develop. We have guaranteed that our plans duplicate the advantages among the financial specialists and token holders complex. We are exceptionally energetic to report the dispatch of our ICO which is planned to go in five distinct stages, beginning from April twentieth 2018 till May 30th 2018. Here are the advantages that we are doling out to our financial specialists and token holders.

About HDX

Discovering better roads in Crypto Currency

HDX will be one of the main Cryptocurrency trades on the planet. Our point is to give greatest advantages to our clients by making our trade adaptable as far as Cryptocurrency exchanging and furthermore conveying the offer of benefits among holders. We offer purchasing and offering of Bitcoin on Peer to Peer premise through any installment mode. We are additionally offering 40% of trade benefit offers to our ICO financial specialists. The most novel offering that we furnish is referral commission as Bitcoin with moment withdrawal office.

We are presenting HDX and exceptionally sure that its esteem will achieve out of this world in not so distant future. We are exceptionally passionate to illuminate that our ICO will be propelled soon. With some extraordinary and imaginative highlights of our trade, we want to achieve more and more clients and grow our tasks. Our proverb is to wipe out the issue of experiencing diverse offices and trades by making HDX a widely inclusive stage for merchants and cryptographic money aficionados. We expect to make the exchanging simple for you by chopping down every one of the middle people and charge 0% commission expense. Presently overlook managing changed trades and snatch the chance to be a piece of a progressive and earth shattering portal to the Market.


There are four noteworthy issues inside the digital money trade space that HDX settle. These are:

•Insufficient or unacceptable foundation structure or framework

•Poor security

•Self-assertive trade parameters

•Absence of internationalization

•Inordinate exchange charges


Zero Percent Commission Fee

Another pattern that will set is the 0% exchanging commission. Already, dealers needed to pay lumbering measure of exchanging commission on purchasing, offering of crypto coins on the greater part of the trades. HDX has sliced this commission charge to Zero and influenced the exchanges to load free for the clients. Presently you don’t have to stress over extra sum over your obtaining and offering cost and you can keep on trading in a problem free condition gave by HDX.

Distributed Transactions

One of the striking highlights is we are permitting both the purchasing and pitching gatherings to cite the costs on our site and to purchase and offer straightforwardly with no outsider mediation. We have joined Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple into our stage, clients can participate in purchasing and offering every one of these coins with Fiat money through different methods of installment from any nation on the web.

Trade Revenue Sharing

Presumably the most gainful arrangement that we are putting forth. We will share 40% without bounds trade incomes solely to the ICO financial specialists based on their HDX shares. This is exclusively done to support the certainty of our ICO financial specialists, we need to ensure that the speculators who are adding to HDX coin get profited later on.

Moment Referral BTC Commission

This is the most creative advance taken by HDX ever of. As of now all the ICOs benefit their own Crypto coin on being alluded to someone else. HDX has put a conclusion to this progressing framework and giving Bitcoins since they are most generally utilized and acknowledged Cryptocurrency. We are putting forth Bitcoins rather than our own Crypto on alluding us to another individual and furthermore give 8% of the aggregate Bitcoins spent on buy of HDX. Regardless of whether you’re spending Ethereum, it can be changed over into Bitcoin rate and you get an indistinguishable sum from commission. What’s more, this referral commission can be pulled back whenever.


The maximum quantity of ICO 10 500 000 HDX

Total Tokens: 60 Million HDX

Maximum ICO Amount: 33 Million HDX

Hardcap 23 Million USD

All unsold tokens will be burned

HDX tokens are ERC 20 standard tokens in compliance with Ethereum ecosystem.

ICO will be held from April 20 th May 30 th 2018

TOKEN Distribution

ICO Plan and Bonus Allocation


Dec 2017 – HDXchange development starts.

Apr 2018 – HDX token crowd sale start pre-sale ICO+ICOs.

June 2018 (1) – Exchange going live and token tradable at exchange cryptopia exchange and coin marketcap from 10th June.

June 2018 (2) – HDXchange will be live on 26th June offline wallet release for Windows/Linux/Android.

Aug 2018 – Starting profit distribution to ICO investors Mobile Android/IOS App exchange with functionality funding online/ Fiat trading online.

Oct 2018 – Peer to Peer trading starts with BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH/XRP Dec 2018 – 100 Cryptocurrencies will be listed, daily exchange volume expected 15,000 BTC. Jan 2019 – Development starts for building decentralized exchange.

Mar 2019 – Wide range of Fiat currencies supported, multi-lingual support exchange starts.

Jun 2019 – Introducing new trading pairs includes mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Aug 2019 – Decentralize exchange full functionality one of the top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Dec 2019 – Insurance coverage for all crypto assets by paying nominal fee.


For more information,please visit:

Website: http://www.hdxchange.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.hdxchange.io/webroot/whitepaper.pdf

Main Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3286687.new#new

Telegram: https://t.me/hdxchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdxchange

Medium: https://medium.com/@hdxchanges

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdx-xchange-678302161/

HDX ICO Calendar: https://www.listico.io/ico-calendar/hdx-pre-ico-phases

HDX Pre-ICO: https://www.ico-map.io/ico/hdx-pre-ico-phases

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