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The High Vibe Network is a block-based ecosystem designed to integrate the impression of diving, multidimensional learning and personal development.
Everything that is embedded in the fabric of this community is the mechanisms in which we all develop together; help each other, and where we invest in ourselves. The High Vibe network is also a block chain designed to revolutionize the development of the personality; expand the capabilities of authors and creators; go technology for a greater good; reward users for expanding their consciousness; to accelerate the consciousness of mankind and create a global conscious community.


Ascending content. Get access to inspirational content, such as music, meditation, master classes and training, helped by highly educated thinkers and teachers
Multidimensional learning. As part of our roadmap, we create an impressive learning experience based on innovative VR and AR technologies to lift you and unlock your unlimited potential
Limitless growth: when you engage in our platforms and optimize your mind, you will overcome obstacles, reach new peaks while you are part of our growing tribe
Abundant life: HighVibe.Network is a thriving and attractive community with online and offline activities focused on personal development, collaboration and connectivity
Despite the fact that we are making huge breakthroughs in technologies and our capabilities as a person, in today’s world, the sad fact is that more people commit suicide every year than armed conflicts and natural disasters.
Observations show an increase in anxiety, depression and lack of satisfaction, because people feel disconnected, as well as a lack of purpose or abundance in their lives.
This is much more than just a new crypto currency. The high Vibe ecosystem connects and integrates the latest innovations in crypto-currencies with transformational and personal growth space.
High Vibe is a transformed ecosystem based on tokens, combined and supported by the High Vibe (HV) token, giving the user value for several reasons, in addition to being able to spend or exchange it.
Thus, in an ecosystem, people actually get money in HV tokens for their consumption, their participation and the value they add.


The vision of the High Vibe network is the creation of a revolutionary ecosystem for collective and personal transformation to accelerate the growth of the Earth and humanity.


Raise your vibration: HighVibe you are obsessed with developing and improving yourself in key areas of your life in healthy ways.
Join the Global Tribe: they are a private tribe of highly educated people connected globally, helping each other along the way, an extended family that you have always wanted.
Get a concierge guide: they are concierges at the highest levels, getting exactly what you need for growth.
Enjoy exclusive privileges: they provide exclusive access to special offers, benefits and privileges available only to members of our High Vibe network.
The world of reason: they offer world-class support on our entire platform.
HIGH VIBA iDevelopMyself is a platform that improves mutual relations between teachers and users, contributing to the growth of mankind.
They make personal development and growth “exciting”, revolutionizing the user experience through innovative stimulated models, recognizing the intrinsic value of our educators. They bring personal development to the next level and make it accessible to the main application, while the priority of connectivity is a means of accelerating humanity.

Users — are stimulated by paying for HV tokens to take the desired actions, and they are given free access to paid platforms while keeping high denominations within our reward system …

Authors and Creators — get visibility in the platform with the help of algorithms “upvote” and “like” and make either a fixed fee (on membership platforms) or a 30% fixed profit on premium offers.
Branches — get a multi-level commission structure, completely transparent and paid instantly.

After the extraordinary growth of the cryptopar market over the past year, investments and projects in this sector have increased significantly. Every day different projects come to the market. Which of them is a good quality that the investor will earn? Undoubtedly, each project must be considered individually to understand this. I will tell you this information about HighVibe.Network in this article.

The HighVibe.Network network will be located in fully compliant legislation and
regulated environment of Estonia.

HighVibe.Network describes itself in a simple way: “HighVibe Network is a chain-based ecosystem that is designed to enhance human consciousness by integrating exciting digital and real experience, learning and personal development through an integrated and multidimensional network.” Within this ecosystem there will be many social activities that people can use in their daily lives.

The ecosystem created by them consists of platforms, applications, communities, events and travel, designed for high-quality experience, which positively affects a person’s life. They developed HighVibe tokens to serve their customers in this ecosystem. Those who participate in this platform will find the opportunity to earn High Vibe tokens through their activities. Tokens that people earn will be transferred to their accounts very quickly. This is a very profitable situation, considering that on other platforms people need to wait a long time for revenue.

They will determine the distribution of the reward using the “Brain Proof” system. This system is specifically designed for content-oriented ecosystems that promote autonomous growth.

This project looks like the company Spotify, Netflix and Facebook. In other words, users will be able to profit through the block chain. People will be able to accumulate the revenues they earn with this platform in their wallets and transfer them to other units of the cryptopair with the actions they perform through the block chain. HighVibe.Network users will not pay commissions for their token-transfers on this platform

To execute a smart contract and / or to support a trusted Oracle node to perform partner payments and other commissions in the network, a token is required.

Token will include the advantages of peer-to-peer interaction, the benefits of concierge style, and we will also strive to add value to the transaction level for authors, suppliers and partners for coin acceptance. Conducting different levels (aka tiers) of the token will allow you to gain free access to the privileges of members, guided by experience and courses from popular authors.
You can acquire experience through the HighVibe chain-chain, create an unchanged title record, as well as a complete record of your platform’s activity to track your personal growth. You can share this information or keep it confidential. With full control over your interface, you can create unique impressions, unlike anything that exists.

ICO is a fundraising mechanism in which future crypto currency tokens are sold for current, liquid cryptovariants, such as bitcoyne, waves and the etherium. Inside our wallet you can buy HighVibe Token (HV) or get bitcoins or another currency in exchange for your token. Saving the project and integrating the token into the product will be easily tied to all our platforms using simple and modern shopping center pages, linking them to both the chain and the network.
In this ICO, we not only strive to acquire capital for development, but, more importantly, we will receive regular users for our platforms that believe in a common project and are ready to become our founding members who can really help us become the best platform through requests and honest feedback. Public sale of tokens begins on August 8.

Team members, advisers and creators of TEAM HighVibe include best-selling celebrities, musicians, trainers, speakers and global entrepreneurs who from the first day can attract the talent of A-list to our ecosystem, openly share and build what really serves humanity.

Сеть High Vibe также является блочной цепочкой, призванной революционизировать развитие личности и расширить возможности авторов и создателей. Для получения дополнительной информации о сети High Vibe важно проверить их различные ссылки и каналы, перечисленные ниже:

Веб-сайт: https://www.highvibe.network
 Белая книга: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/highvibenetwork/HighVibe.Network+Whitepaper+v0.51.pdf
 Присоединиться к телеграмме: https: // t.me/highvibenetworktoken
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