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What is a HighBank?

HighBank is a decentralized platform that allows many streams of income and investment for various users, belonging to various groups.

HighBank creates a new generation blockchain based ecosystem that will enable crypto networks to maximize and diversify their portfolios in the risky crypto market. We changed the basis of the cryptocurrency market to create a commercial ecosystem that could contribute to the growth of the introduction of cryptocurrency. The platform created in the blockchain Ethereum will be the entire crypto-sales platform, including decentralized crypto-exchange exchanges, ICO listings, ICO launches and crowdfunding programs, marketing programs and partners, online and offline network centers and blockchain consultations.
HighBank allows you to sign the ICO for verification, seek advice from our experts, use our tool bar to manage and promote your brand, release tokens and enjoy the benefits of decentralized exchanges.
Its mission is to create a universal platform that offers a holistic journey through the blockchain to any crypto developer or trader. It is hoped that the task will be to move the stay in the early quarter of 2019, and this section will fade here, the main elements of the ecosystem and its features:
  •   Decentralized crypto exchange: HighBank is not a formulation of other concepts, but of course brings the landscape to the next level. Representatives allow you to use all types of cryptocans, regardless of whether they are included in the ERC20 protocol or not. 
  • ICO Listing Platform: The HighBank record platform is the answer we’ve been waiting for. By combining the stochastic gradient position and the IBM Watson 500 engine, the HighBank platform can give the biggest ICO name with the ability to allocate large amounts of money from the market.
  • ICO platform to start and crowdfunding: HighBank is the basic ICO platform of its kind. Highbank allows business owners to choose the best skills on our platform to increase the likelihood of their crowdfunding. Policies related to the HighBank may be comparable to STO.
  • Marketing and Affiliate Program: HighBank formats marketing plans for other ICOs based on their contributions, and can act as a watch tower for cryptocurrency beginners. As a reliable marketing partner, HighBank will format 3 packages labeled silver, platinum and gold.
  • Autonomous and online community center: NULL network facilities operate under the HighBank. The main one functions online, and it can be similar to a webinar, where each ICO indexed in the HighBank catalog will be able to participate and share their opinions. 
  • Blockchain Consultation & Adviser: HighBank will do everything possible so revolutionary blockchain technology can sharpen its sword through other channels in the years to come, and for this, professionals from our group will ensure that even promising ideas will succeed. in other research centers, so they always try to give you the highest level of consulting services at the grassroots level.

Why pursue decentralization?

This question must have made you excited for a while now. If you want to evaluate a facility from decentralization, I suggest you think ‘don’t put trust in one person’. All revolve around this idea. Let’s see how.
There is no failure point
When we use a database on a centralized server, they are not only vulnerable to hacking attacks but if EVERY problem occurs, there is no way to keep the items currently hosted by the
Now apply the same concept to our use case. If you visit exchanges for trading currencies and down servers, you cannot exchange your currency, anything. You are both bound until obstacles are resolved.
But in Crypto World, the concept of relying on someone for each transaction is eliminated and everyone has an equal share in the network. Which means if the HighBank exchanges host of 1000 users and 5 of them go down simultaneously (which is practically equivalent to 5 full fledge servers), the network can still use the remaining 995 nodes to keep the infrastructure alive.
Therefore, being very tolerant of errors and fraudulent elements out there requires enormous resources to compromise the network – which is only theoretically possible, until now

  • This is a decentralized platform that allows many streams of income and investment for various users, belonging to various groups. For more information, please see our whitepaper
  • Buying our tokens means that you are an important part of the network that not only protects your funds, but also offers long-term investment opportunities. We will continue to work on the latest technology and ideas to strengthen our partnerships and increase your Return on Investment

HighBank Token Information

Name: HighBank (HIGH)
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Purchase method: ETH, BTC, LTC
Hard cover: 40,000,000 US dollars
Soft hat: US $ 5,000,000
Token fee: 1.00 USD
Total supply: 100 million
New emission tokens: none (corrected)
KYC: ya
White list: no
Minimum purchase amount: 50 tokens
Maximum purchase limit: unlimited


Distribution of HighBank Tokens

Token sales program: 40%
Staff: 32%
Marketing: 10%
Operating costs: 9%
Counseling: 6%
Law: 4%



Extraordinary Team

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Keeley C. Wilkinson
Exclusive office

Tapendra Shee
Blockchain Architect

Asad Hayat
Blockchain Expert

Sheraz Arshad
Blockchain developers are in full stack

Sakil Mahmud
Backend developer

Bijon Pramanik
Blockchain Expert

Rasel Mahmud
UI / UX Developer

Tanmoy Banerjee
Business Developer

Prasad Seerapu
QA Specialist

Azeem Saifi
Editor in chief

Ahsan Rasheed
Creative Chief


Website:    https://highbank.io/
Telegram:   https://t.me/HIGH888
Username: tsaniyaah
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579389
Ethereum address: 0x9b5Cc2A2bcf2102db16A3b5Bc01f0Fc8dEd4cC34

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