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HighBank is making the cutting edge Blockchain-based biological system required to permit the crypto network to expand and broaden their portfolios in the unstable crypto commercial center. We are changing the establishment of crypto markets to make a reasonable exchanging biological system that supports the appropriation of digital forms of money. Our platform — to be based over Ethereum Blockchain — will be a one-in-all crypto exchanging stage lodging a Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO Listing, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner program, Online and Offline people group focus, and Blockchain Consultancy.


As of late, we have seen an expansion in the rate of selection of blockchain innovation where a few noteworthy enterprises on the planet are driving the race for appropriation. Governments at all dimensions have started to consider the reception of blockchain innovation since they have all observed what blockchain innovation can really do with the worldwide economy. Not just the Government is thinking about the use of blockchain innovation, it is discovered that private and mechanical organizations additionally think about this incredible innovation. The most recent discoveries by world web indexes demonstrate that the word BLOCKCHAIN has turned into the most looked for after word that demonstrates an expansion in the rate at which individuals need to think about this innovation.


HighBank democratizes crypto exchanging the accompanying terms: (I) Creating more open doors for dealers to purchase, sell and trade their preferred virtual monetary forms; (ii) Providing starters, who plan to utilize ICO as a way to raise reserves, a universal stage that empowers them to increase worldwide acknowledgment; (iii) Provide Blockchain new companies of the considerable number of instruments expected to securely execute and showcase ICO; (iv) Partnering with set up advertising networks on prevalent stages, for example, Telegram and YouTube to enable novices to begin their ICO achieve quick track to however many networks as would be prudent;


The Main Element And Features Of HighBank


•             Decentralized crypto trade: HighBank isn’t a plan of different ideas, obviously conveys the scene to the following dimension. Agents enable you to utilize a wide range of cryptocans, paying little mind to whether they are incorporated into the ERC20 convention or not.


•            ICO Listing Platform: The HighBank record stage is the appropriate response we’ve been sitting tight for. By joining the stochastic slope position and the IBM Watson 500 motor, the HighBank stage can give the greatest ICO name with the capacity to designate a lot of cash from the market.


•            ICO stage to begin and crowdfunding: HighBank is the essential ICO stage of its sort. Highbank enables entrepreneurs to pick the best aptitudes on our stage to improve the probability of their crowdfunding. Strategies identified with the HighBank might be equivalent to STO.


•            Marketing and Affiliate Program: HighBank groups advertising plans for different ICOs dependent on their commitments, and can go about as a watch tower for cryptographic money apprentices. As a solid advertising accomplice, HighBank will design 3 bundles named silver, platinum and gold.


•            Autonomous and online network focus: NULL system offices work under the HighBank. The principle one capacities on the web, and it very well may be like an online class, where each ICO listed in the HighBank list will almost certainly take an interest and offer their sentiments.


•            Blockchain Consultation and Adviser: HighBank will do everything conceivable so progressive blockchain innovation can hone its sword through different diverts in the years to come, and for this, experts from our gathering will guarantee that notwithstanding encouraging thoughts will succeed. in other research focuses, so they generally endeavor to give you the largest amount of counseling administrations at the grassroots dimension.




The market-driving stage is brought together, which hampers the improvement of a blockchain-based business and offers focal points. It produces:


•            Abuse of intensity


•            Point of disappointment


•            There is no accord


•            unexpected


•            Not moderate




HighBank enables you to enroll ICOs for survey, counsel our specialists, utilize our dashboard to oversee and advertise your image, dispatch a token and appreciate the advantages of a decentralized trade. Our essential advantages are:


– Anonymity


– No system personal time


– Authority spread over the system


– Fault opposition


Token distribution

40% – Sales

30% – Management, R & D

16% – Team & Advisor

10% – Backup

4% – Marketing & Promotion

Offered Tokens: 40 Million HIGH

Platform Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet

Standard: ERC20

Distrbution of Tokens: 5 Days After Sales Tokens End

Pre Sales: February 1 – February 28

ICO Phase I: March 1 – March 20

ICO Phase II: March 21 – April 9

ICO Tahap III: 10 April – 30 April


For the time to dedicate the High Crying eco crypto system to this ordinary world

2018 Q3

Concept Generation

The initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & assembly of the minimum business team

2018 Q4

The strategic plan

Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with HighBank token creation

2019 Q1

Initial Coins (ICO) Offer

HighBank Partner Systems in operation, Wallets are decentralized with the upcoming ICO list on the HighBank platform with partnerships that are increasingly developing with other Blockchain startups

2019 Q2

Launch of the HighBank Crowdfunding Platform

Ability to come up with the upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding through the Eco HighBank system, Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Advanced Partnership, Advanced Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.

2019 Q3

Procedure for Marketing Promotion Through the Launch of the HighBank Eco System

Decision on decentralization driven by the community, HighBank’s powerful marketing strategy for the upcoming ICO

2019 Q4

Launch of the HighBank Decentralized Beta Exchange

Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with advanced Partnership & product Marketing

2020 Q1

Decentralized HighBank Exchange in Production

Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with sustainable partnerships & product marketing

2020 Q2

Launch of the HighBank Consortium System

HighBank’s powerful consortium system to provide a successful strategy through aggregating various ICO platforms.

2020 Q3

Opening of the HighBank R & D Center

HighBank’s offline and online community center with R & D centers around the world.

2020 Q4

Launch of Beta Mainnet Version

Launch of Mainnet Beta Version of the HighBank Blockchain Platform

2021 Q1

HighBank Blockchain Mainnet Platform in Production

Migrasi Token HighBank ERC20 Ke Platform Blockchain HighBank

For more information visit the link below

Website : https://highbank.io/

Whitepaper : https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HighBank.io

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/highbank

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HighBank19

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/highbankio

Medium : https://medium.com/@highbank2018

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClrIlugOCkQrde6OuA7oLDg

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