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Today I will discuss about the development of the world of Cryptocurrencies which have continued to increase significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platforms or applications in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, only a few who have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with HIGHBANK’s great idea

Blockchain technology has become a major threat to centralization because the main purpose of blockchain technology is to decentralize and neutralize third party services in daily activities. Since the launch of this technology a few years ago, there has been a large increase in the rate at which the crypto-currency project was launched where the increase was a result of blockchain technology because every organization and company wanted to integrate the blockchain into their various businesses

Despite the increase in the number of crypto currency projects there are still some downfalls and that need to be corrected. Some of the problems I want to discuss include the fall of the ICO project which we have seen as the most profitable investment a few years ago but have recently struggled as a result of several challenges. The more crypto currency projects, the higher the level of global adoption of blockchain technology is the reason why we need to look at the factors and influence the crypto currency project launch and the possible solution

we have seen an increase in the rate of adoption of blockchain technology where several major industries in the world are leading the race for adoption. Governments at all levels have begun to consider the adoption of blockchain technology because they have all seen what blockchain technology can really do with the global economy. Not only the Government is considering the application of blockchain technology, it is found that private and industrial companies also consider this great technology. The latest findings by world search engines show that the word BLOCKCHAIN ​​has become the most sought-after word that shows an increase in the rate at which people want to know about this technology.

Most projects fail to realize that there is a need for real products to support their projects before the crypto currency project launches. A case for using the crypto-currency project that was launched was needed. I always ask myself why I have to buy certain project tokens first. I have to consider the use case, the team, and the community that supports this project. If crypto-currency lacks all these features, then I see no reason why this will succeed in crypto-space. This is the reason why the HIGHBANK team has launched a new blockchain base project that will see all the issues facing the ICO, the Financial Industry, Crypto currency exchange and several others

The HIGHBANK platform will be a payment gateway for each crypto currency user where users will be able to carry out a series of activities on the platform at a very low cost compared to the high fees charged by other platforms

HIGHBANK’s main goal is to create an Anonymous Platform, giving authority to every user and individual, no network downtime and error-free platform

HIGHBANK has also pledged to provide crypto-currency users the safest, most transparent and trusted platform, good customer support, a good user interface and much more that I won’t be able to mention here now

HIGHBANK as I said before is a blockchain based project that will help developers and all crypto currency traders in the world. The aim is to provide a good blockchain experience for blockchain users. It aims to assist the ICO project in the field of crowdfunding and will also help crypto-currency traders with the implementation of the decentralized exchange feature, Generation of Income and also the Blockchain consultation. All the areas mentioned above are very important in the global adoption of crypto currencies and blockchain technology

HIGHBANK will be an extraordinary project in the crypto space and that is why this is a suggestion to be able to invest in the current platform through the sale of ongoing tokens. HIGHBANK has chosen to launch its project on the ETHEREUM blockchain network which is the most popular and most popular blockchain network among others


Name: HighBank (HIGH)
Contract Address: 0x1354c8C1A66C2573Ce9cC3e92e98D17869501A46
Explorer Token: Click Here to See in Etherscan
Accepted Purchase Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard Cap 40,000,000 USD
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Price Tokens 1.00 USD
Total Token Supply: 100 Million
New Token Emission: No (Fixed Supply)
Key Your Customer (KYC): Yes
Min Purchase Cap: 50 Tokens
Limits Purchases Maximum : Unlimited
White List: No.

Tokens Offered

40 Million HIGH
Blockchain Platform
Ethereum Mainnet

Token distribution

5 Days After Sales Tokens End


We accept : BTC, ETH, LTC.

Token distribution
40% of
Management, R & D
Team & Advisor
10% reserve
Marketing & Promotion
40% Sales Token Program
31% Staffing
10% marketing
9% Operating Cost
6% Consultation
4% legal


For the time to dedicate the High Crying eco crypto system to this ordinary world
2018 Q3
Concept Generation
The initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & assembly of the minimum business team
2018 Q4
The strategic plan
Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with HighBank token creation
2019 Q1
Initial Coins (ICO) Offer
HighBank Partner Systems in operation, Wallets are decentralized with the upcoming ICO list on the HighBank platform with partnerships that are increasingly developing with other Blockchain startups
2019 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Crowdfunding Platform
Ability to come up with the upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding through the Eco HighBank system, Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Advanced Partnership, Advanced Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.
2019 Q3
Procedure for Marketing Promotion Through the Launch of the HighBank Eco System
Decision on decentralization driven by the community, HighBank’s powerful marketing strategy for the upcoming ICO
2019 Q4
Launch of the HighBank Decentralized Beta Exchange
Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with advanced Partnership & product Marketing
2020 Q1
Decentralized HighBank Exchange in Production
Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with sustainable partnerships & product marketing
2020 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Consortium System
HighBank’s powerful consortium system to provide a successful strategy through aggregating various ICO platforms.
2020 Q3
Opening of the HighBank R & D Center
HighBank’s offline and online community center with R & D centers around the world.
2020 Q4
Launch of Beta Mainnet Version
Launch of Mainnet Beta Version of the HighBank Blockchain Platform
2021 Q1
HighBank Blockchain Mainnet Platform in Production
Migration of ERC20 HighBank Tokens to the HighBank Blockchain Platform


All HighBank Resources:

Website: https://highbank.io/

Whitepaper: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighBank.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/highbank

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighBank19

Medium: https://medium.com/@highbank2018

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HighBank_

Github: https://github.com/HighBankio

Telegram: https://t.me/HIGH888

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highbankio


Username : daryono bewok

Bitcointalk profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2161675

ETH address : 0x588b98cF65593C24E4462a4d7C5210b03165DFb0


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