HighBank makes a biological community based on Blockchain

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Creative energy has allowed us to speculate about what other people consider and feel, eternal status and also want to know at the forefront of our thinking and even to make life fully created; and we have since shown a desire to register innovations in the administration. We have used expertise, music, books, films, TV, and now on the Internet to push ourselves innovatively into the places and lives of others. Furthermore, the long-term ascent of interpersonal communication has just developed our imaginative capacity by allowing us to cast parts of our own lives that are torturous, sad, sad, wasteful, customary into the commotion, welcome others to our place when we are welcomed into their lives. The symbol seems to be the next stage that is smart,
If you are a Cryptocurrency merchant scan, you might already get some answers regarding algorithmic exchanges. If you are a respectable new dealer, you might have overthrown the idea as too wrong. This is inspiring news: You don’t have to be an experienced or reasonable computerized money trader to create algorithmic exchange strategies. Because the introduction of bots is amazing, but it is easy to send bots, novice traders approach the focal point offered by algorithmic techniques.
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HighBank makes the leading biological Blockchain-based community necessary to allow crypto networks to add and expand their portfolios in unstable crypto commercial centers. They changed the establishment of the crypto market to create a viable exchange environment that helped to receive cryptographic forms of money.
Their stage will be based on Ethereum Blockchain and will be a crypto carpentry stage housed in Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO List, ICO Launch, and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline focus groups, and Blockchain Consultations, and Blockchain Consultations.
What do they offer?
They offer 6 different efforts that you can do:
Decentralized Wallet
Decentralized Exchange
Post ICO stage
Crowdfunding stage
Offline and Online people group network experts.
A network driven by decentralization of advertising and organizational affiliation.
Benefits of HIGHBANK
The market-driving stage is put together and it makes it difficult for bold blockchain-based to develop and offer benefits. This produces:
Misuse of intensity
The sole purpose of disappointment
There is no agreement
HighBank allows you to register ICO for audits, advise their specialists, utilize their dashboards to monitor and advertise your images, send tokens and appreciate the benefits of decentralized trade. Their important advantages are:
There is no system downtime
Experts are spread on the system
Blame the opposition
Road 1 – 20 March 21 March – 9 April 10 April – 30 April
1. Availability and reach
Another goal behind the more prominent availability is the use of digital money while subsidizing a business. The preferred important point of view is that the exchange fee is cut off completely and the exchange is completed briefly. In addition, there is no topographic limit for having crypto tokens.
2. Prizes
with each speculation, ICO speculators get their offer in an effort and are paid as far as tokens. The more you contribute the higher the prize you will get.
In most crowdfunding efforts, you only give business or you just give it. This is often appalling for novice speculators who up to now have a limited money supply.
however, this ICO is amazing because it allows you to replace your token with a couple that can be accessed and pulled back at whatever point you need. That not only gives speculators the feeling that everything is fine with the world but supports the possibility of flooding money for business owners.
They have their own digital money trading that you can use to trade your tokens.


Name: HighBank (HIGH)
Contract Address: 0x1354c8C1A66C2573Ce9cC3e92e98D17869501A46
Explorer Token: Click Here to See in Etherscan
Accepted Purchase Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard Cap 40,000,000 USD
Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
Price Tokens 1.00 USD
Total Token Supply: 100 Million
New Token Emission: No (Fixed Supply)
Key Your Customer (KYC): Yes
Min Purchase Cap: 50 Tokens
Limits Purchases Maximum : Unlimited
White List: No.

Tokens Offered

40 Million HIGH
Blockchain Platform
Ethereum Mainnet

Token distribution

5 Days After Sales Tokens End


We accept : BTC, ETH, LTC.


Token distribution
40% of
Management, R & D
Team & Advisor
10% reserve
Marketing & Promotion
40% Sales Token Program
31% Staffing
10% marketing
9% Operating Cost
6% Consultation
4% legal


For the time to dedicate the High Crying eco crypto system to this ordinary world
2018 Q3
Concept Generation
The initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & assembly of the minimum business team
2018 Q4
The strategic plan
Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with HighBank token creation
2019 Q1
Initial Coins (ICO) Offer
HighBank Partner Systems in operation, Wallets are decentralized with the upcoming ICO list on the HighBank platform with partnerships that are increasingly developing with other Blockchain startups
2019 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Crowdfunding Platform
Ability to come up with the upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding through the Eco HighBank system, Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Advanced Partnership, Advanced Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.
2019 Q3
Procedure for Marketing Promotion Through the Launch of the HighBank Eco System
Decision on decentralization driven by the community, HighBank’s powerful marketing strategy for the upcoming ICO
2019 Q4
Launch of the HighBank Decentralized Beta Exchange
Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with advanced Partnership & product Marketing
2020 Q1
Decentralized HighBank Exchange in Production
Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with sustainable partnerships & product marketing
2020 Q2
Launch of the HighBank Consortium System
HighBank’s powerful consortium system to provide a successful strategy through aggregating various ICO platforms.
2020 Q3
Opening of the HighBank R & D Center
HighBank’s offline and online community center with R & D centers around the world.
2020 Q4
Launch of Beta Mainnet Version
Launch of Mainnet Beta Version of the HighBank Blockchain Platform
2021 Q1
HighBank Blockchain Mainnet Platform in Production
Migration of ERC20 HighBank Tokens to the HighBank Blockchain Platform


All HighBank Resources:

Website: https://highbank.io/

Whitepaper: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighBank.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/highbank

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighBank19

Medium: https://medium.com/@highbank2018

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HighBank_

Github: https://github.com/HighBankio

Telegram: https://t.me/HIGH888

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highbankio


Username : adam sukses

Bitcointalk profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1958433

ETH address : 0x5f3f4Bb6EA24D1B188Ee0457a5B807D5fbf043A0


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