HIVE POWER – Decentralized Energy with Blockchain

What is Hive Power
The Hive Power project allows participants to create common energy, where everybody will benefit. Hive Power will represent a group of communities on a territorial basis. This simplifies the process of electricity exchange, ensures stability and monopoly absence.

The platform will give an opportunity to create and manage electricity communities. In such communities, people will be able to exchange and share electricity at their own tariffs. This gives the end user the choice of the energy supplier, which should help optimize resources and more profitable offers in terms of the market competition.

Such technologies as Blockchain will allow participants to safely buy and sell electricity to each other at low transaction costs, and use distributed energy storage systems (DESS).

Electricity can be sold, bought or exchanged. For example, today you have a surplus, you give it, and tomorrow, if you lack it (for example, at night or on cloudy days) – someone will share the electricity with you. Batteries can be used to optimize the self-service capability of the network. Payment will be made by means of tokens of Hive (HVT).

Hive Power Vision

Our vision is to give everybody the likelihood to make and oversee electrical energy communities on the Etherum blockchain, making a universe of shared energy for a brighter future. The power area is confronting a worldview change, moving from a unified approach with huge power plants (hydro, coal, gas and atomic) driving the energy market to a decentralized situation receiving circulated energy assets (DER, for example, sun oriented and wind.

Advantages of the Platform

Structure straightforwardness;

  • Reliability of the framework and the failure to meddle with the task of the framework through decentralization;
  • Absence of mediators, for example, city electric systems;
  • Fast exchanges;
  • Openness and mix for outsider makers (both equipment and programming);
  • Wide and available vitality framework;
  • Low cost of power;
  • Autonomy;
  • Environmentally well disposed,
  • Promoting the presentation of sun based and wind vitality and batteries;
  • Reduction of the payback time of sustainable power sources.

How can it function?

As in reality, the Hive comprises of an arrangement of Workers who give assets to the presence of the “state”, and the Queen, who coordinates and facilitates them.

Specialists comprise of brilliant meters with Blockchain correspondence, that enables its clients to take part in the neighborhood advertise and connect with them by methods for client application.

The administration of the hives is done with the assistance of chairman’s application (Admin), which gives access to a keen contract called Beekeeper.

The Hive stage token (HVT) gives access to the highlights of the hive. For this reason, there was created the Hive Power/HONEY calculation.

The stage has dynamic calculations for computing power utilization. This is greatly advantageous, since it considers genuine utilization and adjust yet not the normal, it will permit to lessen misfortunes and increment benefits. How about we put it like this, in the event that you cleared out for the end of the week and the heap on the system has diminished, the framework will contemplate this and uncover overabundance vitality. Or then again, despite what might be expected, if the heap is higher today, at that point you won’t have the capacity to give much vitality to deal.

Not at all like other trade showcase conspires, the Hive Power stage additionally considers specialized angles, for example, links, power, and voltage limits, to give an ideal answer for the set objectives.

The venture has alternatives for adaptable and rigid modification of vitality appropriation, contingent upon the capacity of makers to store it and have conceded loads.

ICO Details

Platform – Ethereum

Dates of tokensele – June 12th – 30th, 2018

Name of the token – HVT

The total number of tokens – 100 million.

The price of 1 ICO token – $ 0.25. USA

Soft cap – 1 million USD

Hard cap – 11 million USD

Team Success


The Hive Power platform is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The goal of Hive Power is to make energy sharing communities where all participants are bound to have the benefit of the participation, reaching at an equivalent time a technical and monetary optimum for the entire community. The Hive Token (HVT) will act as the fuel in this energy-related Crypto Project

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