In modern day society, individuals still find it very difficult to get bank loans in order to get a covering as important as a home, may be due to bad credit history of these individuals, or it could be as a result of them not having collaterals or assets enough for a bank to lend them money. Statistics has proven to show that even in developed countries, a considerable amount of people do not have homes to stay due to various tangible /intangible reasons also ranging from banks not having enough confidence in them to enable a secured approval for them to have a home. Also, it’s no news that such challenges affect man mentally in an adverse manner.
In any case, there is no case that can be considered totally sad on the grounds that you can simply locate an alternate arrangement with a team of experienced experts working tirelessly in the real estate field over 10years ago giving out real estate loans with a license for microfinance activity from the ministry of Finance, Russian Finance Federation without doubt for more than 4 years and still counting with an history of IT development for over 5years, this unique team of experts are known as HOME LOANS which gives a lasting solution to this persistent challenges.
HOME LOANS is a stage for interest in advances secured by land far and wide that has come to put the challenges emanating from getting a home to an end by just one click on your mobile phone. Home loans completely changes the type of transactions with real estate and property rights when compared with the recent happenings.
Home Loans has staged a peer-to-peer lending on Ethereum using blockchain technology that makes it easier for everyone to purchase their own property and also tokenize it based on the Ethereum stage using a cryptocurrency called HLCoin.
HOME LOANS stage utilizes complex calculations to foresee reliability of all clients and in only 20 minutes a borrower can get their first the principal credit to buy land in his/her life just from their cell phone.
All clients have a capacity to pay less intrigue and have a higher credit assessment, on the off chance that they utilize the Home Loan platform more frequently. All collected Big Data and Credit Histories are put away on the Blockchain. A large number of speculators approach a large number of new clients that we bring into the world economy and a great many individuals will have the chance to buy a property anyplace on the surface of the earth.
Today, every person with the age above 18 will have the opportunity to buy their own housing by having only a smartphone and mobile application HOME LOANS.
Home Loans calls on investors to own their own HLCoin without resorting to middle men in the peer-to-peer transactions. Peer-to-peer lending (or person-to-person lending, peer-to-peer investing, social lending, P2P lending) is the lending to individuals by individuals without the involvement of traditional financial players such as banks. Such lending will occur via the HOME LOANS online-platform using various credit and financial verification tools, as well as its own scoring system. This platform will not depend on the economic factors of the different states and as the result; it won’t influence the purchase of the housing or the borrower even if the house and borrower are located in different states.
With Home Loans, it is no longer complex or impossible for individuals/clients to obtain mortgages, because Home Loans specifically focuses on providing optimal solutions for her clients/investors using loans based on smart contracts due to its transparent and reliable credit history, as clients gets the highest quality service as an offer.

There are numerous benefits that the Home Loan investors stands to gain ranging from Possibilities to invest in loans secured by real estate, to getting the right to partake in fast and secured transactions where the property is cheaper than the market worth, to getting a token provided with real assets with less volatility and also the right to collective lending for large/ expensive real estate.
The ability of borrowers to earn HLCoin for loan repayment. Yes, it’s real! Via the mobile application -HOME LOANS-
Clients are provided with the international lending platform for real estate HOME LOANS ranging from Loans for housing under construction, to Loans for secondary housing, alongside Loans for commercial real estate to Loans for land purchase and loans for own property. Meanwhile the borrower must be above 18 and up 65 years (at the end of the loan) as early repayment from first month are without commissions.


  1. In the mobile application HOME LOANS, the borrower leaves an application for a loan (the type of loan, the required amount, as well as the property for which the loan is taken, country, city).
  2. The scoring program checks the borrower and the employees of HOME LOANS (in franchisee countries) object real estate on the legal purity. In countries where the registering authority on the block chain is a distributed register.
  3. This information is exposed in an open form to the platform for investors and in particular the type of loan, amount, collection period, real estate object (after verification), and the scoring result of the borrower (without borrower’s personal data).
  4. Collection of HLCoin in temporary storage (from 1 to 3 days). In fact, HOME LOANS buys from investors HLCoin at the exchange rate for the loan.

After collecting the required amount of HLCoin (at the exchange rate, in case of volatility or shortage of tokens – compensation and difference by a smart contract is taken from the Guarantee Fund):
Loans can be given to both clients who lives in states where crypto currency is legalized and to those who live in states where crypto currency is legalized. Just get details from the HomeLoans website: http://home-loans.io.



• Loans for secondary housing
• Loans for housing under construction
• Loans for commercial real estate
• Loans for own property
• Loans for land purchase

• HOME LOAN is a way to the international market
• It creates an international loan platform by using open-source resources that is based on blockchain technology
• It provides private investors with access to large amounts of data
• It enables investors to; invest in real estate secured loans, gives investors the right to participate in fast transactions, investors will get a token provided with real assets, it gives investors the right to purchase and use HOME LOANS assets i.e unredeemed real estate, investors will get the right to collective lending for large / expensive real estate
• It enables borrowers to earn HLCoin for loan repayment



Home Loans benefits its user/clients in various ways as it paves way in creating the crypto ecosystem known as the HOME Loans for the crypto community with a prospect in integrating high tech products such as Everex, Civic and Cosmos. It attracts new and returning customers through Homeloans for business, enables people to buy property without using traditional methods like banks. It enables its own system for loan repayment without using fiat money. It also puts smiles in the faces of business owners with its platform known as Home LOANS for Business (Attracting new and returning old customers). Also with the Home LOANS for People: this gives people the opportunity to buy property without resorting to traditional methods like banks. With the Market growing demands, Home LOANS also has a platform for business scaling where develop business develop algorithms in new countries and this platform is known as HOME LOANS for Local Partners.



  1. The first stage of the project is the Pre-ICO HLCoin Token which will start on November 29 and end on December 29, during this period the price is going to be the following: 1 HLCoin = 0.5 $ +50% bonus The collected money on the Pre-ICO will go to the ICO advertising campaign and creation of a prototype platform and mobile application HOME LOANS.
  2. The second stage of the crowdsale project. During crowdsale investors can purchase HLCoin Token at a fixed rate using the US dollar (USD), Bitcoin, Ethereum. 1 HLCoin = 1 $ + bonuses
  3. During crowdsale HLCoin will compile a limited number of 150,000,000 tokens and be sold at a fixed price. The total time interval of crowdsale is 30 days. The primary offer of HOME LOANS tokens and the corresponding process of creating tokens will be based on the use of “smart contracts” launched on the basis of Ethereum. Name of the tokens: HLC The total volume of issued tokens: 150,000,000 HLC. Total amount during the initial sale: 120,000,000 HLC. Guarantee fund: 30 000 000 HLC Tokens that will be not sold during the initial offer will be destroyed. Objectives: Minimum of 500 000 and maximum of 50 million US dollars. Original price: the price of the token is fixed at the level of 1 US dollar – 1 HLC token.


Twitter campaign – 17%
Bitcointalk Support campaign – 20%
YouTube Subscription Company – 5%
Creative support of the project – 10%
Facebook campaign – 17%
Bitcointalk Signatures campaign – 20%
Campaign for publishing information in the media – 11%


Token distribution:
Founders – 8%
Advisers – 4%
Bounty – 3%
Investors – 85%
Bonuses to the first investors during the initial offering of the tokens (additional tokens added to the purchase):
PRE-ICO – bonus + 50%
1-3 days – bonus + 25%
3-9 days – bonus + 20%
9-18 days – bonus + 10%
18-31 days – bonus + 5%


  1. 2005 – Start of work real estate agent
  2. 2011 – Opening his own real estate Agency
  3. 2013 – Obtaining license for microfinance activities
  4. 2013 – Loans secured by real estate
  5. 2013 – Scaling organizations
  6. 2017 August – Сoncept Decentralization
  7. 2017 September – Preparation for PRE-ICO
  8. 2017 October – Project publication/marketing
  9. 2017 November – PRE-ICO 2017 December Development of a
    platform on the blockchain
  10. 2018 January – ICO
  11. 2018 February – Stock exchange listings
  12. 2018 March – 2020…. First customers first lending ZOOMING AROUND THE WORLD TOUR.



Valentina Katz – CEO & Founder
Irina Mandrik – CEO & Co-Founder
VyacheslavStrekalev – CIO
Alexander Ermakov – CIO
Sergey Otchesov – CMO
Oleg Milter – CMO
Luba Katz – CFO
Please feel free to visit our website and whitepaper for more information about the homeloans project and also connect with other participants across the globe by joining our different social media. Thanks for your time.

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2479111.0
Website: http://home-loans.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/HomeLoansENG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HomeLoansCoin/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeLoans-1718926604819378/
Whitepaper: http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1041062


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