HOME LOANS is an accomplished group that has been working in the field of land for over 10 years and particularly with the land credits for over 4 years (permit for microfinance action from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation from 2013) and in IT advancement for more than 5 years chose to make the HOME LOANS stage.


The reason of making HOME LOANS stage

I. The level of the economy

ii. Renegotiating rate

Iii.The inside directions of banks

iv. The quantity of defaults, the age of the borrower, and so forth.

Proposed benefits.
HOME LOANS for the crypto community: Creation of a crypto-ecosystem.
Our goal is to help private investors and business working on the basis of blockchain technology to significantly expand its client base by accessing our real estate lending platform and mobile marketing for business. According to our long-term strategy, HOME LOANS should become part of the cryptosystem. In the future, we are considering integration with the following hightech products:

Cross-border payment system. Supply of crypto funds for borrowers.

Improvement of the procedure for identification and verification of borrowers.

The network and infrastructure for interaction between the blockers.

HOME LOANS for business: attracting new and returning old customers.

The business model is extremely simple. Service (mobile application HOME LOANS) leads the client to the partner (counterparty). If the client makes a purchase or uses the service then the seller returns a part of the amount in HLCoin (provided free of charge to the platform) to the customer (borrower) as Cashback, and in traditional money to the account of HOME LOANS. This motivates borrowers to come to our partners and make purchases — mobile lid generator. Now business does not need to spend huge money on advertising to attract customers — they will come themselves.

HOME LOANS for people.

It gives people the opportunity to buy property without resorting to traditional methods like banks. The platform has its own scoring system which analyzes borrower’s credit history and analyzes HLCoin production in the mobile application HOME LOANS. It gives better chances for the borrower whose credit history was damaged due to circumstances beyond his control.

HOME LOANS for local partners: global business scaling.

We developed business development algorithms in new countries which are based on our work experience and extensive studies of markets and legal segments. We are going to launch an international franchise after launching the platform. We will share with our franchisees all necessary market research, knowledge of risk management, know-how in the field of loan assessment.


ICO Information & Team

To allow people to make a contribution to the development of the platform they are issuing HL tokens to the public. A total of 150,000,000 HL tokens are available for public sale. 85% of tokens will be distributed to the investors. One HLC token is equal to one dollar. Bonus exists for early investors.


The funds collected will be utilised for the development and promotions of the platform. Their main objective is to have more people participating in the process. The team consists of experts from the real estate and technology. They are determined to create a sustainable solution to the problem.


The primary objective of the platform is to provide secure and transparent service, where anyone from any part of the world has an equal opportunity of getting a home loan. The international real estate community can find itself in a stable future of Real estate business once they move to HOMELOANS platform. The entire ecosystem of investors, lenders, insurance companies and buyers will be immensely benefitted from the application of HOMELOANS platform.

Website: http://home-loans.io/

Whitepaper: http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf

BitcoinTalk profile link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790826


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