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hello what’s up this time I will discuss the new product ie HOME LOANS where HOME LOANS has many advantages that you can enjoy HOME LOAND is a new innovation for a good future. For more details please read our article

HOME LOANS is an accomplished group that has been working in the field of genuine home for over 10 years (www.glr38.ru) and particularly with the land loans for over 4 years (permit for microfinance action from the Service of Back of the Russian Alliance from 2013) and in IT advancement for more than 5 years (http://strekalev.ru/) chose to make the HOME LOANS platform.

The reason of making HOME LOANS platform

As of late, borrowers are confronting the issue of getting a home loan for the buy of the lodging. There are no official purposes behind refusals yet there are a considerable measure of such dissents even with individuals who have a perfect record of loan repayment. The reasons might be unique yet the most widely recognized are the level of the economy, renegotiating rate, the inner directions of banks, the quantity of defaults, the age of the borrower, and so on.


Our Objective

Formation of a universal platform for Distributed loaning on Ethereum Square Chain, utilizing our own HLCoin’s digital money to loan individuals to buy land far and wide at the very least financing cost from private speculators without turning to middle people in the deal and buy of shared P2P (peer-topeer) exchanges. Everybody who possesses HLCoin is a speculator.

Shared loaning (or individual to-individual loaning, distributed contributing, social loaning, P2P loaning) is the loaning to people by people without the association of customary monetary players, for example, banks.

Such loaning will happen by means of the HOME LOANS online-platform utilizing different credit and money related check instruments, and its own scoring framework. This platform won’t rely upon the financial variables of the distinctive states and as the outcome, it won’t impact the buy of the lodging or the borrower regardless of whether the house and borrower are situated in various states.The world market of p2p-loaning which is connected with the transformation in fund is going to triple by 2020 and reach $ 286 billion.

HOME LOANS will be an effortlessly open budgetary platform through which individuals from everywhere throughout the world can change over their investment funds into HLCoin cash upheld by a land for a potential yield from land loaning, property buy and security their pay from swelling.

Each HLCoin speaks to a piece of solid interests in unallocated loans secured by land, which permits individuals from everywhere throughout the world to change over their nation’s money into a digital money that is impervious to swelling. Clients can promptly change over their cash to HLCoin and back, and make any buys paying little heed to cost.Due to an open door for savvy contracts and imaginative financing platforms for land loans, HLCoin will lessen costs and enhance the speed of customary business in loaning on the security of land and wipe out the requirement for outsiders participation.In the long haul viewpoint, we will have the capacity to help each of the 1.6 billion individuals who do not have their own particular lodging and help each one of those individuals who are denied by banks for some reason by incorporating them in another worldwide decentralized cryptosystem.

In the meantime, a lot of information will be accumulated and mirror the requirements of clients and their conduct on the system. Aggregate utilize and trade of these information will enable private financial specialists around the globe to adequately contribute their assets; insurance agencies will have the capacity to draw in new clients, and borrowers will have the capacity to purchase land on great terms and to pay out loans without utilizing the conventional money.


  1. In the versatile application HOME LOANS, the borrower leaves an application for an advance ( the kind of credit, the required sum, and also the property for which the advance is taken, nation, city).
  1. The scoring program checks the borrower and the representatives of HOME LOANS (in franchisee nations) protest land on the legitimate virtue. In nations where the enlisting specialist on the piece chain is an appropriated enroll.
  1. This data is uncovered in an open shape to the platform for speculators and specifically the sort of credit, sum, gathering period, land protest (after confirmation), the scoring aftereffect of the borrower (without borrower’s close to home information).
  1. Accumulation of HLCoin in impermanent capacity (from 1 to 3 days). Truth be told, HOME


LOANS purchases from financial specialists HLCoin at the swapping scale for the advance.

more information :

Website: http://home-loans.io/

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2479111.0



Whitepaper: http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf

AUTHOR : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1821662


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