Homelend can be found online on Homelend.io, which is a platform for lump-sum unsecured lenders. Yes, as if we had P2P loan platforms for smaller loans and offers, we now have lending platforms for larger loans, such as home loans. Homelend’s goal is to break the global real estate loan market by $ 31 trillion. As of April 2018, Homelend is still preparing for the debut. They have published an online newspaper and seem to be preparing for the sale of the token in the near future.

How does Homelend work? 
Homelend is building an unrivaled and decentralized mortgage loan platform that will have two main objectives: 
• Modernizing aging mortgage systems to make it more efficient, economical and customer focused. 
• Expanding home ownership opportunities for a new generation of borrowers, respecting their lifestyle and needs
To achieve these goals, Homelend will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to bring the parties together in a hierarchical market. Individual borrowers and lenders will be able to interact on the Homelands market. Homelend will be a terminal system to manage all phases of the mortgage process – from the first stages of the application to the final phase of the final mortgage payment.
The Homelands ecosystem revolves around Homelend Token, or HMD. Borrowers will be able to access three different types of P2P loans on a Homelike basis, including community mobilization, pooling and auctioning. In each of these loan arrangements, financial flows are controlled and executed by intelligent contracts without intermediaries or financial intermediaries. Each financing method can also divide a loan into “slices”.
Community mobilization: community funding is the simplest method of financing on Homelend. Potential creditors can find investment opportunities in the form of “mortgage” pips. The borrower’s loan will be divided into smaller fractions, and smaller lenders can offer a mortgage loan (in cash) in exchange for a fixed rate based on mortgage conditions.
Synthetic approach: giving economic flexibility to the Homelend loan system. With aggregate methods, lenders can invest money through smart contracts before a specific mortgage has been pre-approved. Investors are still buying several “slices” of mortgages, although smart contracts allow lenders to buy before the loans are approved.
Auction mode: allows investors to bid on different mortgages as investment opportunities. For example, you might find buyers with good credit ratings that offer generous interest. You compete with other investors to provide a portion of that mortgage loan. The main difference with the auction method is that there is no financial buffer involved in this process. The advantage is that lenders can provide borrowers with better conditions than those that are pre-approved by the foundation if they choose to do so.

Features and Benefits of Homelend 
Rational and Effective: Today’s mortgage registration process is manual and long. Homelend wants to use blockchain and smart offers to make it accessible and effective. Homelend will integrate the default business logic into smart contracts, digitize documents and eliminate unnecessary processes. Homelend specifically aims to reduce the mortgage investment process from start to finish from 50 days to less than 20 days. 
Transparent and easy to use:Homelend tries to eliminate the vague and ambiguous mortgage registration process of today and replace it with a transparent and user-friendly process. Homelend will create a simple, fair and equitable loan process that will allow borrowers to easily apply for loans, monitor their application status at all times and interact directly with lenders. mutual. 
Convenient without means of communication: Homelend will introduce an economically advantageous request process for mortgages. Blockchain will replace the intermediaries, providing a way for the two sides to distrust each other. All transaction data will be recorded in the blockchain, allowing borrowers and lenders to maintain maximum transparency throughout the transaction.
Reliable and secure: Homelend aims to use the blockchain to process mortgage data in a more reliable, transparent and secure way than ever before.

Homelend Tokens Homcoend
ICOs or HMDs are Ethereum-based ERC20 tags. The presale for cards starts on March 1, 2018. From April 2018, one day was not announced to the public. 
There are a total of 250 million HMD cards. The token value is 1 ETH = 1600 HMD. Homelend created a large sum of $ 30 million for the sale of the token. 
Of the total source code provided, 36% was allocated for public sale, 28% for sale, 20% for the reserve, 8% for advice and bonuses and 8% for founders. 

For more information:

WebSitе :  https://homelend.io/

ANNthread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3407541

Whitepaper:    https://homelend.io/files/Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram   https://t.me/CSBounty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMDHomelend/

Twitter   https://twitter.com/homelendhmd

My Bitcointalk profile link – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1182404


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