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      here Kevin Carey, author of The End of College: Creating Future Learning and Universities Anywhere, a world where the rigid four-tier school post-school model and related student debt burden fades into the past. Kevin Carey predicts when higher education into an affordable and lifelong intellectual and practical enrichment process shaped by one’s professional and personal aspirations. For example major international publications such as Forbes magazine, The Washington Post and The Economist have estimated global education markets worth $ 4.6 trillion to $ 6 trillion for technology disruptions. The ODEM analysis shows that higher education is vulnerable due to increased college tuition and student debt burdens, the unjustified amount of time required to earn a degree and incompatibility between college training and job skills demanded by employers. After assessing the weaknesses of higher learning, the ODEM team concludes a solution lies in the On-Demand Education Marketplace, or the so-called ODEM. The platform is a single, accessible, and distributed network that allows students to interact with their academics and academic colleagues personally, onsite, both locally and internationally to improve the quality of accessible education at an affordable cost.

in Education is a global industry. Worldwide spending rose to about $ 6 trillion in 2016
spending on higher learning is expected to increase by eight percent this year $ 2.05 trillion2
demand continues to grow year-on-year driven globally by population growth and the growing middle class in Asia and Africa. even so Shopping, students face many obstacles and limitations that reduce accessibility to experience quality education. tuition fees, student debt and layers intermediaries, including universities, closed many prospective students, ensuring it education with the highest quality is widely allocated to the global elite. For many,
higher education is not affordable, affordable and irrelevant for ever-changing students desire.
The ODEM platform has been made possible by the latest emergence blockchain technology that enables qualified and trusted members of education industry to create customized curricula and experience and offer them directly to the market. The ODEM platform further gives students more choices housing, transportation and other needs. It enables international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM will facilitate the experience of living in the classroom, supported by online capabilities. ODEM is more than just an education market. Through Ethereal based intelligence contracts, agreements between students and professors will be achieved with little possible intermediary involvement. The platform exchange utility token will act as a common currency to facilitate cross-border payments and to provide incentives to professors
to keep their programs up to date and relevant. Our dream is to make education from the world’s top educators are accessible to everyone.

The Problem/The Market Place

Lack of Access to Quality educational activity Improving accessibility means that addressing the challenges that students face in the effort a great education. we tend to acknowledge that overcoming obstacles is a crucial a part of growing up. However, we tend to conjointly believe that making a worldwide marketplace will assist students in accessing several education choices, customizing course choices, and managing the acquisition of student accommodation and transportation.\


The ODEM answer

Using the ability of blockchain technology and its sensible contract-based payment platform, ODEM can change students and professors to act directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, while not the involvement of intermediaries. Our goal is to create quality education additional accessible and cheap to a broader audience

ODEM Token

ODEM platform participants can conduct all transactions victimization the ODEMT. Payments can occur through the exchange of tokens and can adhere to the sensible contract terms and conditions. The token itself is going to be engineered on the Ethereum Token normal, conjointly called ERC 20.

The ODEM Payment entry

As illustrated in Figure 1, ODEMT should be the medium of exchange to get program merchandise and services on the ODEM platform.

The Digital pocketbook

A digital pocketbook is a web or mobile account during which users will store all payment info for ODEMT. Wallets are going to be integrated on the ODEM platform for educators, students and alternative service suppliers.

ODEM Token Sale

Proceeds from the token distribution event are going to be wont to fund the ODEM platform development, operations, legal institution, and selling. The ODEMT are going to be the native currency used for functioning and operational on the ODEM platform. In short, the most and sole purpose of the token is for the utilization of the utility services accessible on ODEM platform. ODEM reserves don’t create any claims regarding the utilization of ODEMT for the other functions. Kindly note that any info mentioned in this chapter could amendment swiftly before the launch of the most crowdsale.

The ODEM token sale can happen in 2 phases

1. Pre token sale — early adoptive parent part

The Pre Crowdsale part can begin on December 10th, 2017. within the Pre-token sale, 58,200,000 ODEMT are going to be issued at a reduced rate of €0.0375. These ODEMT are going to be issued at a twenty-five p.c bonus rate. Kindly note the bonus tokens can solely be accessible when completion of the most token sale and token generation event has occurred. there’s a minimum purchase demand of 200,000 ODEMT, per user, within the Pre-token sale part.

2. Token Sale

The main token sale can start tentatively on February 17th, 2018 and can continue until March 19th, 2018. a complete of 180 million ODEMT are going to be issued during this part. The tokens are going to be issued at, or around €0.05. Considering the very fact that the ODEM platform will solely perform optimally if the tokens are cosmopolitan, a user is going to be allowed to shop for a most of 250,000 ODEMT throughout the primary hour of the most token sale. After that, the most cap of 250,000 ODEMT is going to be praised.

Details of the Contributors

Considering the world Token Sale regime, ODEM reserves are committed to following bound best practices. The ODEM token sale would require KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) protection measures to make sure contributors will wrongfully participate in the token sale. ODEM believes in being a pacesetter within the implementation of best practices. A KYC kind is going to be accessible on the, homepage.

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