How React Js Make a Difference in Building Web Apps.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that combines the speed of JavaScript and uses a new way of rendering webpages, making them highly dynamic and responsive to users input.

It became extremely popular due to its revolutionary approach to programming user interfaces. So let’s explore how React Js is different and what benefits it brings.

Key Features of React Js

 React Js Components

Web applications UIs are usually built using templates or HTML directives but React Js follows a different approach in building user interfaces by breaking them into components.

Thus, React uses a real, full-featured programming language to render views, which we see as an advantage over templates.

Virtual DOM for Faster Development

React js make use of Virtual DOM which replaces the use of traditional DOM. In traditional JavaScript application, the main concern of DOM is that its way of responding to changes i.e., user inputs, queries, and so on.. A server constantly looks at what data changed and imperatively make changes to the DOM to keep it up-to-date. But this process is not as easy as expected.

But with the use of Virtual DOM unlike other frameworks using Real DOM, React Js really shines when your data changes over time. In order to perform updates as efficiently as possible, a minimal set of changes made by the user is updated without affecting the other parts of the interface.

Re-usability of Components

React components can be reused easily throughout the entire application which saves time in the development process. In developing, system updates are most concern thing for developers as a slight change will affect the other components in the system.

With the help of React Jsmanaging updates becomes a lot easier as all React Js components are segregated that changes made in one don’t affect others.

React Native

React Native is a Javascript framework which lets you build native apps based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

With React Native Framework, you can render UI for both iOS and Android platforms. Facebook also made React Native open-source, with the idea of compatibility with other platforms like Windows or tvOS in the near future.

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