How the EMPIREHOTELS platform works

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About the EMPIREHOTELS Platform
EMPIREHOTELS is the ultimate platform for users to book both rooms and experiences across the globe. Our platform provides an easy way to check-in/check-out and is fully prepared for the future of room automation.
How does it work?
Hotel owners install the app and add their properties to the platform. By doing so, they become available for business immediately. It’s as simple as that.
Simple, easy, and fun.
Users can browse for hotels and experiences nearby. They can place bookings using both fiat and EMPIRECASHs — our digital asset.
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Truly empowering hotels.
Even though there are no fees for the registration, a small fee — the smallest on the market — is added to each transaction in order to make the platform viable. Affordable fees for owners; lower prices for users.
Revolutionising the Hospitality Industry
Our developers took care of every little step during the app development process. We want to give the best experience to our users.
Initial Coin Offering


Exchanges Where You Can Find Us

Protocol: ERC20

Purchase methods: BTC, ETH, LTC


USA, Iran and North Korea are not allowed to participate

Personal cap is 0.01ETH — unlimited

Bonus system available for early investors

New token emissions are disabled

Whitelist Available

KYC required




First Draft of the Idea – November 2017

The first idea for the app and the platform was designed. Even though this idea has changed over time, it was in November 2017 that we first discussed the development of this project.

Smart-Contract Design – March 2018

The smart-contract development and audit is a crucial stage in the process of an ICO. During this stage, the crypto-economics, figures, and supply were defined.

Whitepaper Development – March 2018

The whitepaper describes the technology and the features of our apps and platform, as well as the plans for the future.

Website + Dashboard Development – June 2018

The website and dashboard for the wallet was developed using the most modern technologies, and was repeatedly tested on many different devices.

ICO Phase – Commenes in January 2019

The ICO Phase will commence in January 2019 and will be split into three parts: Pre-ICO (pre sale), Phase 1, and Phase 2.

App Launch for Android and iOS – April 2019

The first version of the app will not be beta; it will be fully operational. This version will have all the features enabled from day one and will be updated over time.

EMPIRECASH Pay Launch – July 2019

This feature, scheduled for July 2019, will provide a tool for users to pay via contactless using their phones, whilst withdrawing from their available EmpireCash coins.

Core Team

Advisory Board


With this innovation, travellers can easy have the solutions to the issue they encounter in booking accommodations in the their countries and also in foreign nations. Empire hotels provides that luxury and establish this same quality everywhere as long as this platform gets adopted there. All its provisions will serve the users and assist in setting the perfect standard for hospitality in every part of the world such that no issues will spring up again. Now it is sure that all the hotel owners won’t find it interesting again to stick to the old style of providing all the services provided so they will embrace this new strategy and do better than before. Now travellers won’t be bothered about anything again apart from them choosing where they wish to have their accommodations.

As I said before, the premise of everything will be an inside token, with which anybody can pay for their booking, wherever he went. This marker has an extremely short name (EMPC), yet a profound importance. In the first place, with the assistance of a token, you can affirm your booking inside Empire Hotels, yet additionally get extra advantages from the designers for the way that you simply keep a specific measure of coins in your wallet for quite a while. Furthermore, the EMPC token can be effectively changed over into Fiat and other well known digital money monetary forms, which will normally extend the association between all members of the Empire Hotels framework.

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