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Howdoo Social Media Application with AI Features

We know AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology today is a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and can simplify in all things in processing a data. Howdoo provides artificial intelligence to the system, so users will be provided with new experiences when connecting with others. The experience given will be different from other social media applications. Blockchain technology is also available in the Howdoo application, it will make the social application howdoo complete and more sophisticated to meet your social media needs.

Howdoo Delivers the Best Features

Some of the features that are presented in the application howdoo will be very useful for users

  • Howdoo has decentralized with blockchain ethereum and all transactions will be secure by using smart contracts.
  • Multi Wallet Can keep your crypto asset safely
  • Micropayment
  • Social gaming interaction for gamers
  • Stealth mode
  • Live Stream to Live via the Howdoo app like any other social media.
  • Multi languages ​​that will make it easier to use the Howdoo App in some countries
  • E-Commerce gives you the facility to make purchases and sales of goods online easily and safely using Token Howdoo (μDoo).


Howdoo utilizes blockchain-based social networking communities that are given financial incentives whose goal is to allow customers to get a share of the ad sales that result from their contributions to the network. these will be people who are not bound to build and participate in groups of friends, household members, fellow players and followers, and to interact with them through messages, reporting, giving tips and payments, to create a much larger meaning, engagement relevant and useful.


How can that be all about participation. Howdoo will stimulate, inspire, and present it. But most importantly, Howdoo plans to release it, allowing every consumer to control their personal data, and to make the most of their online presence. Each step and contribution will receive reasonable compensation, supported by the next generation of solution tools for online payments and wealth sharing to inspire fair value distribution across the network.


While Ethereum remains the most widely adopted blockchain platform to help wise contracts, it has recently been limited in throughput (TPS). The first version of Howdoo can be implemented on Ethereum, in the hope that the Ethereum fate model will work towards and gain superior scalability. In an unlikely opportunity, the Ethereum community does not discuss the scale necessary to help the alternative Howdoo, Blockchain technology or DAG


User Interface Howdoo

The user interface that is owned by the Howdoo app is very user friendly or easy to use for a novice user.

At the top there is a camera button that can be used to take photos and immediately post on your dashboard. Another person’s photo status view is displayed grid with status and username under photo.

In the bottom menu there are 5 buttons:

  •  Social
  • To see what happens all over the world in the howdoo app
  • Trending
  • Provide current trending information by searching for information using #tag, with username, can find channel and topic and reconnect and subscribe to other kea kun.
  • Stories
  • Share your story public or private in the form of images, text or in the form of stickers. The best way to express yourself.
  • Activities Provide information of your activities every day in an uptodate about social media history  
  • Connect
  • Connect with friends and relatives by using the video call, voice, text, sticker and emoji features provided.

Sales Token

Howdoo uses blockchain ethereum ERC20 with the name of the token μDoo used for payment or purchase on the howdoo network.Totoal Howdoo toggle supplement is 888.888.888. as much as 38.5% will be allocated to the public including with bounty.Servers can use BTC, ETH or LTC.


Teams and Advisors 

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