Howdoo: A New Kind of Messaging

Howdoo is a decentralized gregarious stage for clients, content engenderers, and publicists. Intended to animate more prevalent confide in, receptiveness, and straightforwardness, the stage rewards and engages the clients, content engenderers, and groups that frame the genuine estimation of any gregarious system. It’s tied in with giving clients perfect control over their own information, and the winnow of regardless of whether to adapt such bits of knowledge; it’s tied in with giving the practical to evaluate the trust and notoriety of data sources; it’s tied in with moving substance engenderers, giving them the competency to keep up responsibility for resources over all outsider channels, and the chance to get a reasonable return for their endeavors; and it’s tied in with allowing sponsors to connect with willing groups of onlookers, and to boost all influencers in a straightforward and helpful mold. At the end of the day, we’re creating abilities that will on a very basic level re-shape the idea of gregarious media.

About Howdoo

The technique that will profit us arrive Imagine taking all it’s hard to believe, but it’s true about it – the competency to keep in contact with loved ones, associates and similar people, to allocate news and updates, praise winning and overcome losing – and putting that power in the hands of the general population truly using it.

Envision a decentralized stage that doesn’t adapt individual information and substance for the advantages of a couple of proprietors and investors. Or maybe it empowers all required to end up part ofafinanciallyrewardingcommunityofusers who on the whole advantage from the business practicality of the system.

Envision too a stage that compatibly compensates content engenderers for their endeavors, gives a system to followers to tip their endeavors and offers sponsors the workforce to associate specifically with their intended interest groups, and to draw in with individuals who have proactively acquiesced to expend this substance in response for a share of the general battle cost.

A stage predicated on the estimations of equipollence, honesty, and meritocracy. Where a man’s commitment is converted into quantifiable esteem. Where publicizing turns into an income stream for the individual understanding it, or essentially turned off as once huge mob. Furthermore, where the prizes for support liken to genuine riches that is endorsed to break free from the customary hindrances bypassing mazuma exchange.

The current improvement was the surrender of the main alpha item by the organization on twentieth February 2018. The guide of the item dispatch and improvement is by all accounts exceptionally elating with the offer and white paper data made accessible on their site.

With home office in the Cayman Islands, the stage expects to be more attractive, more straightforward and vote based for the ecumenical group of onlookers and upgrade their utilizer encounter went for holding the client base so once they begin using their stage they don’t move to another stage displaying brand bond.

The USP of the stage is that individual information of the utilizer can be reclaimed by them whenever. The utilizer can furthermore winnow to whom their private data must be sold, they can separate the choice of using advertisement free stage or separate which sort of promotions they want to get.

Everyone communicate with others using many social networking sits, but most of them are stealing user generated data for their own sake and also force them to view ad without giving any rewards/ incentives to the users. Moreover, user’s data is not even secure provided with much privacy. But Howdoo is the one of the platforms which provides maximum security based social-network and communicating forum.


Howdoo is a blockchain based decentralized social platform which bring backs the power of users on their own data. Their decentralization method have completely novel approach of interaction, advertisement and content creation. It let only users to have full control over their data.  The communicators of this platform are viewing advertisements and will get rewards in return.

The system runs on blockchain protocol which make sure the users are getting fair, transparent compensation. The participation and contribution can be made from any part of the world from any type of device (smartphones, desktops, tablets etc.)  Three fundamental principles of Howdoo are CONNECT, PAY & EARN. These principles are meant for bringing people of the entire globe closer, generating value added services via crypto currency and earning through shared/ created personal data.

The Howdoo’s App:

The user friendly application of this social platform let clients to share their content to experience versatile social networking, view paid ads and sell/ purchase online in secure way.  The money transfer and transactions have easy methods. The money can be transferred to every part of the world to any user of the Howdoo interaction network. This self-sustaining application makes communities of friends, co-workers and families having similar interests.

Howdoo also let the users to message each other privately.  On the other hand advertisers will also get quality traffic on their ads building direct connection between viewers and advertisers. Companies will also get direct requests of purchasing their products along with direct feedback. Users can maintain a limit of receiving ads or stop viewing ads as well they have full control over what they need to see and what not.


As mentioned above user will get reward for creating/ sharing data and viewing ads. They will get reward based on their quality and quantity of content and amount of ads they select to view. These rewards are in the form of a crypto currency aka uDOO.  This crypto token is purchased by the advertisers who invest them on viewers for promotion purposes. The incentives are created automatically using principles of decentralization. This principle’s formula is proof of contribution.


The token:

The token is the the uDoo token (ERC20 standard) which will be purchased by the advertisers to promote their advertisement, used as rewarding and bidding tool, creating e-shop and used for selling purchasing goods, payment for technical services to the platform.  A specific digital wallet will also be given to every user of this social networking platform in order to keep the tokens with the facility ofdashboard to display all the amount (both in crypto currency and fiat money forms) and transaction history.

Token purchasing:

The uDoo token is available for the purchase with the total amount of 888,888,888 uDoo token created. The presale of these tokens is starting from May 2, 2018 till 2nd June 2018. Main ICO or public sale will start after 10 days of pre-sale ending.  Advertisers are requested to purchase these tokens in order to carry on their promotion and advertisement.

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