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Good afternoon dear friends! Today our conversation with you will go about such direction as advertising in social networks. This area is relevant, because people are increasingly spending their time on social networks, thereby the efficiency of this object for advertising is very high. Every day millions of users view advertising in large volumes. At the same time, many users themselves could place it, due to the fact that they have many friends and subscribers. So this direction would also be very relevant. But, as you understand, there are big barriers, for example, it is very difficult to find people for advertising distribution, since there is no single place for such people. Similarly, the sphere itself is not very transparent. That is, to track how many times the ads were viewed and how useful it would be. In the end, these problems seriously affect this area. To solve the problem, I present to you such a wonderful project as Howdoo.

Howdoo – in its essence is a platform that will make the advertising business much more accessible and relevant. The meaning is simple, the platform provides an opportunity for interaction between users and customers, as well as distributors of advertising. This platform is decentralized and is based on such a wonderful technology as blockade.
On this platform, you can create different groups. The settings of these groups will depend only on you, that is, everything you want will be available, in other words, it also applies to confidentiality. At the same time, you can also support existing groups, as well as join them. The scale of these groups can be absolutely any, for them there are no restrictions. Also, management will be carried out in several ways. The main way is you are the main one and are at the top of the group. Or another option, in which you are an equivalent user, like everyone else, that is, simply no one is the main one. At the same time, the main goal of this project is to realize and unite all spheres of the advertising business. At its core, gather advertisers of users, customers in one place.

In this project, there will also be a social component. Something like a social network in which users can exchange messages, videos, various kinds of files, as well as pictures. What will make this project even more rich and more convenient for all its participants.

That advertising will be decided by means of universal suffrage. That is, in simple terms, your group will vote for one or another advertisement, which in future will be placed, and advertisers will compete among themselves so that their advertising is accepted for placement. As a result, words will be chosen that will become key, and then the advertisement will be posted. At the same time, participants of such communities will have special conditions for these organizations. Such as, discounts or bonuses.

Also, advertisers will be able to select the groups they need to sell their ads. This is possible due to the vastness of the full statistics of the group, which will be opened and not changed, that is, it will be transparent, without the possibility of forging for fraudulent activities. Also, advertisers will be assigned ratings, due to which they will be able to reduce the commission fee for the transaction. Above rating is lower commission. On the platform, you will also be able to transfer your finances. This action will be implemented in the internal token. But you will be able to contemplate your blood in a currency convenient for you.

Now a few words about the ICO of this platform.

The token is called: uDoo
Total number of tokens: 888 888 888 uDoo tokens.
The price will be from 0.08 $ to 0.10 $ per unit of uDoo tokens.
The main stage of sales will start on June 12, 2018.


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