The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is Howdoo, a decentralized platform for clients, content agents and publicists. A blockchain based social media and massaging platform.

The Howdoo is created as the first ever blockchain technology messaging and social media platform for users, content developers, content creators, and numerous advertisers in complete harmony and sync. This is to harness the power of creative minds in a cognitive way. It is to better drive the resilience of uniting people in a diverse-manner while leveraging on a financial way forward. Howdoo hopes and projects to take social media operations to a whole new level and dimensions for its users on the blockchain cryptocurrency coinage. The goal is to shape the way people communicate on the blockchain interface amongst themselves. It further hopes to maintain a constant flow of information and precision for businesses to interaction on a networked platform as Howdoo. The elementary or fundamental focus of Howdoo is unique and specifically formed on the users and users alone. Thus, nothing surpasses the element of communal thinking, innovation and idea sharing. This is what Howdoo represents on the cryptoblockchain market podium.


Howdoo platform was created to bring a meaningful difference to the world. Beyond being a social communication and interaction platform, Howdoo intends to revolutionize the social media by introducing the blockchain feature of decentralization in content consumption and sharing. By so doing, every participant controls how his /her contents and personal data are utilized and used for revenue generation unlike other conventional platforms where the platform owners and few influential people use personal data of users and content generated by the platform users for personal financial gain. On Howdoo, the profits generated are evenly distributed to the participants of the platform based on their choice.


Howdoo, using blockchain technology will create a decentralized network giving the platform users total control over how their contents are used and how they can be monetized. This automatically puts power back in the hands of the platform users since there is no central control. Users can earn a share of the advertising revenues generated from their contributions. On the platform, users earning capacity would majorly be based on participation; the more productive they are on the platform, the greater their earning power. Also users would be empowered with access to an ever- increasing market place for digital assets and services to enable them trade goods and do money transfers. Users who intend to start up businesses on a small scale would be able to build relationships there by growing their customer-base and even meeting other business owners with more experience whom they could learn from.


Howdoo would be a platform where users have control over their personal data and are fairly compensated based on their participation which includes any action or contribution made on the platform. The platform intends to enable users regardless of their location or device to freely and easily transfer money to friends or family members, create e- shops or purchase products and services online. Thanks to the application of blockchain technology, issues of restrictions on money transfer would be a thing of the past. With Howdoo, a feasible, self- sustaining eco-system where people are committed to supporting each other and are rewarded for their participation and contribution will be created. The Howdoo ECO Company is responsible for supporting the Howdoo ecosystem and ensuring the platform’s development is aligned to the objectives of the project.

The Benefits

The Howdoo platform apart from its focal point of making sure all users enjoy limitless benefits in its features such as decentralized nodes and artificial intelligence fills on the platform. It creates a functional way through which users can control and manage their digital footprints in general. In addition, Howdoo offers and ensures that all content developers and value creators are properly paid and rewarded for their ideas and content values. Howdoo provides also, the user power to control the number of advertising volume that is receivable on their network and further balances a re-invention of how online transactions are handled speedily online. Howdoo, as a platform helps connect advertisers to people who will listen and connect with their value content.


38.5% : Total tokens released to the public

Hard cap: $25,333,333.31

5%: Pre-sale (invite only, 12th March – 1st May 2018)

15%; Presale round price: $0.08 (2nd May – 2nd June 2018)

Minimum: $250

Hard cap: $10,666,666.66

10%: FULL ITO – level 1

Price: $0.09

Minimum: $80

Hard cap : $7,999,999.99


Price: $0.10

Minimum: $80

Hard cap: $4,444,444.44

The accepted cryptocurrencies are ETH, BTC and LTC


DECEMBER 2017: Private ALPHA release – v1.0 PAX, Aurora – Android

FEBRUARY 20, 2018: Controlled ALPHA release – v1.1, Aurora- Android

MARCH 9, 2018: Howdoo token sale announcement, ALPHA V2.0 release.

MAY 2, 2018: Howdoo token sale commences

AUGUST 2018: ALPHA V2.1 PAX, Aurora – Android, iOS, Web + setup regional development

OCTOBER 2018: BETA v22 PAX Aurora – integrated Howdoo multi crypto wallet + multilingual support + ALPHA AdAuction v1.0

DECEMBER 2018: Launch ALPHA v1 REX interactive engine, StellarSphere decentralized node operator platform, protocol + incentive scheme logical + AI engine.

JANUARY 2019: Launch BETA integrated StellarSphere and PAX Aurora + Howdoo AdAuction


David Brierly – founder and chief initiator

Tony Loan – Head of Invention

Beth Lawton – Developer

Nakul Shah – Director of R & D

Neil Harper – Chief Creative

Mark Perring – Chief Engagement Officer

James Farlow – Senior Technical Architect

Ian Gilmour – Treasury & Risk

Advisors – Brett King, Paul Mears, Edmund Buckley, Jordan Fantaay, Simon Sparks, Angelo Dodaro, Marianne Soerensen, Peter Kristensen, Ankur Maheshwari, Alan De Saram, Andy Hones

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