The emergence of cryptocurrency and the attention brought to Blockchain technology has driven almost every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating technology into their operations. Basic materials for electronics, optics, lighting and solar {PV} industries. It is used in solar elements, semiconductors, optical fibers, lenses, crucibles, telecommunications. This is an essential element for the production of any modern gadget – for example, a cell phone.

Quartz, also known as silicon dioxide or silica, SiO2, is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and occurs in many different geological settings. It is well known for its use in glass manufacturing, but also has uses in various industries that require different levels of SiO2 content.

To meet the demands of existing buyers, cover the market deficits, introduce better quality and lower cost products to the market, and apply new environmentally friendly technologies, to benefit from the huge difference between our manufacturing costs and the selling price products in the market.


HPQ Quartz is the base material for optical, electronic, and solar (PV) industries. All modern electronic gadgets utilize quartz. However, quartz is also one of the most abundant elements on earth. High Purity Quartz is the purest quartz form. It comes as a white powder with 99.995% purity of SiO2. The solar industry will take the lion’s share of the HPQ market in the future. Currently, it is dominated by the semiconductor industry.

One of the reasons for choosing HPQ to support ICO is that there is little competition globally for the quartz sector. Today, two players, who handle more than 80 percent of global production, dominate the industry. The team has taken some time to refine their technology but they believe they are now ready to disrupt the market.

The project also comes with some exceptional returns and guaranteed exit options. There is a buyback option at a predetermined price or you can redeem your investment in HPQ products. The Company guarantees both redemption and repurchase. You do not have to worry about market Volatility because the repurchase price is set in US dollars

Another benefit of being part of this project is that the project is environmentally friendly. Their method of purifying quartz does not mean removing dirt. Instead, it entails taking pure quartz from quartz sand. The reagents are then recycled and reused in the process. Their new production process leaves no waste.

When you invest in HPQ, you invest in a real industry, which you can visit, with products you can touch. Returns are also stable because quartz prices are usually quite stable globally. In addition, everything is always planned; they have industrial parks, sales teams, financial models, and more.

Another reason to participate in this project is transparency. Any potential investor can visit the physical site and view the technology. In addition, they will update regulators to investors about their progress. This new and existing technology will be used to produce pure HPQ. A qualified team that has the sole purpose of ensuring the project is successful in leading the company.

HPQ usually has a pure herb. This can be defined as having at least 99.995% of SiO2 content. However, the main focus is always on non-SiO2 content from quartz. HPQ is the base material for electronics, optics, lighting and solar (PV) industries. It is used in solar elements, semiconductors, optical fibers, lenses, crucibles, telecommunications, ETC.


A Ripe of Industries to Participate – There is limited competition in the global HPQ industry with two dominant players, Unimin and The Quartz Corp, handling over 80% of global production. We need several years to test, but now we have the technology to disrupt this industry and create a truly unique production process.

Large Returns with Guaranteed Exit Option – You can re-plan and choose one of the offered options: buy back at a set price, redeem for actual HPQ product or resell it in the market. Buyback and redemption are guaranteed by our company. You do not need to rely on the volatility of cryptocurrency because the repurchase price is already set in USD.

Innovative Green Technology – Our technology is environmentally friendly. Instead of the classical method of purifying quartz (taking dirt that produces a lot of hazardous waste), we “take” only pure quartz from raw materials that could be any quartz sand purity. The reagents are recycled and used in the production process again and again. Our unique production process leaves no hazardous waste.

Investing in a Real Industry: A real industry project you can visit and real products that you can touch. Stable and Guaranteed Returns: Repurchase guarantee and ability to redeem tokens for products. The repurchase price is determined in USD. The price of the product is also very stable – you do not have to worry about the volatility of cryptocurrency. Ready Start: Everything is ready to start – technology, team, sales, industrial parks, financial models, and detailed plans. Transparency: You can visit our office and project site at any time. In addition, we will update our investors on our progress through our websites and social media.

Unique and Exciting Technology: HPQ Technology is a new approach to producing high purity and ultra-pure quartz. HPQ has been testing this technology thoroughly over the last few years, and is very excited about the results. Strong Team: HPQ has a very experienced team to make this project a success and become one of the leading global companies in the industry.

HPQ comes in the form of a digital currency named HPQ. HPQ tokens will go on sale from June 19, 2018 to July 20, 2018, at a price of 1 HPQ equivalent to 2 USD. The purchase of token itself can be done with foreign digial currency such as ETH, BTC and LTC. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

HPQ strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project. HPQ has a very experienced and trustworthy team to make this project a global success: Chemical scientists with 30-40 years of work experience and patents in this field; more than 10 years in HPQ technology development Industrial equipment engineers have been able to upgrade technology from lab to commercial production line.

Technology consultant and equipment with more than 15 years in the field; Experienced project managers, business development managers, and financial analysts; Leaders shift; We also have experienced lawyers who will re-examine every document and maintain compliance along with the basic services provided by Industrial Park.

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Website: https://hpq.io
Whitepaper: https://hpq.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HPQ-Whitepaper-2018.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3330710.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hpq.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hpqio
Telegram: https://t.me/hpqico
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hpq-ico

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