Let’s start this review with some facts:

-There are billions of unbanked people in the world.
-There is a gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency.
-Cryptocurrency has a regulation need.

HubrisOne is aiming to take advantage of these facts. They aim to become the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly digital bank. Sounds great actually, achieving it may not be very easy but it is a correct way nevertheless.

In fact, HubrisOne is a mobile app that brings together two separate worlds: traditional banking and cryptocurrency wallet. We all like the flexibility of cryptocurrency of course but let’s confess that we also require the trustworthiness of the traditional banking system. So what better way to merge these two powerful concepts than creating a platform that hugs both with equal care?


Yes, HubrisOne is a digital bank. But you may ask where is it based? Because every bank is based in somewhere. They will be fully compliant and regulated within the United Kingdom.

HubrisOne Solutions

Accounts & Wallets: So that is where we, users will feel the merge of two worlds the most because we will be having all types of our money in the same platform, namely HubrisOne. BTC, ETH, XRP or USD, GBP, EUR. Doesn’t matter with what currency you want to operate, this is a solution that hugs all. Manage your accounts and spend them and in the process earn HBRS tokens each time you spend.

Payments & Remittance: Cross-border payments are possible with fiat or cryptocurrency. Fast and cheap.

HubrisOne Token: This is the utility token of the platform. Rewards, discounts, cashback and more is possible thanks to this token.

Wealth: You will be able to connect your crypto exchange accounts and view your balances and track the performance all in one place.

Crypto Lending: HubrisOne’s own lending module makes it possible to access fiat liquidity.

DApp Marketplace: This marketplace lets you access many types of core blockchain applications like finance, insurance etc.


I really hope HubrisOne can bring together traditional banking and cryptocurrency because I would love to live in such a world; where flexibility of crypto and trustworthiness of the banking system are available on a single platform.

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