HubrisOne, is a mobile app that will completely revolutionise the dynamics between the cryptocurrency and

the banking sector. At present there is little to no trust between traditional banking and cryptocurrency

users. We plan to fuse traditional banking with cryptocurrency, and deliver these services to the masses

through an open, honest and fully trustworthy infrastructure, which is easy to use and easy to understand by

new entrants into the cryptocurrency market and veterans alike.

The HubrisOne team is introducing a functional utility token known as the Hubris Token (HBRS), which

will be used within the HubrisOne app and infrastructure, as a store of value, a way to transfer funds,

receive platform access, discounts and used as a form of payment in conjunction with the HubrisOne debit


As you read through the whitepaper and our business plan, we hope you also realise the vast market

opportunity, the problems we’re solving and why we are so excited for the future.

As you read through our whitepaper, please note that the following information is based on

services and solutions we are certain of bringing to market, and these are not just ideas, but well

thought-out researched actionable tangible services. The app illustrations you see are

copyrighted and are actual screen shots of our upcoming proof of concept which will be released

on the 15th of October 2018.


HubrisOne, is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account combined into a powerful, intelligent,

regulated and compliant digital Apple and Android app. We are focused on merging the benefits of these two

powerful industries, seamlessly.

We have designed HubrisOne to be easy to use, secure and intelligent. HubrisOne is more than just a digital

cryptocurrency friendly bank account. It’s a statement to the world that we believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay

and they should be taken seriously.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the connector between the old world of finance and banking to the new world of

cryptocurrencies. In a new, secure, regulated and user-friendly way.

There is a need for a regulated, trusted and licensed go to solution/platform that gives a helping hand to new

investors into the cryptocurrency market, whilst still maintaining the importance of their trusted banking system

they use on a daily basis. We must not make the mistake to try and eradicate banks but instead to improve their

current processes and services on offer by leveraging the technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We aim to become the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly digital bank, fully complaint and regulated within the

United Kingdom.

Just imagine, your day to day banking facilities, accounts, and cryptocurrency wallets side by side.

Banking made digital, secure and cryptocurrency friendly.

Funding Proceeds: Distribution

  • Development (40%) 24/7 Live Chat – 5 Languages

Research and continuous development, processing, design and testing expenses for the

Access all account support directly from the

HubrisOne app. We will contract and in some cases, hire onto the HubrisOne team the best

HubrisOne app

and experienced developers within the fintech industry

  • Operations (20%)

The operational costs are, in most cases, fixed costs associated with most businesses,

Personalized and tailored for you and your

this includes office expenses, global contact agents to service the bank accounts 24/7,

account needs

salaries for the HubrisOne employees and team, exhibition expenses for promotion, travel, human resources

expenses and subscriptions for SaaS solutions for day to day running of HubrisOne.

  • Marketing (20%)

We will implement an aggressive social media strategy, due to the mass appeal of our product we have allocated

20% of proceeds to acquire new users. We will primarily execute online social media and platform ads in order to

efficiently track ROI.

  • Security Infrastructure (15%)

Due to the sensitivity of our digital banking solution, we will need to implement the

strictest security and compliance standards. Therefore, we will recruit experienced compliance, security and regulatory

specialists on-board the team. The team at HubrisOne

understands the importance of creating a secure trusted alternative digital banking solution.


  • Partnerships (5%)

Partnerships will be key to our business model, and as a result, we will create a headcount (recruit) of two business

development and partnerships managers to ensure we partner with the best blockchain and non-blockchain service

providers to join our Open Partner Platform.

Road Map






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