HubrisOne- General Project Introduction

Hi there, there’s a new Blockchain Project in finance.

Meet on the blocker Stellar and OmiseGo, digital bank HubrisOne HubrisOne, is a crypto currency wallet and a traditional phat bank account, integrated into powerful, intelligent, adjustable and compatible digital Apple, and Android applications.

HubrisOne, this mobile application that will completely revolutionize the dynamics between the crypto currency and the banking sector. Currently, there is almost no trust between traditional banking users and crypto-currency users. We plan to connect the traditional banking sector with crypto currency and provide these services to the masses through an open, honest and completely reliable infrastructure that is easy to use and easy to understand, both for new participants in the crypto currency market and for veterans. The HubrisOne command, represents a functional token known as the Hubris token (HBRS) that will be used in the HubrisOne application, and the infrastructure, while retaining the cost, so as to transfer funds, gain access to the platform, discounts and use as a payment method in conjunction with HubrisOne debit cards.

Source: HubrisOne Whitepaper Final.pdf

Banks around the world are unable to meet the expectations of their customers, and people need to be aware of alternative payment methods. The problems of the banking sector, which can be solved with a crypto-currency merger:

  • Old-fashioned and outdated verification systems — up to 20 minutes waiting time
  • Lack of new and innovative communication channels — not live chat
  • Slow and outdated payment systems
  • No payments spent on weekends
  • Unnecessary overdraft fee and missed payments
  • Long waiting time for a new card or pin code

HubrisOne transfers the banking sector to the digital age, with the integration of crypto currency and technology blocking. When you send money to another place, another country, when transferring money, banks can charge a commission of up to 13% on each transfer to purchase another currency. For example, in Russia such a commission will be from 1.5% to 2%.

With the platform and the HubrisOne application, we will avoid all problems inherent in the banking sector and increase the speed of acceptance through the crypto currency integrated into digital bank accounts, thereby “kill two birds with one stone”.

HubrisOne will work on two blockrooms, this is the ERC20 Ethereum for ICO and as a utility for accessing HubrisOne functions and Stellar’s blockbuster for international, instant payments. Imagine that the conversion and transactions of Fiat into the crypto currency will be carried out in several clicks, there is no need to send crypto currency from one supplier to another. All in one application and do not have to rush between exchanges and banks. Users will be able to store and access their crypto-currency funds directly from the HubrisOne application. Full possession of keys, freedom, it is planned to add up to 200 crypto-currencies, as well as altcoyins. Easy transfer between the cash-currency wallet and your HubrisOne bank account, transfers around the world with the help of a secure HubrisOne debit card, sending crypto currency for friends, family or sharing with a few taps.

The campaign is legally registered in the UK: 11529615. HubrisOne will be authorized by the Financial Authority Authority (FCA) through our UK card issuer as an authorized agent, in accordance with the license of the institution of electronic money. Thus granting HubrisOne access to the EEA permit for all 31 EU countries in the EU. The introduction of electronic money license and regulation to enable and stimulate innovation in a safe and controlled manner.

Source: HubrisOne Whitepaper Final.pdf

Information for investors

Token Name: Hubris / HBRS

Token Blockchain: ERC20

Fixed Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Token Sale Allocation: 65% (650M Hubris)

Soft Cap: $900,000 ($900K)

Hard Cap: $10,000,000 ($10M)

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