HubrisOne – A bridge between Fiat and cryptocurrency

The level of use of mobile phones with the growth and direction of the development of the application using only internet lightweight, secure, and easily accessible. In this case, there are more than two billion adults do not have bank accounts the united nations without access to banking infrastructure. According to Statista, number of smartphone users is expected to increase from two billion dollars in two hundred and one to be around 2.5 billion by 2019, with an increased rate of smartphone increased. Advertise on world the use of digital and mobile-only banking is the environment that is caused by repair digital.

HubrisOne is a mobile app that will revolutionize completely the dynamics between the cryptocurrency and the banking sector. Currently, there is almost no trust between the users of traditional banking and the users of the cryptocurrency.

The founders of the HubrisOne believe that the coin crypto coin and fiat will work as a currency in the future that are integrated with one another. They also believe that the platform which is regulated, reliable and license is necessary to assist new investors entering the market of crypto-money. On the other hand, the second coin crypto has a lack of trust in each other, which leads to problems.

HubrisOne allows the user to consolidate its portfolio of new and already existing under one roof while maintaining the fund management company. There simplify wealth management solutions to our users by combining the information of controlled power, insight and analytical, an abundance of investment goods, of the cryptocurrency to the world index S & P ancient and more :

  • Drag or add the funds directly from account check HubrisOne You in a matter of seconds.
  • Access funds from a third party and manager wealth manager Token hauteur.

This application is built on top of the security infrastructure that is very strong, knowing that an application which collects funds HubrisOne must be very reliable and safe. Some security features include; the Compatibility of the PCI-DSS, the tracking account of machine learning anti-fraud 24 hours a day, authentication AML and KYC, encrypted SSL, 2fa, the key is encrypted and the private AES-256 protected by the user.

Security is a top priority for any app that can control the user’s funds. HubrisOne aware of this fact and have implemented the most advanced security measures. This will ensure the sustainability of the reputation acquired over time while continuing to protect the user’s funds.

Token Info
Name : Hubris
Symbol : HBRS
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Private sale : 01 Dec 2018 – 23 Dec 2018
Presale : 01 Dec 2018 – 21 Dec 2018
Price : 1 Hubris = 0.01 USD
Payment Accepted : Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard)
Soft Cap : $900,000 ($900K)
Hard Cap : $10,000,000 ($10M)
Total Fixed Supply Allocation : 1 Billion

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Username : chong_ali
Profile Link :;u=1360386
Eth Address : 0x89095EDC877ed4Ed7D201c9c76EdB68BAA187E2b


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