HubrisOne – Crypto-Bank for decentralized Banking Transactions

On this occasion I will provide information about HubrisOne. HubrisOne is a mobile application that collects the benefits of crypto coins and traditional banking systems. In this article you can find the problems, solutions, and values ​​that HubrisOne wants to solve, and find my comments about this.

The founders of HubrisOne believe that crypto coins and fiat coins will operate as one currency in the future that is integrated with each other. They also believe that a regulated, reliable and licensed platform is needed to help new investors enter the crypto-money market. On the other hand, both crypto coins have a lack of trust in each other, which leads to problems. HubrisOne believes that the traditional banking system must be developed using block chain technology and crypto coins. HubrisOne’s idea was born out of this belief to be the first user-friendly digital bank to be fully harmonized and regulated in the UK.

The HubrisOne team believes that there are problems with both currencies.

  • Crypto Money Market is in the Crawl Period
    According to the team; lack of regulation, lack of confidence, lack of global financial participation, price volatility and manipulation are problems that arise from the fact that the crypto market is still in its infancy.
  • Trying to Separate Fiat Coin with Crypto Coins
    In the general opinion among crypto money users, crypto coins will replace fiat currencies. On the other hand, the HubrisOne team did not agree with this idea and thought that the market had evolved and evolved to find an environment between two currencies. In addition, they claim that adoption by the mainstream will not be easy without a reliable, secure and regular solution to legalize crypto coins.
  • Banks Have Important Significance
    The global banking system has many positive effects on people’s lives, such as offering a secure payment network, helping people to realize their dreams when they buy something, providing jobs, paying wages, ensuring the movement of money in the world.
  • The Crypto Money Ecosystem Needs a Bank
    We have seen banks, credit card companies and payment processors forbid users from dealing with crypto-money related businesses.
  • Paid and Insufficient Customer Service
    According to one survey (FIS, 2015), only 23% of customers were satisfied with their banks globally.
  • Global Clearing Fees
    Banks can receive commissions of up to 13% of people who want to transfer money to different currencies. 
  • Increasingly difficult bank profitability
    Aggressive and adaptable competition. Traditional banks now require a 360 degree view of each customer to focus their resources more efficiently (Board of Commissioners, 2017). 

Solutions and Added Value
Increased Use of Smart Phones and Non-Bankers
There are adults who do not have access to more than 2 billion bank accounts. In addition, according to Statista (2016), the use of smart phones will increase from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019.

  • Increase Crypto Money Adoption
    The HubrisOne application will help you adopt crypto money with an integrated bank account. The ability of the application to access the crypto money market will make it easier for users to have their own crypto money.
  • Instant Bank Digital Account
    With HubrisOne, opening a digital bank account is very easy and fast in areas where GBP, USD and EUR currencies dominate. After completing KYC and AML users will be able to use their own digital account. Users will be able to do anything with their normal bank account.
  • International Instant Transfers
    The Stellar block chain will be used in international fund transfers. In this way, people will enjoy excessive amounts of fast money transfers that will take place in seconds, not 3-5 days with an antique process.
  • Secure Crypto Money Wallet
    Users will be able to save and access crypto coins from the HubrisOne application. Funds will be transferred between HubrisOne bank accounts and crypto money wallets and will be disposed of globally with HubrisOne atm cards.
  • Secure Digital Accounts and Card Management
    HubrisOne will allow users to do everything they can with their customer representatives. This will give users 24/7 full control of their account.
  • Loans for Light Money and Crypto Reserves
    With the HubrisOne application, users will be able to borrow fiat money instead of crypto-money wallets. Credit will be approved / rejected within 2 seconds without the need for credit value control.
  • Monitoring of Real Time Transactions
    The HubrisOne application allows users to track transaction history in real time. They no longer have to wait for a monthly card dump.
  • Hubris Asset Management Solutions
    HubrisOne allows users to consolidate new and existing portfolios under one roof, while protecting fund management companies.
  • Integrated Crypto Money Exchange
    With the HubrisOne application, you will be offered an automatic swap function that allows instant exchange of 0.6% commissions between bank accounts and crypto money wallets. Up to 200 crypto currencies and selected sub-coins will be available after entering the service.
  • Third Party Open Market Place
    HubrisOne opens a market that will enable users to connect with block chain providers and other block chain service providers. This additional service will only be available for HubrisOne Tokens.
  • Secure Touch-free Personal Card
    Users will be able to customize their ATM card to their bank account, crypto money wallet or account with a few taps from the official account. These cards will be able to do everything a bank card does, such as payments without contact, spend anywhere with the Visa logo and secure 24/7 account tracking. 

Security and Ownership
This application is built on a very strong security infrastructure, knowing that such applications that host HubrisOne funds must be very reliable and safe. Some of these security features include; PCI-DSS compatibility, account tracking of anti-fraud machine learning 24 hours a day, AML and KYC authentication, encrypted SSL, 2fa, AES-256 encrypted and private keys protected by users.

As others say, crypto money is now Wild West Diğer. There are no edits and every cheat corner. Unregulated scam, service / product projects and price manipulation cause people to lose their funds. Despite offering a great opportunity, the current state of the crypto ecosystem seems unfriendly and reassures ordinary people outside the crypto world. Therefore, it is better to provide a solution to help legalize crypto coins.

The team believes that crypto coins will not dominate as a major global currency, or that money will not be abandoned. On the other hand, they think that both money will work together in the future. I don’t share the same ideas with them, but the reality is that it doesn’t make this project good or bad. The problem is that this project was realized to see paper money as a partner. Solutions offered by traditional banking systems can bring legitimacy and reliability to crypto money.

The bank has been in our lives for more than 200 years and offers many benefits for individuals and institutions. Therefore, combining crypto money with well-known and trusted infrastructure is a great commercial idea.
On the other hand, the crypto money ecosystem requires banking. This is our bridge to the ecosystem. If it is not a traditional banking system, it will not be able to buy and sell crypto money. In addition, the traditional banking system does not have a good relationship with the company associated with crypto. Therefore, the HubrisOne solution will be very compatible with the crypto community.

The issue of the problem of global clearing commissions is too high, using Stellar Lumen, one of the fastest and cheapest block chain technologies, will facilitate the lives of those who need to carry out such operations.

Possibility to do all services that can be done with call center operators with the application will increase customer / user satisfaction. This will cause attracting more customers by themselves.
I agree with HubrisOne that he will help adopt crypto money, with all traditional banking services that simplify the lives of users and a combination of options for buying and selling cryptographic money.

Security is the top priority for every application that can control user funds. HubrisOne is aware of this fact and has implemented the most sophisticated security measures. This will ensure the sustainability of the reputation gained from time to time while continuing to protect users’ funds.

When we look at the progress made so far, it seems that there are many things that are resolved. It can be seen that several kilometers still exist. This increases project reliability.

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