HubrisOne Cryptocurrency Wallet

HubrisOne is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account consolidated into a powerful, astute, controlled and agreeable computerized mobile application. We are centered around blending the advantages of these two powerful industries, consistently.

We have designed HubrisOne to be anything but difficult to utilize, secured and canny. HubrisOne is something other than an advanced cryptocurrency neighborly bank account. It is a realistic and creative way to deal with banking and cryptocurrency usage together.

Our vision is to bring the advantages of traditional world of finance and banking and the new world of digital forms of money together in another, secured, managed and easy to understand way.

There is a requirement for a managed, trusted and authorized go to arrangement that will assist new speculators with adopting into the cryptocurrency advertise, while as yet keeping up the significance of their believed banking design they use every day. We realize that present banking arrangement has a lot of enhancement focuses. We may enhance their present procedures and administrations on offer by utilizing the technology, for example, blockchain and cryptographic forms of money.

We expect to end up the world’s first cryptocurrency well disposed computerized bank, completely grievance and controlled inside the United Kingdom.

Simply envision, your everyday banking offices, accounts, and cryptocurrency wallets next to each other. Banking made computerized, ensured and cryptocurrency well disposed.


HubrisOne is expanding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology reception through a straightforward, creative and easy to use platform. We empower our clients to effectively get to moment blockchain cross-fringe cash exchanges, multi-money bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and significantly more.

There are numerous difficulties beginning from both cryptographic forms of money and traditional banking design. These difficulties counteract more extensive reception of cryptographic forms of money and entire world to profit by digital forms of money. These difficulties would possibly be survived if the impression of individuals changed, which is practically unthinkable as an answer. The other choice is execute an answer which would turn into a genuine connector between these two utilitarian setups, offering benefits that will make forms identified with every ecoconfiguration less demanding, less expensive and increasingly advantageous to members.

HubrisOne is a mobile application designed to totally upset the elements between the cryptocurrency and the banking part. At present there is practically no trust between traditional banking and cryptocurrency clients. We intend to combine traditional banking with cryptocurrency, and convey the related administrations to the majority through an open, legit and completely reliable foundation, which is anything but difficult to utilize and straightforward by new participants into the cryptocurrency market and veterans alike.

The HubrisOne group is presenting an utilitarian utility token known as the Hubris Token (HBRS), which will be utilized inside the HubrisOne application and framework, as a store of significant worth, an approach to exchange funds, get platform access, limits and utilized as a type of installment related to the HubrisOne platinum cards.

There is a huge market opportunity which isn’t commanded by any new arrangement. We are putting forth simple and moderate banking answers for the 2 billion unbanked individuals around the globe.

There is a vigorous plan of action set up relies upon a few income streams, for example, enrollment charges, crypto-sponsored loaning administrations, and open accomplice commercial center.


Moment Digital Bank Accounts International Transfers utilizing Stellar Blockchain

Ensured Cryptocurrency Wallets

Ensured Digital Account and Card Management Fair and Transparent Crypto-Backed Loans

Constant Transaction Monitoring

Hubris Wealth Management Solutions Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange Third Party

Open Marketplace

Ensured Contactless Debit Card Security and Ownership of keys


Local token HubrisOne HBRS will keep running on Ethereum blockchain. OmiseGo infrastrucure will give HubrisOne coordinate Plasma engineering, crypto-fiat interoperability, adaptability and security. Outstanding blockchain will be utilized for cross fringe cash exchanges.

ICO Details

ICO TIME: 2019-01-01 – 2019-05-31

Pre-ICO token supply: 1,000,000,000 HBRS

ICO token supply: 600,000,000 HBRS

Complete tokens available to be purchased: 600,000,000 HBRS

Delicate top: 100,000 ETH

Hard top: 6,000,000 ETH


ICO Platform: Ethereum

Nation constraints: USA, China

Enlistment nation: United Kingdom

Enlistment year: 2018

Token information

Ticker: HBRS

Type: Utility-token

Token standard: ERC20

Token cost in USD: 1 HBRS = 0.01 USD

Acknowledged monetary forms: ETH

Token appropriation

60% – ICO

17% – Team

10% – Customer pipe

9% – Bounty

3% – Reserve

1% – Legal


40% – Development

20% – Operation

20% – Marketing

15% – Security framework

5% – Partnerships

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