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About HubrisOne

Let’s see how the introduction of Blockchain technology into the financial services industry. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology attract considerable attention. Through the use of this technology, transactions become safer and faster. Blockchain technology is far more attractive than the applications used by banks today. The integration of Blockchain technology with the existing payment system is very important because non-cash payments because the introduction of this technology will be much safer and faster. These factors will lead the development of banking services.

Many banking services are vulnerable. Blockchain technology failure can lead to a non-competitive financial services market. Undoubtedly, many banks are more or less overcoming their main tasks, but the changes are emerging and Blockchain is emerging, a decentralized platform that shows us everything that banks have done for centuries can be easier, safer, and more reliable.

HubrisOne has developed a next generation model for the future of digital financial and banking services. From itself, it is a platform that allows for financial transactions. Thanks to the introduction of technology within the scope of banking services, we will have the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency. With the ability to send cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world it will open for us, it will be enough to have Quantocoin internet banking on your mobile.

HubrisOne aims to increase the use of cryptocurrency globally in simple mass market solutions. By connecting the old way of banking transactions with the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. And also provide banking for people who are not touched by the banking world.

Also, the advantage for us as account holders at HubrisOne is having the freedom to switch from HubrisOne’s bank account to HubrisOne’s cryptocurrency wallet by using user-friendly exchanges. And get a 50% discount using HBRS tokens.

Our goal

HubrisOne, will completely revolutionize the dynamics between cryptocurrency and the banking sector, which currently has almost no trust between traditional banking users and cryptocurrency users. We plan to connect the traditional banking sector with cryptocurrency and provide this service to the masses through an open, honest and truly reliable infrastructure that is easy to use and easy to understand, both for new participants in the cryptocurrency market and for veterans.

HubrisOne, represents a functional token known as the Hubris token (HBRS) which will also be used in the HubrisOne application.

Token Information

Token Name: Hubris (HBRS)
Token Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Private sale: 01 Dec 2018 – 23 Dec 2018
Presale: 01 Dec 2018 – 21 Dec 2018
Price: 1 Hubris = 0.01 USD
Payment Accepted : Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard)

Soft Cap: $900,000 ($900K)
Hard Cap: $10,000,000 ($10M)
Total Fixed Supply Allocation: 1 Billion


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