Humancoin, Blockchain based Charity Platform

Blockchain is known as a technology that carries out a decentralized system where all processes occur in a peer to peer manner. This technology can also shorten the processing time of data and remove the existence of third parties. So that this can minimize theft and misuse from other parties. Therefore, Blockchain is used in application and platform development.

The Charity Platform is currently very much needed. Many people are interested in providing financial assistance to those in need. The charity platform will make it easier for people to channel their assistance to the right people without having to visit directly. HumanCoin comes as a solution where the HumanCoin platform will be developed using Blockchain. This will be an interesting collaboration to follow.

The Market Analysis

Before getting to know HumanCoin further, let us first understand how the market prospects and analysis are brief. This will be very useful for you before deciding to use the Human Coin platform and features.

A data shows that every three people in the world provide at least once a year. The data shown by the 2017 World Giving Index reveals that 50% of charity is given to foreigners. The Charities program has proven to be able to reach quite astounding numbers every year. This shows that the community is very enthusiastic to help others.

In addition to the data above, other data shows that e-commerce users have increased dramatically. Sales through e-commerce are expected to increase enormously until 2022. Even according to a poll held at U.S, 8 out of 10 people there are online buyers. This is one opportunity that must be utilized. In other words, the presence of e-commerce greatly changes the pattern of human life.

Not only that, currently the world has changed the habit of buying and selling activities due to cryptocurrency. This is a digital currency that does not need to be printed and arranged with a smart contract. Cryptocurrency is supported with blockchain which provides extra security and is regulated in a decentralized manner. Users of this currency exist worldwide and the number of users has experienced a significant increase.

A New Product Called HumanCoin

All market analysis described above are some of the challenges that must be considered. HumanCoin cares about charity and human needs. These opportunities certainly have shortcomings and problems that require effective and efficient solutions. One of the problems is the regulation of charity fund sending and receiving that is less transparent.

Through blockchain, this problem can be solved properly. Blockchain will affect a decentralized system of establishing charity. That is, everyone can donate safely without feeling worried if their money is stolen. Blockchain will provide transparency and traceability to all users.

Then, in e-commerce there is a lot of competition that must be faced. A person or company must have certain abilities to attract consumers and new customers, especially start-ups. The new e-commerce platform certainly still has low trust. Human Coin will build a system where consumer loyalty will take precedence.

HumanCoin Advantages

Unlike other platforms, HumanCoin strives to be your partner in providing assistance to others. HumanCoin combines several advanced technologies in ecosystems so that a good and safe system is formed. Here are some advantages that HumanCoin has.

1. Open P2P Platform
Donations can be done in direct line. Of course this is an advantage for users because they will not worry about the donation process. No more data theft and funds. All are processed very quickly and transparently.

2. Charitable Transaction
HumanCoin does not force people to use cryptocurrency. When someone needs funds in the form of fiat currency rather than cryptocurrency, then that is not a big problem.

3. Multisignature Wallet
Inside the HumanCoin Platform there is a multisignature wallet. This is a good market solution rather than having to spend a lot of money for the latest complicated technology.

4. User Friendly Interface
A user is definitely more comfortable using a platform that is easy to read and see. Therefore humanCoin strives to achieve that. This platform has voting tools and sorting by categories.

HumanCoin Token Sale

The Token to be launched is 3,055,000,000 at the time of the token sale. The lowest price of HumanCoin tokens is $ 0.01 with a minimum purchase of around 0.1 ETH (Ethereum). Presale has been held in August 2018. The Token Sale will be held from September to November 2018.


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