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Every third person on the planet is at least once a year involved in charity, investing at least part of the funds for certain organizational needs and categories of people.

But why is this number still not more? Why are only people who are interested in doing good deeds, helping others, making their lives a little better? We try to find the answers to this question.

It is clear that a third of the world’s population consists of people who need charitable assistance or those who, because of their financial situation, do not have the slightest chance of being involved in charity. But what about the remaining three? These are all problems of mistrust.

Collecting funds for charitable purposes is carried out by a special organization, which is essentially not profitable, but still has to use part of the funds collected, at least to pay employees, rent space and utilities. They are also involved in direct money collection.

The fact is that, first, not every such charitable organization can ensure full transparency of its activities, so that donors can ensure that their facilities meet good needs, despite the honesty of these organizations.

Secondly, cases of fraud on the part of companies that, under the auspices of a charitable organization, are involved in deceiving people and making money for those who want to do something that is very useful to society, often taking all the money for themselves, or at least part of their excess.

One-third of the remaining population, who are still not doing charity, just lack confidence. On the one hand, they will be happy to help the poor, starve and sick, but on the other hand – lack of transparency and special cases of fraud prevent them from charitable organizations and foundations that fully believe. People doubt that the money invested by them will reach the final recipient in full and on time, so they decide not to.

Another problem is the lack of convenient opportunities to make cross-border transfers within the framework of charity. Because of this many people cannot transfer their funds to accounts of charities, foundations or overseas projects. This, of course, mostly concerns those who have done charity, but there has never been an effective solution in this field.

Perhaps a good solution to this problem is to create an authoritative international organization that will not deal directly with philanthropy but will evaluate charitable organizations, their activities, honesty in fundraising and their end use. But, as you know, such organizations still don’t exist.

As it turns out, it’s already at the beginning of next year the situation will change radically, thanks to the recent launch of a new blockbuster project called Humancoin. The founder intends to improve the situation and give users around the world the opportunity to trust charitable organizations by donating a portion of their funds to the needs of people and organizations who need help.

Humancoin Project

The idea of the creator of Humancoin is a blockade revolution in the charity industry. The project team intends to launch a blockbuster technology-based platform and combine three promising fields: charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency markets. Ultimately, they will be able to create truly successful solutions that will expand each of these fields, ensuring the transparency of charity and trust from donors.

Within the framework of Humancoin, project organizers will bring together several important participants: donors, recipients of funds (charity organizations, funds, projects and charitable objects), and partners among e-commerce platforms, namely online stores, and other markets. who offer goods and services online.

Thus, donors cannot only make payments faster but also control the use of donated funds, while benefiting from the additional benefits of the platform partners. Recipients of funds, in turn, will have the opportunity to gain trust from donors, receive fast transfers in currencies that are convenient for them, spend the minimum amount of funds received to manage their work.

Humancoin (or Humancoin Foundation) is a project block project that will launch a decentralized platform based on blockbuster technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies (Humancoin tokens). In ecosystems, the creator of the platform will unite not only participants in the charity industry but also players in the e-commerce industry.

The Humancoin platform will eliminate donor distrust of charitable organizations, funds and projects, ensure transparency of payments and use of funds received, expand the volume of three markets simultaneously: charity, e-commerce, and crypto currencies.


Humancoin Token
Humancoin is a name not only for platforms and ecosystems that will be created in the project but also for tokens, which will be sold to get funds for further implementation of projects and promotions. Crowdsdale Humancoin, in turn, will form a potential donor base, which, in the long run, will place tokens into various types of charity projects and funds.

To carry out the transfer of funds, users need to choose a particular charity project or fund, and then – to transfer the token to the project/fund wallet. If the donor has become a token holder, he only needs to determine the recipient from the list of available tokens. If the donor has found out about the platform after the end of crowd sale, he must transfer in a comfortable currency, after which the platform automatically changes it to Humancoin.

Why token? Transactions using blocking technology have many advantages. First of all, the use of cryptocurrencies to make transfers ensures their speed and eliminates boundaries. Users do not need to use local currency and convert it. In fact, donors send tokens to recipients, but both send and receive Fiat conversions automatically.

In addition, as is known, crypto-currency is based on block-up technology, one of the features of which is the ability to monitor transaction status and ensure transparency of transfers. Thanks to this, donors not only can see the state of their transactions but also how precisely the projects/funds they donate their funds, use them.

In addition, cryptocurrency translation has other major advantages – economic efficiency. Because of the low transaction costs, funds and projects receive the maximum amount of money – the Humancoin platform commission is only 5%, while most charity funds and fees are at least 4-5 times more because some of these funds are needed to regulate their work.

Platform Functionality
Humancoin members will be able to use the platform’s capabilities with web-based platforms and mobile applications with the wisest interfaces and dashboards, where projects and funds are categorized and subcategories such as religion, healthcare, humanitarian assistance, nature protection, education, etc.

Humancoin has a built-in messenger so all Humancoin users can communicate with each other, discuss funds and projects, ensure they are honest and reliable. The built-in wallet allows you to convert local currency and Humancoin tokens in automatic mode. In addition, makers provide tracking of all costs and online reporting for those who, because of the jurisdiction’s peculiarities, are required for tax purposes.

One possible platform is the investment of funds not only in certain projects and funds but also in the human pool, which will automatically distribute funds between projects and funds with the largest rank of the Humancoin community. This decision, at least, concerns the structure of a company that is not in a position to transfer funds to a particular project.

Community ratings are an important part of the Humancoin ecosystem. Information about the assessment and feedback of users on the project and funds will be stored safely in the block room. In this assessment, donors can rely on, choose recipients of funds. At the end of this review, we will discuss the others, perhaps the main feature of Humancoin, which distinguishes platforms from others, including those that are decentralized.

The creators of the Humancoin platform, which we talked about above, explicitly state that they will not compete with blocking solutions in the charity industry because they do not go beyond charity and are able to provide exclusively the opportunity to engage in charity transparently through the use of blocking technology.

Humancoin Priority – effectiveness, a motivation of donors to engage in charity and combinations in one solution from three simultaneously promising markets – charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency markets. That is why, the last part of the Humancoin project review, we decided to dedicate its uniqueness – the ability to effectively use the Humancoin token not only for charitable purposes.

“Mine” Humancoin token
Crowdsdale of Humancoin tokens is not their only problem, but the only difference between them is the purpose of the release. The release of the Humancoin after crowdsdale will be carried out exclusively by a limited tranche and will depend entirely on the actual number of charitable contributions. The purpose of releasing tokens is to reward donors so that charity project participants will have additional incentives to engage in charity.

The problem is that each donor receives exactly 50% of his donations in tokens with the current exchange rate. In general, users buy tokens at a price of 2 per 1, but at the same time, in full, make donations for charitable purposes. As a result, donors can choose to sell tokens on the exchange, or use them to receive discounts within the framework of partner loyalty programs.

In practice, it will look like this. Let’s say a user will donate $ 1000, and the market value of Humancoin tokens is $ 1. As a result, 1000 tokens are transferred to the recipient’s wallet, and the user is returned 500 tokens as compensation, which he can use in any way that is convenient for him.

Affiliate loyalty program
This is a partnership program that will be a unique feature of Humancoin, which is the embodiment of charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrencies. The point is that the Humancoin token can be used not only for sale on the exchange but also to get discounts from all platform partner networks.

These partners will become exclusive members of the e-commerce market, which includes large online stores, service players, computer games and the entertainment industry, as well as travel and aviation, crypto exchanges and other international companies that conduct business online. Thus, e-commerce players can directly or indirectly take part in charity activities.

The fact that the company carries out charity activities, will be given a special charity status and will receive a badge/sticker, which can be placed on your website or page on social networks. For e-commerce market players, Humancoin is not only an opportunity to participate in charity but also a great interest of clients from donors.

The latter, in turn, will be able to exchange Humancoin tokens for all kinds of discounts, bonuses, miles, coupons, and points. The fact is that the platform allows you to integrate your API into the e-commerce industry company interface through popular market management systems such as, for example, Shopify or Magento, so they can easily accept Humancoin tokens to provide discount and other benefits to token holders.

For example, the Humancoin bonus token can be used to receive discounts at online clothing stores or any player in the field of Internet services. Representatives from the gaming industry will be able to introduce the possibility of using tokens directly in the game, so donors will find them even using entertainment.

In addition, this entertainment is not only about the game – every entertainment industry representative, for example, a cinema, can use Humancoin as a way to buy tickets, so that they become participants in the cryptocurrency market and the charity industry. Humancoin partner airlines will be able to receive tokens for discounted airline tickets, travel companies to discount booking tickets and hotel rooms.

A separate category of participants in the Humancoin loyalty program will be formed by crypto exchange exchanges. The use of HC tokens will give donors the opportunity to receive exchange commission discounts, thereby ensuring effective crypto trading. This solution is not used for the first time and shows its effectiveness, so this step will help platform makers to ensure the active growth of the market value of the Humancoin token.

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